Delta Points 101 – some very basic info

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This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We will receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertiser Disclosure, visit this page.

For readers who know their Skymiles number by heart, as well as their wife and kids numbers, and have status with 1 or more airlines and 2 or more hotels, come back tomorrow and thanks for stopping by today!

The number of new readers to Delta Points is amazing to me. This makes me just giddy. When I have the chance to open the eyes to what is possible in the world of points, I smile all day long. So how about some real basic questions that I get a ton.

Q) I love the blog. How do I make sure I am supporting it?
A) It humbles me that anyone wants to help me. The answer is just always start at my  “Travel & Points Cards” tab at the top of the blog. Thank you for the support.

Q) Where do I start, this is all new to me.
A) Start at the “Rookie” tab. Even if you have been flying for 20+ years, this will teach you a bunch.

Q) I have a question about….. (insert your question here)
A) BoardingArea has a search bar “box” build into each blog.
So what you need to do, if you just want to search DeltaPoints, click that button and then type in your key word you want to search for. If you pick the other then search you get results from not just me but also all of my fellow outstanding BoardingArea bloggers as well.

Q) I am new to Delta, where do I start.
A) There is a ton I love about my airline. There is a ton I wish they would change. Either way, we can all benefit if we know the rules. I have a tab called “Essentials” at the top of the blog with 20 great posts. If you take the time to read them all, you will learn a TON about Delta both good and bad and how YOU can better your Delta travel experience.

Q) How do I contact you ( can I contact you )?
A) Sure. Happy to help if I can. I have my e-mail address in the “AboutMe” tab. I try to get to all e-mails the same day as I get so many that if I do not get to you right away I tend not to (I know I need to work on that so if I missed you please e-mail again and I will try to do better).

So there you are. These are some of the most common beginning questions I get each week. I thank you so much for reading the blog and hope to see you up in the air with me one day – Rene
Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

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  1. Delta has been really expensive for cash bookings and High for reward bookings, where do you start your search for inexpensive flights, Hipmunk. ita matrix, Delta’s own site…or maybe Orbitz, Travelocity or other??

  2. I’m a “ROOKIE” and wish I’d found your site before booking my flights! Wondering if you can help me here? I applied for the AE Gold Skymiles card ( probably should’ve applied for the business card! but didn’t realize it at the time!) My trip is through a travel agency as my daughter is in the Macy’s parade and going with a group, but our flight was not included. I had to give the agency my flight itinerary before my new AE Skymiles card arrived, so when booking I had to charge it to another a Chase/Amazon card. Therefore, I have missed getting double miles for the flight charge ($1600. total for 4 people) Is there any way that I can reverse this so as to receive the double miles? My flight is not until Nov? I have excellent credit score, am debt free, and pay all cc off within the month so I’m not charged interest. I’ve spent a TON of time on your blog and LOVE IT!

  3. @Sandy – txs so much for reading the blog. Ouch. I think you may be stuck. I am going to forward this to Tamara, Delta Points on-staff travel agent. to see if she has any helpful ideas. But please keep in touch and e-Mail me direct anytime! – Rene

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