340 days into blogging – the direction of DeltaPoints.com?

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It is staggering to me that on the 17th of next month it will be the one year anniversary of the launch of DeltaPoints! I will have lots of fun stats about the blog and it’s growth on that day and since I love to give stuff away, that day, and that day only, I will be giving away:

  • AMEX gift cards of $25 & $50
  • Marriott gift card of $50
  • Restaurant.com gift cards totaling $500

and the grand prize for the day will be:

  • Delta Air Lines Silver Medallion Status to a reader!

It should be a fun day and I sure hope you check out the blog on Nov. 17th for a chance to win these fun prizes and maybe a few more.

As I approach this milestone I want to think about the direction of the blog. Other blogs have fixed event “days” each day. I see the organization logic of that, but so much happens each day that I don’t think that is the right way to go for DeltaPoints. I love having Tamara’s travel insight every other Friday and plan to keep her as long as she is willing to contribute to the blog (Hugs to you “T”). But one thing I know I want to work on is writing more for Rookies reguarding Delta Air Lines and points in general. My idea is to block off just one day, each Wednesday, for this purpose. The morning post each Wednesday will be basic info and I will build up a nice bit of “how to” info that new ones, or even those in our families new to points and miles, can read about that is not so time sensitive. I can cover a wide range of topics from mileage runs to hotel status to medallion perks etc.! What do you all think about the idea?

Another idea I am kicking around is once a month having a guest blog post from readers who have amassed points and gone someplace fun. There would be requirements as I don’t want this to just be a “facebook vacation” post. I would want hard info like we collected points from this and that and  here is how we booked and thought about booking. Here are the things we did not think about. Here is what worked via points and such. You see what I mean – I want this type of guest post to EDUCATE US so WE can then say:  hummm… I will do this, or NOT do that, after what I just learned. So, are there readers who would want to contribute that way and also would you all like to see this type of post ONCE a month?

Lastly, as the readership is growing so fast, it is getting hard to keep up. I have gone to the step in my computer business of saying NO to new clients (after almost 20 years I have a big client list, but still) as I just cannot keep up with the blog and my work with both going full speed and both growing. I am humbled by the support from readers and have just been having a STUPID amount of fun with this. I am learning each day and hope I am sharing some bits that can help you too. I just want the next year of the blog to be a great mix of what I want to share and what you want to see.

Your friend – Rene

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  1. What great prizes you have to commemorate the start of your blog. I have enjoyed reading it and getting to know you and Lisa through your blog. Continue the good work and “Keep Calm and Write On”

  2. I live in Msp and you have been a wonderful mentor/teacher and giver of good advise. Thanks!

  3. You are one of the few people singing the praises of Delta. I fly Delta quite often and have found your website important to my travel decisions and vacation planning. Much appreciated!

  4. I’ll echo what Sarah said 🙂 I fly Delta a lot since they’re the only airline at my home airport that doesn’t route most of their flights through Chicago (hello delays and cancellations!). I have great luck with Delta and appreciate your great insight and tips!

  5. Holy mother, I would LOVE to win that Silver Status. But more importantly, your advice, tips, and tricks have helped so much since I decided to give my business to Delta. Thank you so much!

  6. I really enjoy your writing style and despite not flying DL as much as I used to, I still enjoy visiting your blog every day. Keep up the great work and full steam ahead with trying some new and different things in the blog. I am a big fan and appreciate all your hard work and perspectives on things.

  7. Congrats on hitting 1 year. It’s a tough thing to do (I’m now on Year 4 of my blog, Year 1 at Boarding Area), and it’s still a rewarding challenge.

    Keep going 🙂

  8. Congratulations for reaching this “mile”-stone!

    Your time, effort and commitment will be “award”-ed.

    Thank you for the helpful travel “point”-ers!

  9. I love reading about Delta only related things so keep it up! Structure will I’m sure make it easier for you to write as well. Hope one day my comments will lead me to win something 😉

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