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Buy 10,000 MQM’s direct from Delta – should you?

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I have been on a bunch of mileage runs this year as for $137 to get 5000+ MQM’s is a great price to me. Last year, Delta let you BUY up to 10,000 MQM’s. This year, it is BACK but at a higher price than last year as you can see in the screen shot from above.

Now is this a good deal? I would say for very few. Who?

1) If you already HAVE a Delta Reserve AMEX personal card (learn more) earn 10,000


2) If you already HAVE a Delta Business Reserve AMEX card (learn more) earn 10,000 (just pick the “click here” in the middle of the page)


3) You cannot do a mileage run to somewhere FUN to earn 10,000 MQM’s for $1000


4) Yes this can be a good deal for you.

For me, I just got my personal Reserve AMEX card and will get 10,000 MQM’s for the $450 fee for the card. Oh, and my buy one get one free cert next year, and.. etc etc… – Rene

PS – You really don’t want to miss
tomorrows blog post -‘just sayin’!


Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
Click here for more information



Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I was thinking about topping off my DL account with some MQMs. Tough question, but if I got the Reserve card, would the first statement need to close by 12/31 in order to receive the MQMs for 2012? Or would it be based on when the first purchase was made?

    • @Mike – if you can get the card and spend $1.00 by 31DEC2012 it will count on THIS YEAR. All spend on 01JAN2012 counts towards NEXT year. = Rene

  2. So if I use my platinum amex to purchase mqm points will the count as a fee that amex will reimburse toward my $200 per year airline fee?

    • @Gregg – humm… maybe. A real good chance but just do not know. – Rene (ps you must 1st pick Delta as your airline you want to get credit for this year BEFORE you try or spend on Delta OK)

  3. Manna from heaven! I was hoping for this. Thanks so much Rene for this alert.
    Looking at the Reserve card too.
    BTW.. A couple of my friends were able to take advantage of the LAX-FLL mileage run!
    Thank you, you’re awesome

  4. One more question. I already have a delta platinum amex is there any way to utilize that?


    • @Gregg – then you must cancel the DL PLAT and wait 365 days to get the DL Reserve card bonus. You can get the BIZ Reserve NOW if you have not had that for 365 days! All the DL cards are the same “type” card to AMEX

  5. Rene,

    What would the mileage award be for upgrading from DL Plat to DL Reserve if Gregg doesn’t wait…5,000 MQMs?

    • @Richard – I am strongly against upgrades as you are going on what a AMEX rep says. They may say will get xyz and then not get it. Then you are stuck. I would just get a DL BIZ PLAT for 5000 mqm’s or DL BIZ Reserve for 10,000 mqm’s new as if it has been 365 days since you had that card last you WILL get the points (click biz button on center of page on first link btw)! – Rene

  6. Can someone (e.g. a family member) transfer some of their MQMs to my account? If so how do I go about making this happen? Thanks!

  7. I am a Platinum card holder. I clicked on the BIZ Reserve link, and it still says “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any other Consumer Delta SkyMiles Credit Card account within the last 90 days.” So if I understand it correctly, at best I’d only get 5,000 MQMs?

    • @Cege – you must “CLICK HERE” in the middle of the page on the personal app to go to the BIZ app to go to the BIZ part. If you have NOT had the BIZ card for 365 days you can get the BIZ new card bonus. The personal and BIZ are two different products.

  8. That would be interesting to find out; if AMEX will reimburse Skymiles or MQM purchases as part of the @200 annual reimbursement. If so, I could buy 6K RDM’s for $10!

  9. I just called american express about upgrading from a gold delta card to the reserve to get the mqms and the rep told me that they wouldn’t post until the second statement, which would be after January 1 and therefore they would be in 2013, not 2012. Can anyone confirm that the bonus miles would count for 2012? Thanks!

