Win a MegaDO Seat Next To Randy Petersen + hotel + $250 for personal expenses!

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This is truly a once in a life time chance for those who love to fly. A MegaDO, and not just any MegaDO, one where you have a chance to win a seat next to the “KING” of all things frequent flying, Randy Petersen. Yep, the guy behind BoardingArea, MilePoint, FlyerTalk (I could go on all day here)!

So how does this contest work? You can click on THIS link to see all the BoardingArea blogs that are participating in the contest and HERE for the all rules and T&C’s. Each blog participating will get to send ONE winner to the finals. Then, Randy will pick two of them to join him on the MedaDO! How just ridiculously Uber-Kool is that? (Oh’ I so want to go/win but can’t)!

So how do you win the coveted slot from Delta Points? First, you only get one shot so if you comment more than once you are disqualified. Also, type carefully and use your real name (first name and last initial is fine), and your email address must be valid. I will use to pick ONE Delta Points winner to have a chance to win the seat! To win, you need to answer this question in the comment section ON THE BLOG below:


I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion
(FO, GM, PM or DM) because….


There you are. It is just that simple. The only other rule is you must comment by by 11:59pm Mountain time on October 7 or you comment WILL NOT COUNT! I thank Randy so much for a chance to send a Delta Points reader on this adventure of a lifetime and I hope you win. Again, be sure to visit all the participating Boarding Area bloggers to increase your chance to win one as you get one chance at EACH BLOG for one of the two seats up for grabs! – René


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  1. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion GM because I love having a special telephone line for booking. Also love access to the Delta/Skymiles lounges worldwide. I was Medallion GM for many years, but I lost it this year. I recently flew Delta and partners, and although all was great, being a Medallion GM passenger would have made it even better!

  2. As a GM PM+, I could gift status to my mother, who flies Delta a great deal more than I, though usually not enough to gain status.

  3. Upgrades. I want upgrades. And Miles, more miles means more trips where I can bring the family!

  4. I’d love to be a DELTA GM coz i want to be entitled to business and first class travel without having to wait for my ID subload crew seats!! and definitely for my *DELTA POINTS*

  5. As much as I enjoy traveling, I hate the process of boarding and deplaning.

    There is nothing that terrifies me more than watching a gaggle of kettles try to get on the plane with full size roller bags stuffed with their entire wardrobe, hunt for non-existent overhead space for them, and then make a scene when they cannot find space after dropping an overloaded bag on my head trying to get it into a space it was clearly not going to fit in.

    Getting Medallion means I would have a much better chance of getting up front and not having to deal with the scrum in the back.

  6. I want DL Medallion because It would be my first Elite Status on anything (Besides milepoint).

  7. Because when I do fly I fly Delta and it would be nice to have at least a small chance at sitting up front.

  8. I want to be a PM or DM so that I can make changes to award tickets and get the perfect BusinessElite itinerary!

  9. I would love to be Medallion for all the elite perks, since I have never earned elite status on any airline.

  10. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion
    DM because I need a cool luggage tag to go with my Delta Points and Flyer Talk luggage tags.
    And, of course, a better shot at upgrades than I have with my PM status out of DTW.

  11. I want to be Delta Gold Medallion because it gives me high enough of a status to expect some upgrades, double miles on flights and SkyTeam+ for lounge access when traveling partners.

  12. I would like to have Medallion status so that I could try the Delta product again….comfortably.

  13. I want to be PM because the Platinum desk has helped me salvage more than one trip! Its good to have someone in your corner.

  14. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion
    PM because Delta has truly reason since I switch alliances (due to relocation); unfortunately, I am a real loyalist to the airline I chose and it’s hard to re-start “the climb” up tiers and make the switch, but PM would be the equivelent of what I current have on another airline.

  15. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion DM because I want to be recognized when I fly on China Airlines and other SkyTeam carriers.

  16. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion (FO, GM, PM or DM) because it’s easier to find cheap travel to exotic locations when you’re not beholden to just one airline; if I had Delta status that meant having lounge access, checked luggage, and just an all around more comfortable experience, I would take advantage of some of the cheap South America fare sales that AeroMexico is putting on.

  17. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion because… it’s always nice to have more choices of airlines where you have elite status to be treated better in case of irregular operations.

    (I did read your stipulation to use first and last name, but I wish to use my normal handle on BoardingArea blogs. My email address should make reasonably clear that I’m not manufacturing extra email addresses to participate in contests.)

  18. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion (PM) because I get free economy comfort seats!

  19. I am already DM with Delta, and I always strive to renew my status for many reasons. #1 (obviously) is the upgrades!!

  20. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion because upgrades make the weekly travel grind that much better!

  21. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion (FO, GM, PM or DM) because…I never win anything and want to learn about how to earn free trips with points and miles!

  22. Because as a Kryptonium medallion I can look down at silvers with righteous condemnation as I walk to my first class seat.

  23. I am currently GM and utilize the same day flight changes–definitely would love to be Platinum or higher to increase my chances of getting upgraded.

