Holy cow! BUGS, O’Canada 24,000 Choice Hotel card, TEXT Alert Beta 2.1

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What a crazy week this has been. We all know Delta has gutted the super discount fares (that few of us will ever buy) and due to the outstanding jr. league “IT” department, the code for this was loaded into the main booking engine. Oh my, the sky is falling! CONSPIRACY! A sneaking sign of what is to come! LOOK OUT! Or, once again, our beloved airline’s IT shows just how “good” they are (does anyone else think they should double the IT staff at Delta or just load up the old NWA software that WORKED  – just ask anybody from Chisholm!).

We did get this from the Delta CORP rep (some of it, a bit suspect to say the very least[DLCorpGirl posted at FlyerTalk]:

We’ve identified the issue and many of you were right – we had some incorrect coding as it related to the recent changes to MQM earnings for unpublished fares. We’re working to put a fix in now and hope to have the issue resolved later today. You can book now or book later – once the fix is made the correct number will be reflected in your account….

…There were some recent changes to redemption levels at mid- and high-tier in some international locations, a few up, one down. No changes to low award levels. Not that you need my help, but you can find the updated charts here. It works like a pricing change, so legally, we’re not allowed to notify folks in advance. However, we’re obviously not prevented from sharing it with you once the change has been made. We’ll certainly keep this in mind for future announcements.

Thanks again for flagging this for us, and for your patience as we work to resolve it.

Some readers are recently pounding me as being a “horrible blogger” due to my pro-Delta stand (I do just dump these comments btw as I do not tolerate attacks on me, readers of the blog). Please know I too think the devaluation of the Skymiles chart is a stupid mistake.

If I were American Express, who has lost so many Membership Rewards transfer partners over the past year, I would be calling Delta CEO Richard Anderson and saying:

“Uh Richard, AMEX here, do you like getting money from us? Then DON’T MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS TOTALLY CRAZY!”

If no other of the major airlines devalue their charts, this one will hurt Delta going forward. It will not affect me as I book low level 99.9% of the time and I hope DeltaPoints readers do the same. But I do also care about those who spend points without thinking at mid & high (I think they need to read the blog too)!

Now on to our friends up north. More good news. In addition to the sweet  Best Western 50,000 deal  last week, there is one more new offer for you all. You now have a 24,000 point Choice Privilege card from MBNA bank as well. So if the first offer did not meet your hotel needs, then this 24,000 point offer may be the ticket for you. It is so much better than the standard 8000 point one Choice normal offers up.

Lastly today on to the latest BETA edition of my text alerts. I do not love the idea of shelling out $30 a month for a text service, but I can have up to 5000 users for that price and the texts do go out FAST (all my tests show inside 5 min). Deals are going FAST and I want to make sure you know what I know ASAP. So, if you want to be a part of it just e-mail to and tell me your cell phone number and who your cell provider is and I will add you to the ALERT list. For you who missed the BETA 1, I will text you as little as possible and NEVER EVER for a credit card promotion. This service is just for deals, mileage runs (for Delta) etc. or breaking news you need to know now. I will send out a new TEST on Saturday so if you do not get that one, let me know and I will try to add you again (I may have messed up some of your numbers so again sorry, but I promise I will make this work). The text invite will say:

I want to add you as a friend.
Reply YES to accept, NO to decline.
Msg & Data Rates may apply.

So there we are kids. I will be away from my computer almost all day today visiting SW Michigan (see photo below to guess what today is for me) so I will follow up with you all later tonight. Thanks! – Rene


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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


    • @Mark – you would be right. Time to get purple toes (kidding I use an Italian mfg crusher and built my own oak press 🙂 ) – Rene

  1. The real criticism here of Delta isn’t changes to the chart, folks can take those or leave them, but rather (1) the lack of any notice of those changes, and (2) the blatant lie that having given notice would have been illegal. So disrespectful of members.

    • @Gary – I have no beef with anything you said other than “blatant lie”. If their lawyers told them you must do it that way, my guess is they do it that way. It is disrespectful not to tell us right away after they do it – that I 100% agree with and must change. It should not be up to us to go find the changes! – Rene

  2. Thanks Rene for highlighting that these changes only apply to the unpublished fares that none of us buy anyways. Amidst all the yelling on FT, I (and others) pointed that out no less than 5 times yet none of the screamers seemed to notice and/or care. We can all agree that this could have been handled better, but the mob mentality really needs to be toned down.

  3. Rene, while I agree you should not be subject to “attacks,” just moderate the content of the contents if there is something at least helpful to be posted. Flat out rejecting comments that you disagree with (if that is the case) would not fall into the boat of “attacks.”

