Photographic proof that American Airlines hates Delta Points!

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Blog readers Darius sent me the unquestionable proof that AA hates Delta Points. I mean, who else would deface a treasured Delta Points luggage tag this way with no offer of miles or money as compensation. Think about this, an email or tweet to Delta (had such a horrid thing happened on a Delta jet) there would have been a blizzard of points to say:  were sorry!

So let’s do this today; tell me and readers (ie comment below on the blog) if you have flown on an AA flight this year. Either answer counts just as well. I will then use at 6:PM Sunday the 30th to pick 10 winners who will get Delta Points luggage tags. Also, 1 of these 10 will get a $25 AMEX gift card in addition to the tag!

Have a great weekend everyone – Rene


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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I’ve seen numerous occasions of this happening. But think for a moment, could it have been the automated baggage system that it got caught in, causing it to break the way it did?

  2. I have flown on an AA flight this year, but I can’t say it was a good experience. Delays and rude flight attendants!

  3. Flown American and American Eagle several times this past year without “issues”.

  4. virginia jeffreys Reply

    I have flown on AA this year;Delta too-ask me which I enjoyed most!

  5. Flown only once. Unless united falss further I will never fly them again

  6. I flew several AA flights from Miami to the Caribbean and New Orleans.
    Sadly, I don’t have a Delta Points tag! So no stories to tell about broken tags.

  7. I have not flown on AA this year, but have had this happen to my Medallion tags (which is why I don’t put my valuable Krytonium Medallion tags on my checked baggage!).

  8. No AA flights for me. I would be scared the flight would get cancelled due to all the pilot issues.

  9. I haven’t flown AA yet this year, but have a flight scheduled with them in October (hopefully).

  10. Flew AA last weekend. One flight was canceled, one was two hours late, and most of the other segments were delayed at least a bit by AA pilot(in)activity. Flew flawlessly on Delta the next day. No checked bags, so no tag abuse.

  11. Despite being a points hoarder, haven’t flown AA all year! Staying loyal to DL for now!

  12. I had to fly AA almost exclusively for the first half of this year because they always had the lowest rates for my work trips. Since July it seams that things have balanced out and now I am flying Delta again.

  13. Vicki Burton Reply

    I have not flown AA this year. I live too close to ATL to do anything but fly Delta.

  14. I will be flying back from Beijing late October on AA – could be a good experiment if I had a DP luggage tag 😉

  15. Will not fly AA–they are big promoters of all the “extra” fees.

  16. My girlfriend and I flew AA out of DC to San Francisco in April to run my first marathon. After the race, we spent on our first vacation together in Napa.

    Overall, the flight was pretty good, and the experience is actually what started my interest in getting into the points game.

  17. Unfortunately, yes. My Delta flight got cancelled and AA was the only way home for 2 days. Worst flight in 3 years – rude, late, bag torn.

  18. No I have not. Everywhere AA flies direct from my home airport so does someone else.

  19. Quite a few occasions early in the year, but my travels lately have been having DL much more convenient

  20. 1TATL in business. It was enough to remind me why I don’t fly AA and why I pay more for Delta.

  21. That’s nothing! United ripped off my fiancee’s MileagePlus Premier Gold tag. There’s a lot of self-hate in that group.

  22. Haven’t flown them since 2011. They destroyed my delta tags on that trip too.

  23. Every dog has a day…we are broken vessels in an imperfect world…all airlines have their days.

  24. No status on AA = no flying on AA. Next year will re-evaluate based upon what DL does with the Skymiles program.

  25. Haven’t flown AA since 2010 – and that’s because my delta flight was cancelled and the AA flight was the last flight out that day rather than flying the next am.

  26. Flew AA to Madrid this spring. No issues other than cramped coach seats.

  27. Last flight was to Lisbon in cattle class, not a great experience.

  28. Anthony Presley Reply

    I have not and hope hat I do not have too. Last time I flew with them it was a really bad experience.

  29. Was going to fly AA (using my BA Avios) for JFK-BOS. They cancelled the early AM trip and I was forced to pay for Amtrak trip instead. Luckily BA was nice enough to re-credit the 4,500 points and the taxes/fees, but I was not happy.

  30. plowjockey Reply

    Executive Platinum on AA, and have flown them a dozen times this year.

  31. Will be flying AA next weekend, and Delta next month. Hoping our AA trip isn’t cancelled or delayed, it’s for a much needed vacation.

  32. No AA for me this year. (Used the Netflix bonus to keep points active.)

  33. DVMonthego Reply

    No flights on AA. Fly often and far, Delta only, loyal to the point I never look at any flights other than Delta’s.

  34. I’ve flown AA 40+ times this year and would never even think of flying Delta with their lousy rewards program.

  35. No AA recently… all Delta… Love my skypesos for low level awards thanks to my Delta AMX!

  36. I am an AA flyer and have had AA Platinum tags damaged. I think that everybody’s luggage machinery is Equal Opportunity at tag destruction.

