So what are your thoughts about the new Do you like it?

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It has been over 24hrs now that the new and improved graphics, and function, makeover have hit us. As is the new norm with Delta, no notice, just BINGO here it is, enjoy! I really wish Delta would give us an idea of what is on the way, but then again, we are still waiting for cash&points to become a reality years and years after NWA had it as a perfect working value program.

Are the changes good? I have been playing with the changes all day long. I have booked and attempted to cancel award tickets (it just locked up so I had to call the medallion line). I have also booked an award ticket for my best friend for 25,000 Skymiles to go skiing with me and Lisa in Utah this winter (btw I booked a full week, 2 rooms, in Layton Utah at a Marriott property from just my ONE Marriott card from a round this year!). I also booked a paid for ticket with an ETV from my last bump-a-thon for Lisa & I to join my friends on this ski trip! All but the cancel worked GREAT!

What are some of the features I like? I love the “home page” that is “My Delta”

It gives you such a nice overview of all of your info. Check out all the data you get on ONE page!

So many things I have been blogging about for almost a year, you now can see all on one page. You can see what promotions you are registered for. You can see all sorts of info about your miles, MQM’s, your upcoming trips, your certs and such and so much more! WOW is all I can say! I am impressed!

Then you can go to the “old” “Manage My Account” screen and please note on all the pages there is a pop-up bar with quick tabs at the bottom of each window.

Also we can do a ton on the “My Skymiles” page about how you are doing and where you are earning points etc.

I am not sure if I am totally happy about the new way the site shows you all your activity as the old way was like an excel spread sheet and you could very simply see all the info for a very long time all on one page. Look what it looks like now!

Another HUGE change that I have been yelling about, that you could only access with until today, is being able to see the FULL seatmap for a flight even when you are booked in coach. Look what we see now:

And you can even expand this and look at the exact plane type and configuration you are flying on for each and every leg of the trip you are on. Love this!

However, you may still find some problems now and then with partners. Sometimes you will see KLM etc. flights, but says you can only pick them 90 days out. If you are in business class, and on, you can grab these seats up the 330 days out so I would still grab these seats there. Other times you will get this:

So to end the day, what do I think? I like it. Is it perfect? No. I think we will learn a ton as we continue to play with the changes. This IS much better than the last round and there are still things that need to change, but Delta IS working in the right direction. Well done IT. I am impressed! – Rene


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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Have they made their award search any better?

    I checked and I do not thik they did.

    Thus to me the other stuff really is not important.

  2. Great, they’ve hidden the “miles/segments to next level. It used to be right there on the main screen.

    The details page also makes it harder to see the class paid/flown, which I use regularly for counting MQM.

  3. Seat map = good, the rest = bad. It’s also much slower than before. I’m not a fan so far.

  4. So used to the old interface. Like anything new it will just take time. I do think compared to the older website this provides more options.

  5. The graphics look like when you start a computer on safe mode. I can not access my trips.

  6. timmer1001 Reply

    I hate the fact that they make me change the password to a complex long new one. This is not Ft Knox or my bank account, it is just a skymiles account. Let me choose the number “2” as my password if I want to. Delta takes itself way to seriously

  7. I’m just happy to see the site load correctly on my iPadi have had lots of issues with that in the past!

  8. Still no way to see what incoming flight make up your outbound flight. Continental/United has been doing this extremely well including regionals for years. Delta made a change to make you think its improving but it is really window dressing for total incompetence at the top.

  9. Some things seem like improvements and some don’t. It’s going to take time and hopefully they will tweak it over time. I’m willing to give it time.

  10. aviatoreight Reply

    looks good, but with a broken search engine it is really just window dressing

  11. Looks great so far, aesthetically pleasing, though they should’ve used all that time, energy and resources to upgrade their broken down award engine

  12. dot cahill Reply

    it still needs some work.. i’m glad to see the new seatmaps.

  13. I still haven’t played with all of the features, so to borrow a page from last week’s election, I’m going to say that it’s “too early to call” for me. I too like the new seat map feature, and I think everything else will grow on me. I hope the IT team fixes the bugs quickly, and fix the stinking award calendar already!!!

  14. On the full HTML website, the detailed page is missing the 50% bonus MQM hat you get for flying in BusinessEline…which is terrible since that is how i check to see if the proper MQM posted or not when I fly BusinessElite. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

    I like the new seat map option so you know how many seats are left so you can upgrade and from what I read but haven’t tested it you can see who is on the upgrade list and the fare class to get an idea of how far you are in the line.

    The mobile website, doesn’t give you the option to login to check your mileage activity, just like the iPhone app…the App just showed you the number of miles you have but no details.

  15. Someone said on another blog that it was a “pig with lipstick” and I tend to agree.

  16. Not a big fan so far. I shouldn’t have to click twice to log in; enter pin, click arrow, confirm name, click again. Also too slow loading my dashboard.

  17. Ugh…it feels busy…but that’s probably because I’m so used to the old web page. I do like the enhanced seating charts though.

