How to entertain yourself on a 48hr mileage run!?! Go on a points field trip!

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So as you read this, I am just about done with this round of mileage run! I have flown twice coast-to-coast and have been bumped once in LAX, scored one of my only upgrade due to this, and now have an ETV to pay for my repositioning flight for my LAST MR of the year. I have spent one week at GOLD Medallion as between my 15,000 MQM’s from my AMEX card and this last run, when I land I will be back to Platinum Medallion with Delta again. I plan to post a long recap of what I think of Silver, Gold and Platinum next month. I will want some input from Diamonds as I have never been there and don’t plan to with my 30-40,000 MQM rollover this year.

But on to the topic of the day – what to do when you are on a ridiculously long mileage run to keep yourself entertained. What I do is this. First GoGoAir! Get unlimited GoGo for a month so you can have access no matter where you are. Next, get Skyclub access, I do mine with my AMEX Reserve card so I can shower, have snacks and drinks between flights & again, get free WiFi. Next, if you are GM+, make use of SDC ( same day confirm ) for free if you want to spend more time in one town or another like I did in SLC to have lunch with my pal Steve.

There are the basics anyway. So what did I do after lunch in SLC, I did what anyone who had been to hear my friend Greg the Frequent Miler speak at the various “DO’s” this year, I went on a “field trip”. Not just any field trip, but one to our favorite store in any state. Steve and I were on the hunt of a now elusive “OTHER office supplies”. However, at the location nearest the airport we found only this:

The rep seemed most put off by us looking at this part of the gift card rack and said that they disappear just as fast as they could restock them. (too bad he could not do just that, but ah well). Was our field trip ruined? Nope, there was another location just a few miles away so we set off again. But alas, the same empty rack stared back at us there as well.

Now if you have been living under a very large rock, you have not found out about the amount of Ultimate Rewards points that can be had with these gems. But, as I said, like the fabled “snipe” of many a childhood camping trip, these “OTHER office supplies” are becoming more and more of an endangered spices.

So does that mean the INK BOLD and INK PLUS are no longer worthy cards? No way. These cards pay 5x points on Cell and Cable bills so I try to always pay them with my BOLD.  As soon as I get done flying back and forth across this land I intend to add the PLUS to my wallet. I may, after reading recent posts from the aforementioned mastermind Greg, try to add a 2nd BOLD as well. At 50,000 points per card, that is over $600 in value per card. Love it! Between a few of these cards for Lisa & I, we will be able to nicely reload my balance (even if I can not find any elusive “OTHER office supplies”)!

This one has been long run and I will, over the next few weeks, share some ideas I have picked up as well as some thoughts on the perfect run. I have taken two bumps and even said NO to some. I have new insight on “the mind of Delta” right now and what we should expect over this next year. It has been a fun ride with 6 of my 13 segments in 1st class, but few were thanks to my GOLD status. Stay tuned with more to come! – Rene


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  1. I would like to know if you think GM is worth it. I travel for work mostly in the US and have been SM for a few years. I get a few upgrades, but not many. I am only 3300 MQMs away from obtaining GM this year and I know I will get 2000 MQMs from one more trip.

  2. You really should go for Diamond. As a DM, I can get agents to do pretty much anything, including waiving some fees/rules. I do not abuse this privilege, but it is awesome when I need it!

  3. Welcome to SLC!! I’m one of your fan here in SLC and I’ve also failed in finding any Vanilla Reload card at Office Deport pictured 🙁 I haven’t tried Walgreens or 7/11 yet. I don’t have any credit cards that earns me Ultimate Rewards points yet, but it doesn’t hurt to have ways of paying mortgage and earn other points/miles 😉 Hope you had a good time in SLC!!

  4. In anticipation of your review of elite status I thought I would give my judgement of silver and gold. They [edit] and so does Delta. But I’m a captive flyer out of Northern MN so I have to fly with them or drive three hours to get to a larger market MSP and who wants to do that particularly a retired senior.I got one upgrade as silver and none as a gold. I travel six to eight times per year but going through Minneapolis, Detroit or Chicago to RSW, SNA or LAX I have to much competition for upgrades even if I fly mid-day or late. With Delta buyin this old junk aircraft that every one is getting rid of, there are fewer seats available so I’ve given up; it’s not worth the effort and expense to chase status. Thanks for your Newbie series.

  5. Another way to entertain yourself is to bump into Delta Points readers on your mileage runs 🙂

    I bumped into Rene.. I was boarding at LAX to DTW for the red eye last night, I see the Delta Points logo sitting comfortably in first class (we all know those LAX red eyes back east have the 50 person + upgrade lists).. said hello, and we had a nice chat upon arrival in DTW.

    I can also encourage you all to try to stalk Rene while he is en route, as he graciously gave me a Delta drink coupon 🙂

    Great to meet you this morning, and look forward to the full reports!

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