DEAL ALERT: USA-Singapore $500-$700 Delta 20,000+ MQM’s

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With a HT to CokeandTaco from Flyer Talk, the KING of mileage run deals, there is a chance to visit Singapore next week for a few days for just $500-$700 from a bunch of places in the USA. Play around with Matrix search from your nearest airport and see if this can work for you. If you need some MQM’s to get to whatever medallion level for next year, this a nice way to get as much as  20,000+ MQM’s  in just one trip!

I did send out a text alert about this deal this morning; if you did not get it, please re-mail me your info.

You can look at SPG hotels from 16,000 points per night and Priority Club ones from 25,000 points per night. I have never been to Singapore but HERE is a link to their tourist site. – René


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  1. Wondering if anyone found any deals from the DTW area. When I looked with airports within 100 miles, everything was $1100 or higher. That being said, this is a TOUGH mileage run. I have been to Singapore 3 times, and it is a LONG flight.

    Also I did not get your SMS – but my phone died overnight, so that may have been the reason.

    And again, Thank you for alerting us to these deals.

  2. I got your text at 4AM West coast time, I wonder if there is a way for those of us on the west coast to get our texts delayed a bit? (as I need to leave my phone on at night)

  3. $666 all-in MSY-SIN for over 20,000 miles but short connection time coming back so I didn’t book since I have something to do the next day. A terrific deal, especially for GOlds or higher.

  4. I second Steve’s statement. I’ve been to Singapore several times for business trips, flying business class on SQ, DL(NW), UA, and BA. Even with lie-flat seating, I was ready to get off the plane about 3/4 of the way into the trip. I can’t imagine what it would be like in economy, especially on DL (SQ and other Asian carriers have better coach class). It is a very long haul – like taking 2 transatlantic flights (it is about 11+ hours from the US west coast to Narita then another 7 hours to Singapore). If someone is willing to put their butt in a coach seat for the MQMs, I would recommend that they route themselves via SEA. As far as I know, that is the shortest transpacific Delta route to Narita (except for Honolulu which could be an interesting stopover if you could swing it). Singapore is a very nice clean city and there are several interesting tourist attractions (although it can sometimes feel a little manufactured/sterile – remember this was basically a fishing village/military outpost 50 years ago). It has great shopping and dining although the USD/SGD exchange rate is not very favorable at the moment. If you are thinking warm climate=beach, there are better places to go in Asia. Sentosa is basically a man-made beach with imported sand and a view of the shipping cranes. Fortunately Singapore has several low cost airlines that can take you to nice beaches in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.

  5. Got the text great deal! Too bad it’s when I have plans I cannot change. Oh well hope some DeltaPoints readers take advantage.

  6. René, when using the matrix, I cannot find the 7-day by 7-day window you have posted. Is there a simple way to change the settings to find this view? Thanks in advance.

  7. got in on the deal around 1am last night ATL-MNL for 647ai almost 18000 miles. great deal. tip. if ITA is not displaying check the delta site directly. I saw fares on ITA last night, and while playing around with dates and destinations avaliablility seemed to disappear. It was still bookable on delta though.

  8. This might not be appropriate for this blog, but United has flights from LAX to Singapore for $652 round trip for the same dates…

  9. @Bea – thanks for the dates. Turns out my layover stop wasn’t long enough to make the lower price show up.

    That being said, last time I did this flight was EWR – SIN on Singapore Airlines (worlds longest all business class flight). I have actually done this flight less then 1 week apart. Very scared of trying to do it in coach – I want to be alive afterwards. Great deal in terms of $ for miles, not so great on your body.

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