  18. If delta cared, they would have first fixed the award booking — down to last f.f. miles now — and happy to say good -bye Delta

  19. I’m OLD and I hate change! I also don’t like that I can’t book a flight using my husbands miles for the lowest point total even though my husband will be flying with me but he has to book his ticket through the company’s travel agency. I get delta wanting the miles to only be used by the earner of the points (and not wanting anyone to book a ticket except through the website!) but he never uses points – always buys his ticket so I get the use of his miles? Any suggestions as to how to get around this?

    • @Christine – Delta has admitted to extending, many times, more low level awards to those who have the Delta AMEX card. So, as long as he has that, even you are the one getting the FF ticket, you should see more seats.

  20. Totally awesome,, I far,,,lol. Well I can now view my total Skymiles and account activity. I recently discovered that Hertz Car Rental also gives Skymiles . So it’s a great site because I can see that they finally posted my Skymiles miles from when I rented a car last my Delta Skymiles account..I also ordered a iPad cover (really beautiful with sequins a hot item for this Christmas 🙂 it will match my sequined short shirt.), from Open Sky. listed on the E-Miles website for earning Delta miles when purchasing Gr8 itmes and services. From donating to our Veterans, you can earn Skymiles that way or to helping save abandoned shelter animals on the ASPCA site for as little as $10 a month you can earn Skymiles and help..haven’t checked lately, they more than likely have a Sandy donate. Sandy should have been called Sybil WOAH !!! Yes I really like the new website., xoxo Jackie

  21. I think the graphic is great, but it will be a problem to load the pages on slower internet (e.g. go go.)

  22. There vertical scroll bars for the seat maps are way to narrow for older eyes like mine, they have all this horizontal width and too narrow a bar. They also jam the login area at the bottom of the screen, I wish they would leave the login area at the top or in the middle but not at bottom

  23. Ack. Too many fancy things (agree with the above – lipstick on a pig) making it run super buggy. I’m working on slow hotel wifi right now which is making a flight change impossible…
    The app didn’t work for me on Friday either. It kept warning me about my upcoming flight and showed no flights on my app. I couldn’t get a mobile boarding pass and the boarding pass they texted to me was a jumbled mess.

  24. As some of the other comments have suggested, the new site is confusing when it comes to tracking your mileage activity. It shows the bonus over miles flown, but does not make clear what parts of that bonus is MQM versus non-qualifying miles.

    This is a really bad change, because there have been times when Delta does not properly credit the MQM bonus.

    The old award activity chart was superior.

  25. I like it so far but it’s going to take a little time to get acclimated.
    I hope someday they get the awards search engine debugged.

  26. Does not work well on an iPad. Skymiles entry on home page is not very responsive to touch, and was completely unable to select a seat on the seat map.

  27. On Saturday I was suprised by the changes when checking in at a self-service kiosk. It didn’t give me the same warnings and pop-ups I am used to and I somehow volunteered to give up my seat and I couldn’t add any bags at check-in. The agent told me that I wasn’t the first person that day to have done that. A little heads up would have prevented me from making those mistakes.

  28. Can you say COMPLETELY FRUSTRATED! I have too much respect for pigs to call the new website “lipstick on a pig.” A “glitch” is preventing itineraries from loading. Don’t tech people check these things out before a wholesale change to a new format? Must log-in TWICE to get to screen, with a longer password instead of Pin. Site is MUCH slower.

    Not. An. Improvement.

    Can we have the old website back — PLEASE?

  29. The new Delta website may look cute, but it is terrible unfriendly to the frequent traveling in my opinion. As a Diamond flyer I have found the new website completely awful and very time consuming and difficult to USE.

    I would pay to have the prior website back. I used to tout how great the previous website was to other traveling associated – now I do the opposite!

  30. The login process – especially after a timeout – is cumbersome. Although I like the new seat maps, I’ve see error messsages saying the seat map was not available. Overall, it’s on par with most other web upgrades…new, improved but slower

  31. I am NOT a fan of the new site. While there are a few things that are ‘sexy’-looking, overall functionality is much worse. And I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but it is so much harder for me to read plain text on the page! I’m 25, and have no eye-sight issues. It’s like the text resolution is off with screen resolution or is trying to dither… I agree with other users that the new site is slower, more cumbersome, and harder to use. I will NOT be recommending people use delta.

  32. JustSilver Reply

    Hate the new site. It took me 90 minutes to find my Redress number, which I *knew* was saved somewhere on my profile, but wanted to verify before I flew this Friday. I eventually (accidentally) clicked on the right option. It was NOT intuitive to find! Also…after entering my SkyMiles number and pin, why force me to click an extra time before I’m able to type in my last name? Unnecessary clicks drive me crazy!

  33. longroller Reply

    Just noticed that where my Delta Amex card was listed on the front page it is missing, is it noted somewhere else now?

