ATL MR: 4200+ MQM & a day or two in San Francisco how nice!

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Here is one with a HT to “KissFlyGoodbye” from FlyerTalk and help from itaMatrix for you ATL Medallions looking for just a few more MQM’s before year end.

You can have most of a day to enjoy San Francisco and red-eye back home to Atlanta. The cost is good at just $220 and a cost of about 5CPM.

And, on some days, it looks like you can overnight and still get the same deal back the next day. There is a Sheraton Four Points SFO that is just 4k SPG points per night.

You could get 2 days in this beautiful city and help earn/keep your status! Not a bad deal this time of year. To have some fun today, let’s do this, comment on the blog or tweet about this post for an extra chance to win and tell us if you have EVER done a  mileage run (or even if you would) for a chance to win a Delta Points luggage tag. I will use and pick FIVE winners later today – René

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  1. This is a good deal so far by this year. I could get two days in San Francisco and still keep my status! I would, I think, take a mileage to have a chance of winning a Delta Points luggage tag.

  2. I’m doing the opposite: a mileage run from sfo to atl. I’ve connected at atl dozens of times but never been to the city. Looking forward to the world of coke and CNN studio.

  3. I’ve never done a run but would if I needed it to stay golden. I wonder if I could squeeze this in between to trips to PHX and one to HNL?

  4. I am on a RSW-MSP mileage run right now. Flew up to MSP yesterday morning, shopped all day and night at MOA and back to RSW this afternoon all for $198 RT to earn earn 2800+ MQM.

  5. I’ve done a few MRs, and I have a united run coming up in Jan on the 787. They’re great!

  6. I am planning to do a mileage run from MCI to CUN. Hope I could meet you in SFO though. Thank you Rene!

  7. Here’s a good run for you: ATL-LAX-SLC-OAK-SLC-LAX-ATL on Dec. 9 (with a red-eye back) for $248 (3.98 cpm)

  8. Rene,
    One thing of which your readers should be aware is that upgrades out of SFO, especially can be tough. Last year on a flight SFO-DTW I was #13 on the upgrade list….as a DM. On this most recent trip I was #5 with 5 seats available.

    I finished my MR CLE-ATL-SFO-ATL-CLE with a red-eye Saturday night. The good news was the flight was over sold by 11 seats. The bad news: with the hurricane, I could not be assured I could get a flight out the next day. Prudence dictated I decline the bump.

  9. @Mike – txs so much for feedback and input! I have seen the same thing in the LAX runs. QQ, do you have the Delta AMEX Reserve card? Maybe a smart move on saying NO to bump this time and with DELTA playing with reissue rules now bumps are worse than ever before! – Rene

  10. I’d like to do a MR, but being based in ATL makes it tough. @Bill How did you find that MR? In general, how to find any MRs???

  11. Rene, I do have the Delta Reserve card. I have had it for a couple of years now. So other than buying a more expensive ticket, there is nothing else I can do to improve my upgrade status on those transcons……You have done a nice job of discussing the benefits of the Reserve card. The potential benefits make the cost well worthwhile.

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