Would you buy a DELTA unlimited fly pass?

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Last year Jet Blue sold an unlimited fly pass with some restrictions on when you could fly and the amounts of points you could earn. Last year my fellow BA blogger (The Wandering Aramean) talked about it HERE, and you can read about it also in the main stream media HERE.

This kind of pass is a very different animal than the one American Airlines no longer offers at any price, and being pulled when possible as the Huffington Post covered here, unlimited travel for the buyer’s lifetime.

So is this type of concept a winner? This idea is still around today with a smaller airline out of Southern California about to try it called Surfair. For just $790 a month  you can fly all you can! (this is the plan anyway as they do not have any planes yet)

So could a HUGE major like our Delta Air Lines do this on any scale? I just don’t see our airline jumping on this idea, but just maybe one of the regionals could consider it. The problem with it that I see is that they are fully integrated into Delta’s pricing machine so I don’t know how they could pull it off.

But think of this idea: as much as we dislike CRJ’s, would you fly them a bunch if you could fly them all you want for one price? If you could earn Skymiles and MQM’s on this deal, you could clean up suffering on a TON of hops. But, even with a MAX MQM’s and RDM’s on the package, it could be a great deal for both Delta and us.

So what do you think about this idea? Would you buy one of these from Delta and if so what would be a deal buster for you? I would love to get your thoughts – René


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  1. since you’ve already pre-paid for the package (which i presume will be really pricey), instead of earning individual MQM, it should immediately confer high elite status – Diamond preferably, but will settle for Platinum.

    Another consideration is whether this package allows booking last seat (i.e. any Y fare code availability), and what kind of upgrade priority it may have.

    But again, if i were based out of a small town with really high fares(say, XNA at the Walmart HQ town where they gouge prices like no tomorrow), this package may prove valuable even without additional benefits.

  2. If I had such disposable income I would buy a life tkt
    Lol more costly to an airline if you are 25 years old!!!!!
    But I’d do it as long as I got MQM rdm status and
    Good destinations!!!
    It’s my birthday today do delta should do something fun!

  3. @Sam – sorta. That is a great way to get instant DIAMOND MEDALLION status (& you can have up to 3 years if you creative to spend the $50k) but still not unlimited flying. – Rene

  4. Along time ago – 1994 to be exact – I paid $450 for a student 30 day standby pass on Delta. It started on the first day you used it, and from that day gave you 30 days of unlimited flights within the USA (can’t remember if it covered HI/Alaska we never tried). That was awesome. At the time I was a poor student and so we’d take red-eyes from like LA to ATL so that we’d get free food (yes they served meals in coach back then) and a “bed” for the night. Very often flights were more than half empty. In the whole time I only failed to get on one flight, from LA to SAN and we had to wait all of one hour to get on the next one. This is long before I knew of frequent flyer miles. I am not even sure SkyMiles existed back then?

  5. Well, JetBlue is currently selling 10-packs: 10 one-ways between a set number of places. This isn’t all that flexible actually since the locations are very limited, but you do seem to get last-seat availability with these. I could see DL doing something like that and I think it would probably be pretty popular. DL might even come out ahead if people don’t use all the flights they pre-purchased.

  6. I think it is a great idea if the price was right. I would certainly enjoy a number of extended weekend trips.

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