  34. Janet Strong Reply

    I hate it. It is slow. It is not intuitive. it takes more clicks to accomplish things than the old site. it does not work properly in firefox. I used to love it, now I cringe when I need to use it. Now I call my travel agent instead. Thinking about using another carrier it is so bad.

  35. The site [new Delta] is terrible. It takes more clicks to move through the pages and they don’t load quickly — or are chunky! Not user friendly to those of us that know what we are doing, not sure about helping a newbie out though. Too much information, I would think they would find it very confusing. I think Delta did a terrible job on this update.


    As a Diamond Medalion, and someone that flies over 250K per year, I hate this site.

    What were you thinking ?????

    Here are the problems:

    1. BAD LAYOUT !
    2. SLOW
    4. SLOW
    6. SLOW

    And now the question:



    3. FAST

    Sometimes you need to go back ….. (<—- HINT !!!

    • @Nick K – please, don’t hold back, 🙂 , please tell us how you really feel 😉 thanks MUCH for the input. – Rene

  37. Jack Peter Reply

    The new site is terrible. It’s slow, confusing and not very user friendly. Far too many “heavy” graphics which is slowing the whole thing down. Hate the way the seating charts are laid ou. And the info for MQM’s, fares, etc are now buried. My hey took a colossal step backwards. Diamond Medallion Member.

  38. Delta is not interested in retaining their best customers, A poorly designed website, slow connectivity, no chance of using FF miles for domestic trips that cost less than 50,000 miles, now they are tracking dollars spent as a bench mark for perks? What’s next? Do I have to Sleep at a Sky Club and rack up “wasted time with Delta” to measure my flying loyalty?

    Did you know you can contact American or United, show them your status with Delta and immediately get status with a competing airlines so you don’t have to start at the “back of the plane”??

    It’s time to show Delta, losing your best customers will not let you keep telling us they are the “best airline”. Rather you will spend twice as much to retain good customers than being intent on making your best customers actually feel like a customer!

  39. SLOW, SLOW, SLOW – Here is a note I wrote to a Delta executive that got kicked back to me:

    I am writing to you in desperation…I’m trying to find anyone at Delta who will listen…While perhaps more visually appealing, the new website is AWFUL. Please communicate to appropriate parties that it is a VERY AGONIZING EXPERIENCE to spend any amount of time at the Delta website…whether it is making reservations, changing seat assignments, etc. I LOATHE going to because I know there will be long wait-times waiting for pages to load – It is A TIME SINK spending time on the site. Even scrolling up-and-down a loaded page is not a smooth process!

    Please either fix the problem or go back to the prior site set-up. The marginal gains from a consumer/user perspective are FAR, FAR LESS than whatever improvements have been made.

    I know I am not alone.

    Thank you for your efforts, please advise if I may be of additional assistance.


    Tom P.
    Platinum Elite

  40. I cannot believe how terrible this new website is. The levels of security are completely ridiculous. I agree with what others have said about the password requirements. The security questions are completely ridiculous and require me to make a separate file with all the answers since NONE of these are things I know.

    I have spent hours on the phone with IT. Requiring longstanding FFM to go to click Terms and Conditions without telling us and if we didn’t do it, no more automatic listing on the upgrade list when we check in was about the final straw for me. I was locked out of the website 5 times just today! IT help is not that helpful, they act like you are an idiot and everything is working just fine… pilot error (pun). I’m very capable with navigation and use technology all the time. Insult me one more time please… !!

    I will not use this website. I’ll use the phone…. if I can get in. Now that the phone access requires the password not the pin, I have not been able to get into it either unless I just bypass that part. My password is still messed up although the last insulting Help desk person assured me they would SEND me my password because I cannot get the “forgot password” thing to work…

    Seriously have you ever hear of Beta Testing?????

  41. Without a doubt the “new” website is one of the most ridiculous disasters I’ve ever encountered. YOU CAN’T NAVIGATE — didn’t anyone test this abomination?

  42. [] is such a terrible website! The ONLY reason I keep using it is because I have a ton of Skymiles I need to cash in

    However …. the booking section for both paid and reward tickets is THE WORST of all the airlines. What I end up doing 90% of the time is finding the flight/time combination I want on a search engine such as Kayak, and then calling Delta to book those specific slight.

    Please Delta — can’t you design a great website with a useful booking interface?? See American or United’s approach to finding and booking flights for good examples of how it should be done!

  43. I can’t stand it. Awful, awful, awful. Please Delta, change it back!

  44. The new website is an absolute disaster!! Please, bring back the previoius version!!! I don’t have enough time to sit and wait for the new site to figure out what it wants to display…

  45. Delta’s website is TERRIBLE!!!! I have been trying for over 4 hours to check in for my flight and cannot get connected. It is not my system because I can get on any other website I need to. You state you are a MAJOR airline but your site makes me think you are a one plane operation. This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with your site but never wanted to take the time to complain. FIX IT!!!!!! Please.

    • @Tom – be sure to complain on the site too. They listen to me but your email them will carry more weight! – Rene

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