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15,000 DELTA MQM’s for me yesterday – Delta AMEX Medallion Qualification Miles Gifting

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I just love it when I get to see the above hit my Delta Skymiles account. My Delta AMEX Reserve card statement generated Monday and dumped points into my account. Since I have made $30,000 in spend for the year I got 15,000 bonus Skymiles and that is always nice to see.

Next, after logging into, I went to THIS LINK, and picked to KEEP the 15,000 MQM’s for myself. I could have given them to ANYONE I want (sorry I am kinda greedy about my MQM’s) and my wife does not need them for next year so I picked “yeah ME” and the MQM’s instantly posted to my Skymiles account.

I will be working on getting the next $30,000 spend done by the end of the year for the next dump of RDM’s & MQM’s and I am, at this point, planning on going for a personal Delta AMEX Reserve card as well for my next churn in October since it has 100% been more than 12+ months since I have had & canceled a DELTA AMEX PERSONAL card of any king and it has been much longer than that since I got any kind of personal Delta new card bonus points! Doing this would give me another 10,000 MQM’s after I spend $1.00 and they will post on the first statement. I don’t think I will have time to charge another $30,000 on that new card before year end.

Next year with help from charitable donations like KIVA and others I will run $60,000 on my personal Reserve and then $60,000 on my business card from my computer shop and net a kool 60,000 MQM’s “before” flying. I will also have about 20-30,000 rollover MQM’s so I should be good for Platinum Status with Delta until FEB2015! (and I will need a lot less mileage runs too)

Yep – yesterday was “yeah ME” day for sure – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Thanks for this. What are my opions since I already have the AMEX Delta Plat? Reading the rules it seems I cannot get full MQMs since I already have the Plat. I think I asked this before but I am unclear on the answer.


  2. Hi Rene,

    I currently have the personal DL Plat Amex. Do you know of any good offers to UG to the reserve currently? (With respect to MQMs)

    • @Brabbit – sure, go for the BIZ Reserve card (see other comment to Sam). You get FULL MQM’s for the new offer that way.

  3. If you have had your Plat card for at least 12 months, you may see on your amex account page (or the info page for the Reserve) the notice that you can upgrade for 10K mqms. I just did that. This way, your fee is prorated from what you have already paid and you can take advantage of the 10K mqms without opening a new account (or even getting a hard hit on your credit as they do a soft pull when upgrading). Going from my experience and others, you should be able to get the full 10K if you last received your bonus more than 12 months ago (but check your online account and the reserve page when logged in to be sure).

    • @Charlie – I would be careful with the new AMEX terms. They are funny now. With a new card, that you have NOT had for 12+ months, you are sure to get the bonus. But again txs! – Rene

  4. Luv your site as I’m new to this just wanted to verify. I currently have DL Plat but to get the 10K MQM points, I should apply for Reserve Buz as a new account and once approved, merge the 2 accts??

  5. When is the best time to apply for the Delta Reserve Amex in order to max the MQM benefits? If I apply in Sept., I earn 10K MQM after spending $1, but don’t I also earn 10K MQM after spending $30K and another 10K MQM after the next $30K spend? Is the spend per *calendar* year or a year from when I get the card? There’s no way I’ll spend $60K by the end of this year, so is it best to wait to apply until next January when I’ll have a full calendar year to reach the spend milestones? P.S. I also have the Delta Platinum Amex & am working on that spend this year. Does having another DL Amex card affect my ability to earn the DL Reserve signup bonus and spending thresholds?

    • @Rick – great questions. The MATH is the import answer to your question. Keep in mind roll-over MQM’s. Let’s say you right now have 50,000 MQM’s and will NOT FLY again this year. If you get the card NOW, you get 10K more MQM’s putting you to 60k. The 10k will roll-over to next year. Now, the spend and MQM bonus points (15k for 30k spend max 2x per card) is calendar year! So, if you you can before 31DEC2012 spend $30k you will get 15k MQM credit for 2012. So back to my illustration, if you were at 50k. Got the Reserve card and spent $30k you would earn 25k MQM and make it to PLATINUM Medallion but have ZERO roll-over MQM’s. Clear? As to your last question, if I understand what you are asking, you can have one personal and one business card and get all the MQM’s for both. Now if you are say married, you wife could have two also, she would get the new card bonus, but with spend she could send YOU the MQM’s if you want. – Rene

  6. I currently have100 mqm. I am trying to get to diamond by the end of the year but will be about 15k short. Anything I can do?

  7. im short 10k MQM but i dont have a business, so cant apply for the business card (or can i?). I have the platinum skymiles card already, and have had it for years. Thanks!

    • @Susan – anyone can if you say maybe buy and sell on ebay and want to keep the expense and cost from that separate from personal spend. Now your income from that may be very very low but there is field on the app where you can put your other income 🙂

  8. Hi, I just reached $50k in annual spending by December 31 which should give me 10k MQMs. Before the 10K MQMs, I had 48,000 MQMs for 2012. Will I now obtain Gold status or will the 10k MQMs “roll over” to 2013 and not push me over the top for Gold for 2012? I was hoping to see that I made Gold – but it appears that the 10k MQMs will not post until later this month. Thanks! TD

  9. I went for the personal Delta Reserve and biz Delta Platinum at beginning of 2013. I’ve almost hit 60K on the reserve and earned sign up bonuses for both so I’ll get GM when I get to 60K. My question is should I stick with GM with rollover from biz Platinum spend or go for PM with likely very little rollover? Seems like PM doesn’t get a whole lot more? Staying GM with rollover would make it much easier to hit SM or maybe GM for 2015. I actually don’t fly a whole lot (~12 trips/yr).