  37. A couple of times actually. My last trip with them was pretty bad with long delays and cancellations

  38. Took the A A challenge flew to Saigon after my latest experience with DL .com. will stick with AA after over 29 years with DL AA despite their issues have been greY

  39. I proudly have
    NOT NOT NOT. (three is a charm)
    Flown American airlines
    This year

  40. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I haven’t flown on AA this year, but I have AA reservations for January and February 2013. Hope things will be OK then!

  41. I’ve flown on AA a couple of times this year (with points) and did not enjoy it very much! Almost every flight we’ve had was delayed, including an international flight! 🙁

  42. Flew AA this month on a short flight from DFW using Avios. Great deal, but could not get a seat assignment until the plane was boarding. Ended up exit row, though, so all good. Still prefer DL!

  43. I actually have flown with them this year…they were the airline to get me to Thailand (with help of fellow One Worlders Cathay and JAL) when my grandfather passed away and I had to be my family’s representatives over there. They were alright by me, and seeing as they’re the only domestic airline still allowing 2 bags for free to Asia…they get my vote over Delta.

  44. Fly AA almost every week. In the last four weeks, every flight except 2 have been late.

  45. Yes, AA has direct connections to my parents locale from my home airport.

  46. I have a stockpile of AA miles which haven’t been touched for years, except for a brief purchase to keep them active.

  47. After being rebooked by DL to AA, became trip from purgatory, never will fly AA again.

  48. Yes. Had a great experience spending 6 hrs on board a/c for 2 hr flight PHX-DFW — with wife and 2 young boys.

  49. No AA flights in the last 7 yrs. Last non Delta flight was Midwest 3+ yrs ago when they had code sharing with NWA.

  50. I try to fly Delta as much as I can (specially inside the states or from the US to europe) but since I live in south america AA has cheaper rates to the US most of the time :(( they have destroyed my luggage too though!

    Planning a trip on Delta for Xmas~!

  51. Have flown AA 10 times so far this year (domestic & international), no problems, always upgraded.

  52. I haven’t flown AA this year and don’t plan to in the near future.

  53. Michael Edwards Reply

    Have flown in previous years, but no AA flights this year.

  54. Yes, I have done one or two AA flights this year….small planes, no wifi. UGH.

  55. No AA for me this year, especially not with the intentional operational disruptions.

  56. As a boeing fan I can’t believe I am gonna say this. But I can’t wait for American Airlines to get those Airbus A32x’s. The thought of flying on another super 80 keeps me up at night. Shame on Delta and American for keeping those relics in the air.

  57. I flew AA from JFK to BOS using Avios points last minute when Amtrak left me stranded. It was a 737 with the new interior.

  58. Flew AA LAX-ORD-FCO-JFK-LAX. That’s 4 legs and it was all good 🙂

  59. I have flown 1 round trip JFK-SFO April 1st. Outbound flight delayed 2 hours – “mechanical problems”. Return flight completly canceled. Had to fly to LAX on Delta then change to AA terminal in LAX. Good thing terminals were next to each other. I would try to avoid flying them again.

  60. Judy Jones Reply

    No I have not, even though I have scads of miles and some gift certs stacking up from the yearly Amex Plat $200 benefit. I am flying our beloved Delta on an award from RSW to BIL in NOV for a wedding, and they even repriced it down to 25K!!

  61. Haven’t flown AA this year…nor for the past few years. Living so close to MSP, Delta is the home carrier. Why do anything else?

  62. My wife and I flew AA recently from STL to MIA in F. After several flight changes and cancellations prior to the day we ended up on a 6am non-stop in filthy 757. It look like it hadn’t been cleaned in years. They crew was great and no issues with bags or tags.

  63. Corbett Kroehler Reply

    I flew AA back in the early spring. It was my first time flying with them since they entered bankruptcy. I was SHOCKED to see that they had discontinued an upgrade option which gave them an edge over Delta for me when traveling between DFW and MCO. You see, before bankruptcy, they allowed all coach passengers to upgrade to first class (where available) within the last 24 hours before the flight (similar to AirTran and USAir) for a modest sum ($90 on this leg the last time I flew with them).

    Given their HORRIBLE labor relations, I am now doubly glad that I have dumped them in favor of Delta even though I now have to connect in Atlanta whenever I travel to Dallas.

    In a twisted way, I am glad that AA management now has a major scheduling problem on its hands because it is crystal clear that they are FAR more interested in lining their own pockets than in seeing the airline succeed for the benefit of its passengers, staff and shareholders.

    On this mark, Delta is flawed, too, but offered a fair deal to its pilots earlier this year and has a greater percentage of flight attendants who like their job than AA does.

  64. Jetstream007 Reply

    Yep, I fly AA about every year. Ageing airplanes, many technical problems a bit feel ‘like the old days’. Their flightproduct is not good, but their FF program is the best! (Delta = opposite)

  65. Not flown them, nor will I. If it was an Unobtanium tag it wouldn’t have ripped…

  66. No AA flights for me. Sticking with Delta to maximize my mileage.

  67. Haven’t flown them in several years, but I just flew United since they offered a direct flight to a city I was going to for cheap and they LOST HALF THE LUGGAGE. WTF.

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