Tamara today focuses on single women’s travel! Some advice we should all take to heart!

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Hi Guys,

I don’t know how many of you DeltaPoints travelers are single women, but recently I have been making several reservations for single women traveling for business. Many are traveling alone for the first time and ask me for advice to do so successfully. I would like to pass on some of that wisdom to you as well. I am sure some of it sounds like common sense, but perhaps you will get at least one good tip for yourself or something you can share with your sister, wife, daughter or mom.

First. Stop telling total strangers you are traveling alone and do not know what you are doing. Come on ladies…I know I am your travel agent, but I hear you tell the same thing to the stranger in 19B, to the guy next to you at Starbucks and anyone else that will listen when you are nervous about your upcoming travel.

Stop talking about your trip details including the dates you will be gone on any Social Media. I have a client that was robbed twice, both times when she went on a cruise. Her excited teenager had a “cruise countdown” on Facebook.

Pack light because too many bags cause too many distractions. Remember, some airlines charge for carry on bags now, so this tip may save you some money.

Choose your purse carefully, not your cutest one or the one that matches your shoes. Carry one that you can wear across your body that will free up your hands if needed. One that closes securely and that you have streamlined to carry only the items you will be needing .

Explore transportation options ahead of time. Travel agents can help determine the safest choice and make the necessary arrangements. Perhaps there is no need to rent a car if your hotel offers free shuttle from the airport and to nearby attractions.

When you reserve a hotel room, use first initial/ last name. No one knows if T is for Tamara or Thomas.

Plan to arrive at your hotel if at all possible by mid afternoon. If you are unfamiliar with the area and determine you are not comfortable there you have daylight hours to change your accommodations to a place that is right for you.

Request your hotel room be assigned in more heavily trafficked areas. Do not accept ground-floor rooms that have easy access from outside.

Make sure all the doors and windows can be locked from the inside and can’t be opened from the outside with a key. You can even purchase a rubber door stopper that can be easily installed on an inward opening door.

When ordering room service early morning while getting ready or late in the evening, request that it be delivered by a female.

Avoid solitary situations.

Make two copies of important travel documents. One set for your trip, and one for friends/ family to keep at home that includes your flight itinerary and hotel address and phone number.

Be confident, be successful,
travel smart & please travel SAFE! – Tamara

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  1. I have one to add that should be self evident, but I’m shocked how often I see it broken: DON’T GET DRUNK! I have a FIRM two drink rule in fifteen years of solo travel and have never had any problems. I know you’re in a fun place and the drinks may be cheap, but resist the temptation…it may be most expensive euro you ever spend!

  2. Great tips Tamara! I might also add – learn to say “Help” in the local language! Also, even when traveling with a group, don’t pull out a map in the middle of the street and look lost. I like to step into a store and ask for directions or check my smartphone for directions if possible. I also try to walk with confidence and look others (especially those who look suspicious) directly in the eye to let them know I see them and I am NOT going to be an easy target.

    Thanks again for the great post!

  3. How about not wearing expensive looking jewelry when traveling in questionable places or taking expensive looking luggage. I know this isn’t gender specific but if i am a criminal I’m stealing a Gucci carry on or roller bag before I do a boring black one.

    I totally agree on the social media. I try to keep my wife from uploading vacation photos from far off places because it makes it obvious that we are out of town, duh.

  4. All good and common sense advice but one point was striking me immediately: “When you reserve a hotel room, use first initial/ last name. No one knows if T is for Tamara or Thomas.” Don’t. This is questionable advice because especially higher-level accommodations react very irritated about this and may disqualify the booking. They want a full sync with your photo I.D. and potential loyalty program (and this is one major motivation of delta Points). Any abbreviation and/or difference might trigger problems here. I have encountered issues with even tiny things as a booking web site mixing first and second name.

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