Best of Delta Points: Don’t forget to use your FREE Delta Air Lines AMEX companion ticket!

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Choice is good. It is amazing to me how many choices we have with the Delta branded AMEX cards.

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
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The GOLD personal card has good perks like Zone 1 board, 9 free bags and  the 20% discount on food / drinks on-board.

Some look at the non-waived $150 fee and 20,000 (25,000 if you add 2 free users) skymiles bonus for the Platinum card as a reason NOT to go for this card over the Gold. But in addition to the 5,000 MQM’s (great this time of year), one of the great benefits of the Platinum card is the free coach companion ticket (the current AMEX info does not list this but AMEX & Delta  100% tells us this continues as a benefit of the Delta Platinum and Reserve cards but the GOLD card $99 cert ends 25JAN2013).

To get to it you must go to and then go to: skymiles / manage my account (see below):

Then click on Manage Profile then at last Certificates & eCredits! Then you will see the list of all the certificates of any kind you have including the one from your AMEX card.

You then simply click the box to select it and pick where you want to go.

Now some good info about these. As you can see below, if I want to use mine to go on a ski trip, I as primary will earn MQM and RDM’s ( medallion qualifying miles and redeemable (ie Skymiles) miles ) but my bride will not! We will NOT be able to get upgrades but other medallion benefits are extended to us.

Now another kool thing is if you do not plan to use it, you can buy a ticket for two of your friends to use as you can see below ( note your friends DO NOT get your medallion benefits or free bags ):

Per the T&C, you MUST pay for the ticket with your AMEX card but friend #1 will earn miles and friend #2 will not. Also, if YOU are part of the SKYBONUS program I talked about here, as you can see from the photo above, YOU will earn Skybouns points for their trip!

So do not let these things go to the trash if you don’t use them. Either “give” your friends them or provide a great gift to someone you love! And if you are thinking about a Delta AMEX card, be sure you keep the value of free companion ticket in mind before you pick the card that is right for you! – Rene

[PS – the Reserve AMEX card gives the same coupon that can be used for coach or business class]


Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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  1. Thanks for the usefule information and reminder of using the companion certificate! Can you please tell me if I can use my business Delta AMX Platinum card to pay for my $99 companion certificate fare (and the first ticket fare) which I got from my personal Delta AMX Gold? I am thinking about cancelling my personal Delta AMX Gold and I have not used my $99 companion certificate yet.

  2. I have a similar question, but have already canceled my AMEX Delta card rather than pay the fee for a second year. The companion ticket is in my account, but I don’t have a Delta AMEX anymore ( only regular gold and costco cards). Can I give this away or use them another way?

  3. Excellent. Just checked and mine is there as well. I have a $400 voucher in my account too. Do you know if I can use the voucher for my ticket and the companion pass for my wife?

  4. Hi, so my dad has a companion certificate and would like to take me on one of his business trips. It expires on March 31st, does that mean that we have to book the trip before that date, or do I have to fly by that date?

  5. I have had an Amx Gold for several years and have never recieved an companion certifacate. Is that still a benefit of the AMX Delta Gold Card

  6. I have had the Delta Amex Platinum since March of this year and do not see the companion cert. Do you have to have the card a year before it is issued?

  7. I just called Amex and Delta: They told me that the free companion ticket for Platinum (which I have) is going away after this year. That leaves the additional $55 annual fee over Gold only beneficial for the additional MQM’s. There are so many restrictions on that ticket, I really don’t see the value. Had the card for 6 years and never once did it work for what I needed. – Mike

  8. @Mike – you were misinformed. The GOLD card $99 cert is going away next year and you must get the GOLD card by 25JAN2013 to get it next year. The Reserve and Plat DL AMEX will both keep the certs.

  9. @MilesQuest – Here you are:
    With the Platnium and Reserve Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express, the rewards keep coming. In fact, just for renewing your Card each year, you’ll receive an exclusive, money-saving SkyMiles Companion Certificate—good for one eligible round-trip flight. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a Cardmember—and making it easier than ever to share your travel experience with someone special. And, you can now redeem online.

  10. My certificate will be issued in June. What will be expiration date on that?

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