  24. Then the wings of angels will carry me everywhere I need to ever go, and I will be fed fine caviar and finer champagne as I’m carried to my destination.

  25. I would love to be a Delta Medallion Member. This would allow my family a better way to travel. It’s all about the upgrades!

  26. Because I am currently trapped at DFW waiting for an AA for HNL and if I had Delta status I would already be enjoying the beaches of Waikiki

  27. Because I might be able to use my 300,000 orphaned points for more than a roundtrip from JFK to Indianapolis.

  28. I’m GM now so I’d want to be PM so I could do free award changes/cancellations, making my miles more flexible.

  29. I would be proud to gain Delta Medallion status, as I’m proud to fly an airline that values its guests and treats everyone with respect.

  30. I get upgrades, board earlier, get bonus miles, and fly to Europe several times a year for 100K bus class seat – thanks to Rene and all i’ve learned – I’m a PM this month with a 13,220 MQM trip to California from Florida and I can give 15K to my husband from the Delta Amex Bus. card to make him Gold.

  31. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion DM because I want to be able to gift GM status to my wife.

  32. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion PM
    because I have loved having it for the first time during the last year

  33. I love Silver Medallion and want to jump to Gold. I’m going to be about 5K MQMs short and need to figure out how I’m getting the rest of the way! Maybe the Delta Amex Reserve card?!

  34. I want to be a Delta Air Lines DM because of the uber benefits it bestows, esp compared to the FF programs of other airlines!

  35. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion DL because I can enjoy free same day standby, no baggage fees, free upgrades and access to DM customer service hotline.

  36. I want to be a Delta Air Lines DM because I’ve been victim to many of their fees and irrops and this could be huge in making my travel easier.

  37. I want to be a Delta DM so when I have to take the red eye to visit my family (Delta is only airline to flies anywhere close to 3 hours from them) I have a better chance of snagging an upgrade to get better sleep!

  38. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion because I need another airline on which to have status.

  39. I would love to have Diamond status for the metal luggage tags, and all the upgrades.

  40. I want access to the lounges and upgrades so I can travel in a manner to which I’d like to become accustom!

  41. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion because I love to fly Delta and Love to read the Delta Points Blog

  42. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion
    (FO, GM, PM or DM) because…I’d like to get more upgrades.

  43. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion (FO, GM, PM or DM) because….it’s better than a stick in the eye?

    Ok bout for all those times UA reroutes me on DL

  44. I want to (continue to) be a Delta Air Lines Medallion for the unlimited domestic upgrades, same day confirm benefits, unlimited award ticket changes, and enhanced customer service.

  45. I want to be a PM, so I can get upgrades for myself and family and being to have access to lounges

  46. I want to be (well really, maintain myself as) a GM+ so… when I book my RTW in the coming year, I have lounge access in the 20+ airports/layovers such a crazy itinerary will entail!

  47. I want to be a Delta PM (or DM) since I’ve missed PM by less than 2K each the last two years.

  48. I want to be a FO+ so that I can have a better shot at upgrades on my cross-Atlantic trips to visit my guy!

  49. I want to be a Delta Airlines Medallion DM because that’s the only kind of diamond that’s my best friend! I’ve told my husband – no jewelry, only plane tickets! Unfortunately, he’s not much of a traveler. So, theoretically this contest could save our marriage! 😉 And it IS on my birthday too – that’s gotta be worth something, right?

  50. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion (FO, GM, PM or DM) because I have arthritis and
    having lounge access and the possibility of upgrades to business or first-class would make flying so much more comfortable. To be able to join Randy on my first-ever Mega DO would truly be an adventure of a lifetime!

  51. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion (FO, GM, PM or DM) because I have status with OW and * and feel like I should give ST a chance!

  52. I want to be a Delta Medallion (DM) because of the opportunity for lounge access and the increased earnings opportunity. That’s the only way I can earn enough miles to take my family along.

  53. I want to be a DM because I want a shot at a seat that has a power outlet! It’s the little things in life….

  54. I want to be a Delta Diamond Medallion to see if it in any way resembles my beloved Northwest Platinum status. Long live the Red Tail!

  55. I’m 15% shy of becoming a Million Miler, but I can’t bring myself to fly them anymore without much expectation of upgrades.

  56. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion
    (FO, GM, PM or DM) because I have no status on Delta.

  57. PM as this is similar status to what I have on other airlines, so it would allow me an accurate way to compare delta’s perks.

  58. I would love to have Medallion status because I have no status anywhere and status is what it’s all about!

  59. I would love to have Medallion status because I would be able to get elite benefits flying both Delta and Alaska, which is almost as helpful as my AS MVP status that gets me benefits on AS, DL, and AA (but I’m not going to requal for next year, sadly.)

  60. I would love to have Delta Medallion status because I have really enjoy traveling. I don’t mind coach on long flights, because I feel so lucky to have the opportunity… But, my eyes have recently been opened to the world of loyalty programs, cc bonuses, and reward flights, and now I must make my flying experiences even better!

