ALERT: Some Delta Award prices go up, one going down to Asia

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A big HT and alert from Canarsie of FlyerTalk about this one. Award prices are changing. The post at Flyer Talk is so well written there is not much I can add so go HERE to see it.

I can also let you know that “officially” from Delta Air Lines, they DO NOT comment on or publicize “Pricing Actions” that include both airline fare or Skymiles award charts. Translation means, when we see it, we know things have changed.

The GOOD news is business to Europe did not change. I will not jump on with the gloom-N-doomers that this is the beginning of the end of Skymiles as I see this as a good thing. Not that prices going up is good, but that I think and hope this will be it for the 2013 year. I have no solid info on that, but it stands to reason. We will see – René

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  1. You had me concerned until I looked at Canarsie’s post and saw that only a few medium and high level awards had been changed. I do not redeem miles for mid and high level awards. If I can’t get low, I don’t go.

  2. I’m pretty confused here. I’m looking at this chart and it says low level awards for domestic flights are (and were) 12,500 miles? Since when? 25,000 has always been the lowest level as far as I know. It says that Europe ranges from 30,000 to 65,000 – I’ve never seen anything lower than 60,000 to Europe, and they comonly go as high as 90,000 or above.

    Please help me understand.

  3. @Shuffles – the chart is “ONE WAY”. Now DL does not do one way awards so you you must price it round trip. Plus, the reason they do not lump it into once price round trip, is that is say one way is low and one way is high, the total ticket is priced at the high level round trip.

  4. @Rene — I thought the round trip award price was the sum of the two one-way prices. For example, a domestic first class award one-way mid level (40k) and one-way low level (22.5k) should price out at 62.5k, not 80k.

  5. @Gene – that would be great. No, it will default to the total price of the highest award leg. EVEN if just ONE LEG of say 6 is HIGH and all others are LOW, you pay HIGH for the total trip. Stinks but that is the way Delta does it round trip. Rene

  6. You won’t be reading about this on the Points Guy blog and if so he will be making all kinds of excuses for Delta since they give him comp biz class to Asia…

  7. @IdahoSt – Humm… I don’t know about what you said. Brian is a great guy and runs a good blog. I bet he does talk about this soon. I don’t know if he accepts free flights and hotels. I do NOT. I always pay for where I stay or go (I do take upgrades but who doesn’t). Txs – Rene

  8. @Jessica – I am not clear of your question? You can still get low level RT tickets ( when you find the seats ) for the same as before. Only MID and HIGH are up. – Rene

  9. Rene, Brian indeed takes freebies from Delta (he has posted that already) and the reason that I read your blog (and other similar bloggers) is because you DON’T take freebies, thus you can be more objective…and I agree with you we all take upgrades.

    Delta’s boldness to always make these changes with no notice is amazing, my wife and I are both Diamonds and we constantly have to remind ourselves why.

  10. The Points Guy did blog about this today and was pretty critical saying:

    “No airline is perfect, but as I spend more time on other airlines and earn and redeem miles and points with other programs, I’ve come to realize that my honeymoon with Delta is over. Even though the secret change that prompted this post isn’t a huge deal in the scheme of things, it’s made me realize that the SkyMiles program is sorely behind its competitors in the most important category: trust. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

    TPG is beginning to see the light.

  11. I know you are tied hoof and tail to Delta but I don’t consider them my “dear” airline. Greedy and overbearing in my view but I’m a captive client because thy are the primary service for my airport with my alternative being a difficult three hour drive. I was booking for a friend to fly from this same home airport and rather appalled by the fact that for weeks I saw Economy at $608 RT to his Florida home and First class at $1500 with only one leg of the 3 leg trip having first class available–total trip 1700 miles. I was about to book the Economy for him on Tuesday when I was called away and didn’t get back to the booking until today-Wednesday and I saw that the Economy was now higher by $75. and ita Matrix indicates it is for all flight for the next 30 days. So paid as well as awards are now more expensive

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