Some good Delta related posts worth your time!

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You should only read for all your Delta information. OK, that is just silly and I am kidding. I wanted to highlight some very good DELTA posts from fellow bloggers that are worth your time. Here they are:

  • Points Miles & Martinis has a good post about bidding for ETV’s HERE.
  • Point me to the Plane has one about using Skymiles to Asia and Australia HERE
  • One Mile at a Time has one on lower tax cost booking Skymiles and Virgin Australia HERE
  • Marshall Jackson has one about the Thanks Again program HERE
  • The Wandering Armenian has one also to help with Delta to Asia HERE
  • Very Good Points reminds us about Dining for miles (I would pick Delta) HERE

So there are some points I have been thinking about blogging about, but why not just enjoy the work my fellow Boarding Area bloggers have done! (these guys are good) – René


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  1. So I get folks who live in Delta hubs and fly enough to earn status, that the inflight experience/upgrades is more important than redemption or at least important enough that it’s worth the workarounds for redemption (or redemption is aimed primarily at, say, Australia and French Polynesia).

    I get crediting miles to Skymiles to earn status. Or even to top off a Skymiles account, once you’re crediting miles to Skymiles for status purposes anyway, in order to reach a balance sufficient for a particular award.

    What I have a harder time with is willy nilly collecting Skymiles for non-flight activities when those activities aren’t contributing towards status and would earn just as many points in another program like United MileagePlus, American AAdvantage, or Greyhound Road Rewards.

    Seems to me that it makes the most sense to credit Delta flights to a Delta account to earn status, enjoy the benefits of that status, and accrue non-flight activity to a different program in order to build up miles elsewhere for redemption.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  2. If you are all Delta, all the time….and don’t bother with any other program, then I think you should hoard all the Delta miles you can, including dining miles.

    I guess I’ve just become all Delta all the time, so right now, I am crediting dining miles to Delta. Maybe I’ll keep doing that, maybe I won’t.

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