  61. I want to be a Delta PM or DM because I have become spoiled by the upgrades and trip disruption assistance from being a PM last year and this year.

  62. DM would be appreciated for the upgrades. Just getting EC gratis would be nice, though.

  63. Five years is a long time. But, pessimisim aside, we are all going to keep finding ways to travel the world through incredible deals. Especially by communicating great finds instantly throughout our unique, if diverse and sometimes fragmented, community. Its always going to be too hard for the average traveller to follow this fastinating pursuit.

  64. For the special treatment. I enjoy boarding early, greater seat selection and of course the upgrades!

  65. I want continuing being a PM, so I can get through security using the TSA Expedited security line, board the plane before the masses and select Economy Comfort seats when making reservations. The rest of the benefits are gravy!

  66. I want to maintain my status as a DM because I love the dedicated 800 number — those agents are top notch.

  67. I want to make it to PM because…
    (1) the better odds for upgrades
    (2) Sky priority benefits (especially through TSA)
    (3) Bonus miles

  68. I would love status so when my Christmas DCA-MSP trip is delayed or cancelled (like it is every year) I have a dedicated line and a little weight..thus likely not waiting for my phone battery to die while on hold, and actually getting me there before Christmas.

  69. I want Delta Medallion status because I’ve never had status with ANY airline before. I think the biggest benefit would be the upgrades and lounge access.

  70. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion platinumbecause better chance first class upgrades

  71. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion
    (FO, GM, PM or DM) because I have never experienced as one.

  72. Guess I’d use the status for free bags, since I wouldn’t use it for much else (not a regular on delta)

  73. I want to be a Delta Medallion because I’ve enjoyed being one for so many years, I can’t imagine what it would be like if I wasn’t! At PM this year after being DM for the previous two. There is a difference and the DM perks are worth the BIS miles. ;-D

  74. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion DM because of the upgrades and lounge Access.

  75. I want to be a PM because I love to fly up front and can only afford a seat in the back.

  76. I’m a tall guy and I need a premium class seat on international flights just to feel like a human being. I also have the Amex Delta Gold so I’d like to maximize my benefits!

  77. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion (PM) because I would love to get upgrades, free economy seats, etc.

  78. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion member because….I have never experienced such luxury when traveling! I’m a budget traveller!

  79. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion (PM) because I would love to get upgrades, free economy seats

  80. I’m PM and want to keep it so I can continue getting EC for free. On a recent ATL-JNB flight, I managed to get at least 8 hours of unmedicated sleep, which would not have been possible without the additional legroom and recline.

  81. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion because I’d then have status on all three alliances. Lesser mortals would bow before me.

  82. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Diamond Medallion because it could get upgrades and SkyClub access!!

  83. I would love to have an alternate to flying United all the time and keep my status level!

  84. I want Medallion status because I can finally change my flights for free (and the clubs aren’t bad either)

  85. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion
    (DM) because lounge access and upgrades really help during travel.

  86. Upgrades and Lounges would be great, but also access to the Priority Security Lines would be amazing. Sometimes my wait in line at LAX can be longer than the actual flight!

  87. I want to be a Delta Diamond Medallion because my husband is Platinum (Black AmEx perk) every year and I am Gold or Silver and he gets all the upgrades. We travel together and I would like to get upgraded before him even if it is just for one year!

  88. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion
    (FO, GM, PM or DM) because… I love to fly . . . and it shows!

  89. Status makes the trip better. I am Delta Platinum and enjoy being treated like a valued customer.

  90. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion DM because I want to have costless flexibility in changing award tickets.

  91. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion (PM) because my hub is DTW, and I love the free upgrades!

  92. Delta is the only US based airline that still flies to Russia directly from US, so if you have to visit your homeland, might as well be Delta in style

  93. I have not done a lot of reading but I hope United use 787 to Europe and/or Asia. Yes, I am very excited about this!!! Count me in!!!

  94. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion (DM) because of the upgrades, free checked bags, bonus miles, targeted promotional opportunities, flexibility in tickets changes, preferential treatment and…hey, who doesn’t enjoy some status!

  95. I want to be a top level medallion because it eases the stress of flying with all of the special access and amenities!

  96. I have never had any status level with an airline but I think that I would like the lounge access some medallions provide as crowds stress me out!

  97. Because I want an upgrade and even though I’ve had silver and now gold they re not worth a pinch of s—. One time in 30 yrs of using this darn airline–DL– and only 1x upgraded.

  98. I want to be a Delta Air Lines Medallion because I want the upgrades, the exclusive perks and just simply the status. I know it’s lame but I do :p

  99. I like the upgrades. I was getting about 50% hits even as a silver when I was flying back and forth to Albuquerque a lot a few years ago. All the travel was to visit my dad who was terminally ill — the extra comfort (and, especially, the drink before take off) made a hard time a tiny bit easier.

  100. I want to be a platinum medallion for the RDM bonus and free international economy comfort!

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