No WAY am I going for the 70,000 Delta GOLD AMEX card (again)

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The offer, for now, seems to be back. Last time, I 1st blogged about it here when it looked like it was JUST a wild link you could click on. Then, I blogged about it next here and gave you a stern warning. Now, it is back and Milevalue and View from the Wing and Mommy points are all telling you about it or how to do it.

I am so happy I resisted the temptation to try the 1st time. There is NO WAY I would try again now. American Express is just coming off a massive legal settlement .

Also, for us bloggers, they have made changes requiring exacting wording adjustments for us to publish their cards. You may notice some of my links are not working as well as many other bloggers. At first, AMEX shut everyone down and now are adding us back.

So, can you imagine what AMEX will think about you when you have knowingly manipulated an offer code to get bonus points? Will they start closing accounts? Will they financial review you for doing this? I hope not, but if accounts start getting canceled or “FR’ed” you can at least know I warned you this could happen! – Rene


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  1. “We’re sorry, the system is down and we were unable to process your request at this time.”

  2. The legal settlement was from AMEX charging excessive fees. Are you saying you aren’t getting any AMEX cards because of the bad behavior behind that settlement?

    I typed in a URL and was offered a credit card. I don’t think I did anything wrong as a consumer.

    As a blogger, I also want to pass on information to people who come to the same ethical conclusion I did.

  3. @MileValue – I would never ever tell a reader to fraudulently and knowingly apply for a card by changing code – NO. I do not want my readers to risk this behavior for a few points!

  4. @Milevalue – IMO if you are telling a reader to change code, ie not just click on a public “wild” link, so they are committing fraud. That is IMO and I will not tell reader to do that. You do what you want.

  5. tried link but no way of seeing box for skymiles number. am i doing something wrong?

  6. no problem…I understand your stand on this….Just curious. I don’t plan to sign up for any more credit cards till next year. still meeting spending and these credit card sign ups are “forcing” me to spend more than I usually do.

  7. @justatraveler – yep the up up up spend to get points is a disturbing trend to me and finding ways to meet spend will be something to blog and work on moving forward as see the trend to continue. Rene.

  8. That’s not fraud. It is the bank’s responsibility to approve or deny you for any request. While I personally would not risk it either, I don’t think MileValue was doing anything unethical or illegal.

  9. @Kathy – txs for the kind words. I have had some readers comment and attack me (that I just dump as I DO censer out personal attacks) and I do very much hope it works out well for those who try for it. But, I know what could happen too and don’t want that to happen to readers either!

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