A DELTA AIR LINES request – don’t just Google, use our SEARCH on Delta.com

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I admit it. If I ever want an answer, my very first place is Google. It is simple and works and I know it. Habits are very hard to break. But I was talking the other day to my Delta contact and he asked me how much readers USE the Delta search function? I thought that was a funny request plus I was feeling a bit guilty that I knew inside I tend to just use Google. I also shared that “MY” Delta Points search bar is clear on the blog but is not used as much as I would like readers to use it. He suggested I remind my readers about just how much information, and correct information (when the links are not broken that is) can be found at Delta.com. So let’s take a look.

First, as you can clearly see from the screen shot above, the search box is in the top right corner on each and every page you navigate to on Delta.com. It is also a smart search, so if you are a bit dyslexic, like your Delta Points blogger, and say type a word wrong, you will get: “Showing results for luggage. Search for lugggage instead?” So what does the luggage search show? Take a look.

Tons of correct info about how many, how heavy a bag can be. Domestic, International, carry-on or pets, you name it you will find it on one of these links.

Let’s do one more. How about Medallion. I love the fact that my DELTA AMEX RESERVE card gets me up to 30,000 MQM’s each year with spend (plus you can get 10,000 if you have not had the card for the past 12 months both personal and business). As you can see above, you will find out about the different levels of qualifying miles it takes as well as the benefits at each level and on and on.

And I touched on the Delta Points search bar. It is also on every page you navigate to within Delta Points. It does have a button where you can switch to search for JUST posts that have that key word or topic from Delta Points blog. Or, if you choose the default button setting, you will search all the BoardingArea blogs for that key word. Let’s say you do just that and look for Sweden. Here is what you find:

So there you are. Always know I am most happy and pleased to respond to emails, but both Delta & I ask you to please check out the search box first to see if you can find the answer you need instantly rather than having to wait for us to get back to you. And thank you for reading the blog! – René


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  1. Interesting post! I work in the world of search engine optimization and social media (specifically in travel and hospitality). I am a loyal Delta flyer (from your neck of the woods in IN, now in ATL), but I rarely use their search engine. Why? Because compared to Google (or Bing or Yahoo), it’s poorly optimized.

    I don’t mean by keywords – the search function always returns valid results. I mean contextually. 9 times of 10, if I search on Google, I’ll be taken to the deep page with the one answer I am looking for regarding Delta. If I search on Delta.com, I am provided with many pages that MAY have the information, but often do not serve up the answer I am looking for until I click through to several pages deep.

    My work in search tells me that most people usually don’t know how to search effectively for something. For example, unless you’re a frequent flyer, you might not realize that if you need a special meal, you need to search the exact phrase “special meal.” But you might search “vegetarian meal.” If you do that on delta.com, you’re taken to the Special Travel Page that presents you with endless options in an FAQ in which you have to scan the whole page to find the one question that does not use your keywords, and then provides an answer with no link to the area to request a special meal. (http://www.delta.com/help/faqs/special_needs/index.jsp)

    If you Google “vegetarian meal delta,” the first page is a delta.com landing page that details all the available special meals with a link to assist you in requesting a vegetarian meal. (http://www.delta.com/components/popups/menus/special_meals.jsp)

    I fed these two keywords through one of my work tools and sure enough, “vegetarian meal,” “diabetic meal,” and “kosher meal,” showed up (along with six other terms) as more often searched than “special meal” or “special diet” when also used with keyword “Delta”.

    It’s been my experience that optimizing for user experience, especially in travel and hospitality, will boost on-site search engine performance in the double digits, and I expect the same would happen for our fair airline, as well.

  2. Rene – I tried using the delta.com search for this question but no luck. If you reach medallion status and have prior existing reservations, can you make upgrade requests for those flights online or is a call necessary? Thanks!

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