News, well, sorta news from Delta/KLM/AF award seats + weather ALERT today!

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Many BoardingaArea blogs, yours truly included, have been blogging about the recent disappearance of business class upgrades using SWU’s as well as award seats. I can confirm very little right now other than the fact that I have been told that the “memo’s” that are being read by telephone agents are correct. I had, and thank you btw, a reader Buddy M state that:

“I have an award itinerary on hold that the Delta reps are still working on because KLM withdrew a seat in business class from ZRH to AMS before I could redeem it. They are trying to get the seat confirmed but a rep told me they are in negotiations with AF and KLM right now so they(AF and KLM) are withholding most of the low level award seats. The rep said that hopefully they would come to an agreement in a couple of weeks and then things would go back to normal.”

Other than that, there is no info to release. I would love to tell you more information is on the way soon but at this point, it must be up to Delta mgt. to find the solution with AF/KLM. Do keep in mind, as I have been saying in the past, AF & KLM are hemorrhaging money. Delta, as we all know, has been somewhat stingy with award seats. I am sure AF/KLM is not really happy to be Delta’s “cookie jar” for low level seats. There could be some good to come from this; this may force Delta to release more seats to ease the flow. Also, according to Points Miles & Martinis, the award seat availability for next year is showing mixed results! We will see what happens next.

On a more positive note, some positive news is out via PR from Delta. Delta is big on recycling. From corporate use and environmental responsibility to each and every flight, they do try to “trash” as little as possible. You can read more about it HERE.

Also, as I am sure you have seen, Delta has been doing a great job of providing “charging stations” all over the airports. Since we all tend to fly with phones, laptops and tablets now, this is great to see. Now, we all must MAKE SURE we grab all of them before we jump on our flight!


Lastly, and a HT to Gary who likes Delta Points (less so Skymiles), points out that if you stay at La Quinta Inn’s you can get up to 25,000 Skymiles (1000/each stay) bonus! And, if you are flying today, just about anywhere in the USA, please check your flights as delays will be plentiful today – Rene


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  1. From what I have heard, there have been ongoing negotiations around an AF request for DL to impose fuel surcharges on awards (that presumably goes to AF to help the cash hemorrhaging!). DL have resisted. Hence no awards seats on AF/KL. Just my 2c…

  2. JFK weather is BAD
    I flew in from sju I guess we got a window to get in
    The landing was magnificent like a spiral ever so graceful despite the bumps
    The wind is howling now
    Be safe everyone

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