30,000 Skybonus points for opening a new Delta Air Lines Skybonus account + one flight!

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I love Skybonus. Delta not only gives GM+ double Skymiles, but if you have a business and a Skybonus account you are getting even more than that. Tell me another airline that rewards business as much as Delta! I have blogged about Skybonus before HERE and you can read all about it.


So take a look at the current bonus that is going on till the end of this year. You can download a PDF of the promotion HERE for the full T&C. The bottom line is you need to sign up for a new Skybonus account by using this link HERE. Then, you will need to fly within 60 days of enrollment with the code!

While the Skybonus points are not as valuable as Skymiles I tend to use mine for Skyclub passes (takes 30k) or for 10 pack of amenity / drink coupons (takes just 10k). Enjoy – Rene

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  1. Does the flight have to be a booking made after you open the account, or can it be a flight that is already booked and paid for?


  2. What if I have opened an account before but never used it? Can I call and have them added this code for me?

  3. when do you receive the delta lounge passes? Is there an expiration date on them? So 30k sign up is good for 4 passes??? I have already booked and paid for a one way domestic ticket for travel next Month. Will this count as my flight? Also, very concern about giving my SSN to sign up…Why would Delta need it? Would they check my credit report or verify that is me?

  4. I basically have the same question as pablo. I have a one way flight on sunday ORD-LGA. I already registered for sky bonus, but don’t think I included it when I made my reservation for sunday’s flight. Is it automatically added, or do I have to actually add it. thank you.

  5. Because I also fly United quite a bit, I examined their version of SkyBonus. It’s attractive but not for tiny businesses. Whereas Delta will allow you to join with only 2 employees, United requires 5.

    What’s not to love about SkyBonus?

  6. Rene,

    I am flying Delta in the next month using Award miles + (fuel surchage paid out of pocket) Would I still qualify for this SkyBonus promo?


  7. I attempt to add my skybonus number to my delta.com profile and it won’t let me save it. So basically you have to manually add each ticket every time you fly.

  8. According to the FAQ to register, you need a travel agent. What are people doing who don’t have one (I book all my own flights)?

    FAQ Requirements: The ARC/IATA number, email address and contact information of your preferred travel agency

  9. I sent an email and asked if we could get some sign-up points even though we already have an account. These points accrue so slowly that 30K is a great deal. I will let you know. The email said they would respond back in 4 days!!

  10. So, can you apply to get credit for employee tickets that were purchased under their names? I notice that the tickets I purchase using my own account show up in SkyBonus even before they are flown just with zero miles. Some tickets that were purchased in other names & personal credit cards, that I have sent in requests for credit on, are still not showing up many weeks later. I’m wondering if it just takes a really long time, or if they’ll be denied or what. In future if this is going to be such a hassle I’ll do all bookings myself. I’m aiming to save up enough to grant Silver Medallion to someone.

    Thanks for pointing out this program a while back!

  11. @Vicente – you can put in your Skybonus number, if they are employed by you, in their Skymiles record then you will automatically get credit every time they fly. You can also request credit for past trips yes. – Rene

  12. I should have waited. I signed up a while ago. No bonus. But they recently asked me to do a survey, and I earned 10,000 points. I feel better now.

  13. I registered but I do not think the promo code was included when I signed up. I have to wait 2 days it says until someone gets back to me – perhaps to see if I got approved? Will it be possible for me to request the promo code to be added so I can get credit?

  14. I just signed up a few days ago. No bonus miles for me. Just the 2000 miles for doing the introduction questions on the website.

  15. I can’t remember if I clicked on the link above or not so I just emailed them and gave them the promo code. We’ll see if I get credited. Thanks!

  16. Thank, I just joined using your promo code. I have two flights I already booked coming up. Once they oaky me Ill take the video and add to my flights. I assume it doesnt work on discounted travel?

    Thanks for the great ideas

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