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A follow-up to a reader: My “stuff” I fly with &amp

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I had a post the other day talking about the “stuff” I fly with. A reader asked for links (I did not forget – just lack of time) and I wanted to pop them up for those who want to know. Now before you say:

“I use this and it is much better than the one you use”

I can tell you I have no doubt about that. Most of these items are low cost, and the headphones are nowhere near top end, but these things work well for me and I like them. If  (OK, when) I kill them or lose them they are not that expensive to replace and again, they work for me.  So here we go:

They are compact, light weight, do an OK job of reducing plane noise and have a nice long cord!

 It has a 1a & 2a outlet and a flashlight built in. Charges my phone 2-4x and tablet 2-3x.

It makes one outlet into 3 and has 2 USB power ports. Retractable plug is nice (nests inside). It just works!

So there is my list of “stuff”. Feel free to share ideas you have for items you love and use all the time when you are up in the air and on the go. Please include URL’s so we can check them out. And for fun, if you do comment about what you think of these or an item YOU like, you will have a chance to WIN one of the Monster Power splitters later tonight via!

On to a few more little bits of info you may find useful. I always drum into people’s heads to never just order or walk into a store. I suggest starting at say and checking who has the best deal for points. I have, however, started to get most upset at EV as they do not list my 100% favorite site and not just because you and I both get a referral for them. Ask anyone and you will see they have the BEST customer service and when it comes to shopping portals that means a ton. I went to get some stuff from Staples and Ebates gave 4% and did not show up on EV. So please take note, for what it is worth.

Lastly, they say timing is everything and that is so true for me. Regular readers know I love to ski. I am using one of my AMEX buy-one-get-one free certs in January to go to Denver to ski. But, Frontier is also starting to fly DIRECT from SBN-DEN! So, for 40,000 points, with a little spend, and the below card, Lisa & I both get to fly to ski out west! Sweet. My round choices are firming up nicely and I need a card from Barclays anyway – Rene

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. That Monster Power splitter looks cool, especially with the USB plugs. I usually toss just a basic 3-prong 1 to 3 outlet adaptor, but that one looks like it has more room for plugs that might be a little larger than normal

  2. I like the power brick idea, may need to pick up one of those for myself. I also agree with your strategy of not buying the super expensive, top of the line products.

  3. I want to check out the power brick idea. I thought there was an item that you could use to power things that was solar and crank powered. Anyone know about this? Sometimes batteries are hard to get in the bush.

  4. riverchica Reply

    I have a Monster mini power strip w/ 3 plugs and a USB port. It’s so easy to travel with & gets jealous looks from other travelers.

  5. That monster splitter looks great — could drop the little AC-USB dongle I carry for my phone and not lose more than a few cubic inches of space.

    I carry this power brick, which has been fine — at least 3, probably 4 charges for a Samsung Captivate Glide.

    And I carry an Etymotic in-ear noise isolating headset along with a set of over-ear active noise cancelling headphones. The Etymotics are fantastic, and comfortable even without custom tips (and usable during takeoff/landing).

  6. Interesting post. I was considering some new travel purchases and now I have a place to start. Thanks!

  7. Yay skiing! Frontier started direct service from MSN a few years ago. United jumped on the bandwagon, and their competition has kept the prices super low. I used it as an excuse to go backpacking near Aspen in September. My gear must-have is an organizational case for all my electronics and chargers. I actually use the case that came with the medium sized duffel that I use for ski races from REI ( Without it I am perpetually digging for my ipod in the bottom of my under-seat carry-on.

  8. I’ve got the following unit as my power brick – it works great. Has 3 ports, 1 is 2A, so it’s powerful enough to charge an iPad. Got it for $59.99 on Amazon. Small, light, easy to travel with, easy to charge (although it does not come with a it’s own cord to charge the brick, you have to supply that yourself)

  9. I got a cheap set of Sony noise cancelling headphones years ago and love them! They are discontinued now but work great.

  10. I’m looking at getting some Bose QC-15s soon. First trip to a different continent coming up. I always bring an extra charger for my iphone because it would suck to lose one and have nothing. Thanks Rene!

  11. Nice post and a good list, for sure… A question about your Sony NC headphones – or any NC headphone: When you want only the NC feature – no CD player or interface with IFE, how/where do you connect them? Will they work without introducing new audio? Sometimes, like when reading, I’d just like to enjoy the silence. Your thoughts, please. Thanks. -C

    • @Cook – How about a real world test. I just put them on with no input at home. Can not hear the washing machine in the other room now but can hear my typing even louder. Hummm.. Plus there is a slight buzz with them on. But, the fan noise from my computer goes away with them on. 🙂

  12. Re: Frontier Airlines World Mastercard 45K offer… I read that there is an initial balance transfer requirement to get the last 10K. I have never done a balance transfer… the T&C state that there is either a $10 charge or 3%, whichever is greater. I didn’t see anything about a minimum amount or minimum number of transfers or how to do a transfer. Can you please give me some info on this? Thanks!

    • @Carol – I try to avoid balance transfers so I will stick with the first 35k after spend and just earn the rest of the points I need via spend! – Rene

  13. Excellent idea, never thought about the various charges until now, thanks.

  14. I bring old clothes. And donate them to the trash at each hotel I stay!!
    Makes packing to come home easy, and room for new stuff.

  15. I prefer earbud-type noise-cancelling headphones as they take up less room and (I feel) I get less ambient noise. Philips SHN060. Just putting them in cuts some noise before even switching on the noise cancellation.

    @Cook: I’m guessing most, if not all, noise-cancelling headphones are like mine – they have a battery that powers the noise-cancelling feature and an on/off switch. They don’t need to be plugged into an audio source for the NC function to work. On flights I’ll often put in the headphones (without plugging into my MP3 player or the IFE) and switch on the NC function to cut some noise while I’m trying to sleep.

  16. I like evrewards but they don’t list everyone like British airways either.

  17. Call me old school, but I don’t get on a plane without a (paper) book.

  18. I agree that noise canceling head phones are a must….but I prefer the earbud type instead…easier to sleep with on the plane.

  19. Your power brick looks great….mine is missing so I may give yours a try.

  20. I love the USB function in there. That has a lot of potential for small items.

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  23. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Headphones are a must! The Sony MDR-NC7 looks super.

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  25. The Sony headphones have one big advantage, they don’t need a battery to operate. So if the battery dies, you can still use them, only without the noise canceling feature. With Bose, when the battery dies, the headphones no longer function at all.

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