    • @C – Great question we all fight with. The HUGE perk for PM is free changes to Skymiles tickets and a bunch more upgrades. I MUST be PM+ each year for this. Does this help?

  10. Thanks for the response! I think I may stick with GM and then work on other cards 🙂
    My main airline that I use is AS and GM seems to have about the same carryover as PM. I fly Delta only a couple of times a year and, currently, not internationally so lack of upgrades aren’t deal killers.
    Gotta love those Amex Delta cards though as they’ve allowed me to get status almost purely on spend.
    Keep up the great work!

  11. Next time you have the opportunity to gift MQMs, would you be interested in selling?

    • @Giuseppe – No for a bunch of reasons. One, it is against the rules and both YOU and I could both get banned for life from Skymiles. That is NEVER worth it to me. Next, 99% of the time I use them myself or give to my wife. In this case, I could help a great friend make it to the next medallion level and that was worth much more to me than the points!

  12. Don in ATL Reply

    Thanks Rene. I just did the upgrade from Plat DL Amex to Reserve. I did not know about the feature that you could gift the MQM. That was the clincher. The NICE SURPRISE when I called was that I have already spent $70K this year and got my 10K + 10K MQM after $50K, so all I need is another $10K before the end of the year to get 15K MQM’s on my new upgraded Reserve card. And I get a 5K MQM bonus after I spend $1. So if I can spend another $10K on my new DL Amex Reserve card, I will receive 2oK more MQM’s by the end of the year! This is great.

    I was relieved to learn that my card number will not change from Plat to Reserve, as I have a lot of “auto pays” attached to my Plat card number.

    Finally, when you read the legalese, you cannot get the signup bonuses if you have gotten them in the previous 24 months.

    Thanks again, Rene!

    • @Don – it is officially 365+ days after cancel date that matters. However, in practice, it is almost 24 months as if say get a card, keep it for about a year, cancel, wait 365+ days, you are at about 24 months.

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  14. Question: I’ve been awarded 15,000 MQM’s, which will just barely push me into platinum. That’s fun. However, I’m not sure if I should “claim” them or not. I know that I’ll be flying less next year, and am not sure I’ll have enough miles accumulated next year to hit gold. Unless, I let my current miles roll over. And there is no one that I particularly want to “gift” them to.

    If I don’t “claim” the 15k MQM’s this year, what happens to them? Do they evaporate? Are they just awarded to me by default? Or if not claimed, do they just count as miles, and then my current level of roll-overs will help me make sure I hit gold next year.

    Anyone know?

  15. Question: I’ve had a heck of a time getting my 15K MQMs for my 30K spend (2013 is the 1st year I’ve had the card). I didn’t know I had to go to a link and select them to give to me or to gift.

    I have now done that but they posted on Jan. 1st 2014. applying to 2014 year. I had earned 35K+ MQMs during the year so want them to apply for 2013 to achieve gold status.

    Today, the 15K MQMs on Jan 1. totally just disapeared from my timeline. And the link to apply to myself says I haven’t reached the spending threshhold (I guess cause it thinks I already did it).

    frustrated now. Any thoughts? what year will they apply to? will delta IT system just magically figure this out soon?

    • @Adam – if they were earned ie you spent enough before 31DEC2013 they will apply for 2013 year even when you claim them now in 2014. Yes, Delta IT will catch up soon. If not right by 1FEB I would start working with AMEX & Delta to fix it.

  16. Rene, following up on Adam’s question, how should the 15K MQM’s have posted? My profile still shows me as Gold but indicates I will be Platinum from tomorrow until Feb 28, 2014 even though the spend put me at 82K MQM’s for 2013.

  17. Wow, thanks for the quick reply Rene! I already deposited the MQM’s but like Adam they disappeared and then I noticed the weird profile change that happened. I’ll give them a call since I’m flying this weekend (on Chase points).

  18. Delta was confused as well and indicated I needed to wait until tomorrow and check again. Not the answer I wanted to hear as I wanted the Platinum benefits for my flight today…oh well.

  19. I’ll give that a try although I’ve never had any success getting them to follow me for a DM although I’ve attempted it several times.

    Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for the blog!!

  20. I understand that if I keep the 15K MQMs they will apply to the year just completed. If I gift them will they apply to the receiptent in 2014 or also in the year just completed?

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  22. Hi Rene,
    I have the delta reserve personal card. When I got to $30,000 in spending I think I did it a few days before my May statement closed and I got the email with the link to deposit the 15K MQMs into my account on June 3. I’m trying to make platinum before I take a trip this weekend Dec 14. I need 11k mqms to get platinum. I worked really hard to get to $60,000 in spending by Dec 1, but a lot of it was online purchases and they were “pending” and didn’t post until after my nov statement closed on Dec 2. Do I have to wait until my december statement closes before I will get the link for my bonus MQMs, or will they give me the MQMs within a few days of them computing that I have $60k of eligible spending on my card? So basically, do you get the bonus mqm link when you hit the spending threshold mid-month or do you have to wait for the statement to close. If it’s the later, do you think the bonus MQMs will count for 2014 if my statement closes on Jan 2, 2015? Thanks!, Elise

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