YMMV – 70,000 point Delta AMEX GOLD card!

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EDIT: – I have removed the link to the offer as it clearly does not work. You can go to FlyerTalk to read about it. I would again STRONGLY suggest EXTREME caution with this. There could be HUGE risks with this one the way it is talked about at Flyer Talk!

YMMV – means you may not get the miles! I cannot stress this enough times, this is NOT MY LINK.This is a linkposted on FlyerTalk in THIS thread you can read about. Also a HT to Mommy Points for the catch. So what do you need to know about this? It is from AMEX via Delta and is targeted. So, as I said, you may not get the points. Next, If you have had a PERSONAL DELTA AMEX card (Delta Gold or likely even the PLAT or Reserve card) you will not get the bonus as the new rule with AMEX is if you have had any card activity in the last 12 months you can not get a new card bonus (i.e. it is the close date that matters from your last card in that “type” of card)!

So this card link is for 70,000 points after $5000 spend. For me, $5000 spend is just about the top of my limit. I churn way too many cards, and have way too much spend to get done on my Reserve card to get my Delta MQM bonus each year. So, at least this one is reasonable. So here are some screen shots from the link (AGAIN NOT MY LINK YMMV)!

There is also an interesting bit in here to show it is from a Delta Air Lines link. It shows a $100 credit when you are buying a ticket. But, it also says you can use this credit for a future flight. So, again, YMMV, you may be able to get the card and use the credit on a later flight (that is if the link works, if you get the points, if you get the credit at all – clear)!

So, now you know what I know. I would not be shocked to see this link go away later today or for AMEX to refuse to honor it as you were not targeted. – René


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  1. you will notice on the link, that when you go to the place to fill in your first name, it asks you for your middle name…….

    I would love this offer, but as I have an options card, it is not popping up for me. Makes me think that it is only offered as a personal card, not a business card…


  2. @Kathy – see that so who knows. Again, this is very YMMV and even if I could I would not go for it personally as I value the Reserve card for my MQM’s so much more. Yes, this is a personal card.

  3. If you want this card, why don’t you just purchase a ticket, then cancel it?

    either get a refundable ticket, or get any ticket and call to cancel after applying?

    I can’t get it as I have plat delta card.

  4. @Steve – if you look at the FT thread, you do not even have to buy a ticket, just start to buy one. But I would NOT EVER DO what is talked about by “tinkering” with the code for the AMEX application. The risk is HUGE that AMEX may Financial review you for doing this, or who knows what else. Not saying this WILL happen but just this offer is a HUGE risk if you are not TARGETED by AMEX directly. No if you have the PERSONAL PLAT Delta AMEX you can not get this card (officially – some have gotten both but YMMV – just like the offer).

  5. @Delta Points I’m not sure this such a risk. From my understanding of how this offer is offered is if you are logged into your skypesos account and are trying to book a ticket. Then there’s a random chance (1 in 4 from what I can tell) that this offer will come up. You can then fill out the application, get approved AND not complete your ticket order. This pretty similar to what is required for the United CC to get the 65k mile offer. The only thing the URL tinkering does is fill in the right values on the form and picks the right offer (just like when people use expired offers whose links are still active).

  6. @lggy – it will be if AMEX decides that you have knowingly and fraudulently manipulated their offer code and they decide to Financial Review you or shut down all your accounts. Not say’in this WILL happen but there is no way I will “tinker” and ADD to a link code. But, some are braver than me. Also, AMEX is NOT Chase. Chase is very easy to work with and tends to match offers. AMEX tends to be very specific about their offers and NOT match other offers.

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