Transfer Delta points 50% off sale and no fee until 31AUG2012

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First off, I am NOT telling you to do this or that this is a good deal. There are SO many better ways to get Skymiles like getting a DELTA AMEX card or sending points over from SPG points or maybe from your AMEX Membership Rewards points. All of these give you good value if you need Skymiles.

However, if you need just a few points FAST to book an award ticket then paying ½ cent each to transfer from, say, your wife or brother is cheaper than buying points outright. Also, these point transfers tend to go fast from one account to another (instant or inside 24hrs most times). The other reason may be that one of you is PM or DM and the other is not and you need just a few points to book a trip. Booking from a PM or DM account gives you the chance to cancel and redeposit free if before 72 hr window.

So don’t go do this one unless you need it! – Rene

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  1. I am actually thinking of this one. I took my family to Korea this year and my two kids each have 13.9K in each account. I could move 12K from one to the other and have a low end award for $60. I just don’t have a specific trip lined up, and then there is always the availability question.

    In the alternative, I don’t have any membership rewards points, but may one day. How closely do they match names on transfers? Could I one day transfer in points from other partners to top them off and keep my $60?

  2. @Dave – you can send MR points to anyone you want. I send 50k to a friend last year and he got instant Silver status (due to the promo they had) and an extra 25k points – Rene

  3. Sounds to me like a great time to call all my friends who might have “stray miles” sitting in an account they don’t need, and just to get them off of them, no?

  4. @Jon – Yes, this is true. You are in effect “BUYING” Skymiles that way at 1/2 a penny each. Now they never expire but if they never ever plan to use them, your idea has, well, it would be good for you anyway 😉 Rene

  5. @TDM – yeah, now if you have 100 friends who all have say 1000 miles they are not going to use, it could be a nice way to buy 100K for only 1/2 a penny per mile. IMO this should be the std rate for Delta not a short term deal! – Rene

  6. Is it better to wait for the 100% transfer bonus offer to consolidate Delta miles from various family members’ accounts? Which is better bang for the buck?

  7. @Nick – I would look at it this way, as I said in the post, only do this if you NEED to to book a trip. If not, so many better ways to get free or almost free skymiles!

  8. Hi Rene – I am actually considering this as an opportunity to consolidate points from family members who rarely (if ever) fly anymore. But, I cannot find this offer at Skymiles – all I see is the standard 1c/mile with a waived transfer fee, even when I follow your link. Am I missing a link somewhere or was this possibly targeted? Thanks for any insight.

  9. Hi RobRob – if you do the drop down box on the link you will see it is less that the 1cent it says. For example, 10k only cost $50 thus, 1/2 cent per mile. 🙂 Rene

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