Making the most of the Delta Air Lines mobile APP

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No other airline has an APP as good as ours (hey it is something to brag about right)! You can put this puppy on your phone, your tablet and most e-Readers. It is just uber-kool. But are you making the most out of it and all its compact features? Like what? Let’s start with the basics.

You can get the APP for whatever device and mfg. you have HERE at the Delta website. Now I have also blogged about the sweet feature to track your bag and see if it is under you or did not make the flight or even went on another flight before you HERE. And Delta has put up a YouTube video that shows this off step by step as well:

Then there is the integration of @DeltaAssit via twitter. I have the directions for you to get “onboard” in a post HERE.

If you have not signed up for both a Twitter account and then asked DeltaAssit to follow you to be able to DM (direct message) them you are missing out on one of the hands down best parts of Delta Air Lines!

Now that you have this, look at the screen shot below:

With the contact button you have at your fingertips quick access to @DelatAssist as well as the reservation line phone number that will be different depending on your Medallion status (yet one more reason to earn status and the Delta Reserve AMEX can help you do that with bonus MQM’s). Just look at all the info so near at hand (you can scroll down the page if you don’t see the full list on your phone btw).

You can get full access to all your current trips, to flight status updates, gate changes, luggage tracking, airport info and maps:

Even Skyclubs and baggage claim & a chance to remind yourself where you parked (with a photo of your parking spot saved in the app and even email yourself the photo)

This little puppy is a travel buddy like nothing else! And the APP is getting better and better and you can even have direct one-on-one contact with Delta company reps at THIS FlyerTalk thread about the APP.  If only could work as good as this APP does, then everyone would proudly be able to say, “I fly the best airline in the world – why don’t you”?! – René


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  1. I’d be I pressed if you could use the app to contact @DeltaAssist via gogo without having to pay as you can with other features of the app (check your spelling – you’re 0 for 3). It’d be nice if changing itineraries after a delay worked better. It’d be really nice if you could actually boom a flight on the app (check out KLM’s app).

  2. That’s supposed to be “impressed”. Happens every time I comment on someone else’s spelling. 🙂

  3. HT to Colpuck

    Search for two tickets for you and the person you want to book for. Apply DBC and assign it to there ticket. Pay for your ticket with CC so on same PNR. Then call before 24hrs and cancel just your ticket to get refund.

  4. Hi Rene,

    My favorite companion app to Delta is the KLM app when flying AF/KL. You can save your AF or KL pnr and make easy seat changes. You can also easily check periodically if AF makes there unannounced seat changes to keep you and/or your travel partners seated together. AF has an app too, I think the KLM one is less clunky.

  5. The @DeltaAssist Twitter account is extremely powerful. They respond back faster than any 1-800 number. My wife left her tablet on a plane, and we were able to get help getting it back BEFORE THE PLANE CONTINUED ON with @DeltaAssist. This is worth a Twitter account & the Delta App alone.

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