Friday with Tamara – a Swedish SAS / Star Alliance trip report

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Hi Guys – I just got back from a wonderful trip to Sweden! This is my third time there to visit my best friend of 29 years! I didn’t fly Delta/AF/KLM, I flew SAS but did use points (yippee) and was just happy to be able to get the dates I needed in economy class. My family (Rene and Lisa), dropped me off at the South Bend airport …THANKS GUYS!!!

I was happy and excited to finally get on the flight. This was all BEFORE my “meal”. Now, I wasn’t thinking about the plane food, I’m so used to not getting any food on flights that I felt it was an awesome perk that someone wanted to feed me during my 8 + hours from ORD to ARN. How bad could it be? After all the stewardess announced we would be having Chicken Marsala! I love Chicken Marsala! I am not sure why SAS thinks this is Chicken Marsala.

Let’s just say I wasn’t sure it was even chicken. It was orange and lumpy and looked partially chewed. Next to it was definitely rice, only when I put my fork in it turned yellow. The green stuff looked like Okra but smelled like pine? I ate dried bread and drank water and wine. I also ate what was supposed to be a salad which consisted of room temperature lima beans, corn and lettuce.

Coming home I wised up! You guys are used to being nice at the check in counter and smiling right? Being in customer service, I always do the same.

First, I explained I was using points and asked if there was any possible way to pay to be upgraded to Economy Plus. I was told no… I had to use points of which I did not have enough. I told the woman about my Chicken Marsala and told her I would pay anything if she could arrange for me to have real food on my way home.

She laughed and said there was nothing she could do. Then she tried calling someone and asking something in Swedish, but after hanging up just shook her head no and said…”I’m so sorry.” But miracles still happen! When I got to the gate for check in.. I had been upgraded! YIPPEE!!!!! Oh, it’s nice to have extra leg room, wider seats, nice pillows and blankets but the FOOD people!! Suddenly, there were real options of good food. Even the snack was ham with sun dried tomato AND salmon on whole wheat. There were choices of fresh fruit / bread and an ice cream social.

Moral of the story… Always be courteous at the desk, always ask for what you want and whenever possible UPGRADE! UPGRADE! UPGRADE! – Tamara


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  1. Tamara, I think you might have misunderstood the flight attendant announcement. It looks like Chicken Masala (an Indian dish), not Chicken Marsala. To looks decent to me, but I understand if you were expecting something else (or just don’t like Indian food) that it might be kinda gross.

  2. I often think the food is only as good as the airport location you came from so go figure it was worse from ORD than on the way back. Besides they had do something with all those rats at ORD. Sorry I couldn’t help it 🙂

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Whenever I interact with someone, especially at an airport, I always start the conversation out with “Good morning/afternoon, how are you today” and will be genuinely pleasant to ensure the conversation starts out on the right foot. And if I don’t like the answer, I ask someone else! Great post, and glad you received better accommodations!

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