Beta1 over – Text Alert Beta2 next! + 50,000 AMEX MR OPEN card!

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OK yesterday’s e-mail text alert was a total flop. Some subscribers got the alert and some got it, Oh, what, 24 hrs late (a fat lot of good that did – Ugg)!

So, time to knuckle up and pay for a service that is reliable, instant and works. I am very open to readers’ input on this, but I have some requirements before the suggestions start to fly. Here are my needs:

1) Cheap and reliable. I am willing to fork over $30 a month MAX
2) Simple. I want this web based and simple.
3) No long term commitments
4) I want unlimited texts, but not unlimited subscribers.

So the above is my short list (so far). I have been tinkering with this service as I like it so far and will test for one month (you will get a confirm text soon btw):

But again, if you all have the perfect solution, that meets the above needs, and is RELIABLE, I am game to look at this as we move on with this idea.

Thanks all for your patience
while I tinker with this idea! – René

EDIT: Update. OK the new text service I am leaning. I will have to put in the list by hand as the auto merge not laying nice. You SHOULD get a text to just YES or NO to opt in. For new users directions to follow soon. Soooooo many thanks for your patience while I test and hit your phone with junk texts! – René


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  1. What were you using before?

    IMO all these outsourced providers are complete ripoffs.

    A simple GUI on top of a mail server or two that deliver to the advertised cell-provider gateways? I could see charging $30/year for that MAYBE, but $30/month for low volumes? Outrageous.

  2. Let me put it in technical perspective. Yahoo & Google provide email-sending, receiving, storage, etc. etc. for FREE. OK I have been paying for a while for Yahoo Plus which is less ad-filled and a few more features for $20/year. There is far more software complexity there, than what any of these bulk-senders have to do.

    I haven’t researched providers sorry. At my workplace we just do it via direct-send. You are on AT&T, then your text address is Simple. However I should note you can NEVER count on delivery times. I’ve seen even simple texts within 2 devices on the same networks take some time.

  3. Hi Rene
    I hope you received my
    Yes response
    I use
    To text for free domestically and
    An international business friend told me about it’s virtues
    It works well
    Whom ever downloads the app can text with another user
    Re my response
    You are the best!!!!
    Thank you

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