If you spent your day searching for bad landings on YouTube, you may never fly again!

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Back in June, I popped up a post about some of the interesting aviation related clips I found kinda kool on YouTube. Well I once again found myself meandering around YouTube with the goal of looking for some “interesting” landing clips. There are a bunch of them! Check these out:

A bouncy landing is always fun right & is this one FAKE?

A 747 is a BIG bird to do THIS with!

Gotta love cross winds – make for a strange approach

The second pass is always better that the first?


Landing gear – who needs landing gear

And don’t think you are safe once on the ground – NO!

So there are my choices. Do you have some favorites of your own? Leave the clip URL in the comments below so we can “enjoy” them too! Safe landings everyone and I am back later today after 3 fun days of Michigan golf – René

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  1. Gotta admire the skills of the pilots on those hairy cross wind landings – pretty amazing skils of that Korean crew at the old Kai Tek!

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