    • @Ted – Readers may disagree with me all they want and I will post it. If they call me an idiot, stupid, dumb, card shiller, etc etc, those I just dump. So speak your mind (oh and keep it PG-13) but don’t attack me or others as I am the final judge of what goes on the blog and I say so openly. – Rene

  4. Rene, I got your text invite this morning and replayed “YES”. I really appreciate that you’re doing this. I’ve received your alerts on two deals so far and have not acted fast enough; I know that 3x will be a charm and am looking forward to getting enough of a mileage run to at least get me Silver with Delta when my Gold expires in February. Being retired and divorced I’m pretty much free to go when and where I want and I sure love a “deal” in this high airline price market we are in now. Thanks!

  5. Do you REALLY believe Delta’s lawyers told them they cannot give advance notice on Award changes

    • @IdahoSt – I believe that the lawyers told the corp people what to say and do yes. Now is it correct or right or such, that is a totally different matter. I don’t like this anymore than anyone else but I do not think the corp people are lying to us! – Rene

  6. If you can’t take criticism of any sort, you shouldn’t have a blog…

    And I bet you won’t post this comment either 🙂

    • @Tyler – yep you call me a liar or such I will cut it out of your comment! I am happy to have people disagree with me all day long (they are wrong naturally 🙂 ) but they can say they disagree as much as they want as long as they do not attack me in the process. (like you did then it get’s cut) – Rene

      PS – I do not run a blog as an open forum. I run a blog to help those who fly Delta. If you want an open forum to say anything you want, that is not

  7. THEsocalledfan Reply

    Rene—I actually like that you dump the personal attacks. That stuff is stupid and they don’t spend the time you do writing a blog.

    Also glad to see you are not liking the Delta trends. We need prominent folks like you to say that to try to keep this at bay, if still possible. If not, I know you will get their attention by posting the current offers for status matching to other airlines which I plan to do if and when the revenue system comes.

    The reality is, we should not have to play the games, to get low level awards, that you have pointed out….

    Finally, why did they ever move away from the Northwest system? For the life of me, I never got that from the day the Northwest system went down. Do you have any insight into that?

    • @THEsocalledfan – txs for your kind words. They mean a ton! As to the NWA system, I asked about that way back. Keep in mind it was more Delta taking over NWA rather than a real merger. Delta being the bigger, their system won out. I do think the NWA one was light years ahead and better but could not be integrated into the Delta one but the Delta one could be into NWA. They understood at the time they were going with the worse of the two systems but that was the way it went. (and we have been suffering ever since!) – REne

  8. BTW, off topic, but your ad for the Amex Business Gold card is incorrect – you do not receive 2x points on groceries with the Business card – that is just for the personal one.

  9. More-so than other bloggers, I feel that this blog has been pushing credit cards heavily with referral links. I can say that as a person who subscribes to your daily e-mail and checks BoardingArea a few times a day. Due to this, I am skeptical about some of your posts (yesterday’s text blast failure post, for example, where you randomly plugged the new AMEX Biz Gold MR offer and it wasn’t even relevant). I’m not sure if this falls in the boat of critical or “attack,” but do be aware that at least one reader is questioning some of your motivations behind the content of your posts.

    • @Ted – I have seen how critical you have been of me on other boards. I also, as you see, change your name to your name not your fake name as I do not allow fake names. If you want to run a blog to your lofty standards, just go start one. I will be happy to follow it. I give out relevant info on I think the 50k card is a great deal as I would NOT, and have publicly stated that I would not, go for the 75k card for 10k spend is just too dang high. 5k is just about tops for me for any card. I think I find a good balance between cards and info. If you do not like the blog, and are skeptical of the blog, don’t read the blog. It is that simple. I think a few readers find value of what I post – Rene

  10. As a loyal NWA flyer and now a loyal Delta fan I enjoy reading your daily E-mails.Probably my biggest problem is when a flight has problems I just brood about it instead of sending a E-mail. After listening to you repeat it enough times I’ll send them a E-mail the next time. Ps the last time I missed a connection I got to the gate 7 min. before scheduled take off and the plane was pushed back and some friends on standby were texting me thanking my wife and I for the seats.(They literally got the ones we were assigned and we got to spend the night in MPS) The rubbing it in didn’t help lol. Thanks I’ve learned next time I’ll complain.

  11. Rene, knowing that Delta almost never does the right thing for their customers. Please don’t link to the Delta AMEX credit cards, this sends a message to AMEX that people are fed up with the constant deceit and lack of respect shown to customers by Delta. As Delta would say it’s the right thing to do.

  12. Rene:
    Does the new SMS site confirm the”YES”? I have followed the link, and texted YES – but no confirmation either time. Thanks, and I always enjoy your blog!

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