Travelocity, Orbitz & Priceline – look out for LOWER MQM’s & YMMV on Delta!

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The new rule change for lower RDM’s & MQM’s for consolidator or group sales, was NOT supposed to affect places like the ones mentioned above, but apparently it may affect you under some circumstances! GRR_FlyGuy at FlyerTalk yesterday posted about just such an experience. It seems he purchased a package booking (my guess btw)? I have reached out to Delta about this and while they could not comment on the OP’s situation, they would not deny that it could have happened as posted and said it could be plausible . I was warned before that we must ask when booking with a travel agency to see if your ticket will qualify to receive full MQM’s or not. It seems now to be the same with online site such as these so LOOK OUT!

I have blogged that I thought Delta will go this way one day. Some readers are still frustrated that they still can find lower prices at these 3rd party sites even with the claim from that they have the same best price or they will match it – “Best Fare Guarantee“. Who knows if this is the case as you may not know you got a “T” class consolidator fare (unless you call the online broker) compared to the “T” class fare Delta is selling!

While being ultra-pro Delta, I feel like this is yet one more unannounced policy that Delta has just implemented without telling us & this sure seems to be the new norm nowadays. I think this is a way to drive buyers away from these type of sites. So my suggestion to you, if full MQM’s matter, book at! – René


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  1. Seems to me like a lot of folks who buy such tickets ought to just be crediting to Alaska (until Delta refuses to play nice with *them* on these!).

  2. Rene,

    If I bought tix for a skyteam partner (KLM) on Orbitz with the intention of crediting the miles to delta will the miles be cut too? This is a ticket that’s supposed to normally earn 100% miles.

  3. @Mel – Good question. I think you are fine as long as you are on all NON-DL Metal. Also, not all Delta flight will be cut. But please report back. Thanks – Rene

  4. I think we should be careful here as to what we read into this. As I recently booked a trip through and received full credit for my miles and MQMs. Note that this only refers to “unpublished” fares. Often does not report the optimal routing for a given trip, and many of us will use orbitz to get these fares. I don’t think we need to worry as long as we are purchasing a listed fare (from ITA or others) and are following listed fare rules. Just my $0.02

  5. @Tim – the big problem is this, you do not know, especially if you buy say hotel and flight, if you are moved into a fare that is part of the lower award level. We will have to ASK to be sure. Clear? – Txs Rene

  6. Rene,

    I experienced a similar situation when I was looking for Christmas flights. Travelocity had the same flight as for $100 cheaper! We called Delta to see if they would match and they told us to check out Orbitz to see if we could find an even better deal. When I asked about the fare guarantee she said dont bother since the ticket class never is the same. I wrote Delta about this problem and booked through Travelocity. So frustrating!!!

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