    • @JP – once again, and I can not say this enough times, DO NOT UPGRADE. Reps can say what they want and you may not get the MQM’s. A new card, BIZ or Personal, if you get it and charge one dollar before 31JAN2012 will 100% count on THIS YEAR for THIS YEAR status. – Rene

  10. Hi Rene, love your site! Thank you so much for putting this together! I have a DL PLAT Personal card so I just signed up for the DL BIZ Reserve card, as per your tips, and should have it in just a couple of days. Hopefully it will all work out and I will get the 10k MOQ’s for this year. Thanks again!

  11. Hi Rene. I currently have 45k MQMs and already have the delta reserve and reached the 30k spending bonus. Should i buy 10k mqms and boost to gold or should i remain silver for 2013, rollover 20k mqms and only need to travel 5k to secure silver all the way through 2014? Thanks!

    • @Hanford – you may still have time to get biz amex reserve card as that is 1/2 price buy cost. As to if that is up to you. If you plan to fly alot then gold much better. A little then stay silver.

  12. Hi Rene, I have 40000 MQMs and I just got the Reserve Card, wich should give me 5000 MQMs. Total 45000. If I can not reach the 50000, how is my status going to look for me for the beginning of 2013?
    thanks so much!

  13. Thanks Rene, the thing is that my Reserve card is an upgrade from my platinum, it is not my first time getting an American Express card. Does it make sense?

  14. so going back to my first question,
    If I can not reach the 50000 by the end of the year, how is my status going to look for me for the beginning of 2013?. Are my MQMs going back to Zero?

    • @Ojungle – anything over 25k rolls over up to 50k. Anything over 50k rolls over up to 75k. Anything over 75k rolls over up to 125k. Anything over 125k rolls over! 🙂

  15. Great Advice. I need about 5,000 MQM’s for 2012 for gold. Went to sign up for the Delta Platinum AMEX and noticed the small print:

    “Please allow 2-4 weeks after your first purchase for the bonus miles to appear in your Delta SkyMiles account. Delta Medallion Qualification Miles count only in the year they post to your account.”

    Do you think it is too late? If I make a purchase by 31Dec2012 and the miles don’t post until January, will it count toward medallion qualification in 2012?


    • @Steven – you are pushing it. You can try, if they do not hit, you can still buy until year end. Worst case you rollover for next year. IF, again, IF you try and get instant approval, call and ask for a card to be rushed! – Rene

  16. baxterboy12 Reply

    I did a status match. I need 8000 MQM’s by Feb 28. I got 3200 for a recent trip BNA-MBJ, so I only need 4800 more.

    Should I do a mileage run, or get one of the Delta cards that gives MQM’s?

    Will the credit card MQM’s count towards status match?

  17. Am only 1513 miles short of making Gold before year end. Am confused about difference between upgrading my Platinum to Reserve and applying for new card. What are my chances of bonus posting by year end?

    • @Hazel – just about ZERO! You need a mileage run and if you are going to be flying a bunch next year DO IT! If not so much, rollover 24k and make Silver EZ next year. Also, AMEX is funny on upgrades. I NEVER do that. What you could try (book a MR too) is go for a PLAT BIZ card or a Reserve BIZ card and hope the points post but don’t count on it! – Rene

  18. Rene, right now I have 45855 MQMs. I just received in the mail the Business card and I used it today. I will technically get 10000 MQMs for using the card for first time. To be honest to you I dont think I will get the miles before the year ends.
    If right now I have 45855 MQMs and I dont get the 10000 MQMs from the reserve card, what will my MQMs be by the beginning of the year? will they go back to 25000? or stay the same at 45855?

    • @ojungle – you may make it. If not, you will roll over 20,855 to next year. Once the bonus hits, you will be at 30,855 before you fly once. You will only need to fly 20k more to be GOLD until FEB2015 and that is not a bad thing! 🙂

  19. hello Rene, thanks so much for all your advise. I have another question. I just reached 50842 MQMs (Gold right?), but it says efective dates: DEC 28 2012 – FEB 28 2013, what is that mean? does it mean I will have God until Fen 28th? if it does, I thought the GOLD MEDALLION is good for the whole year.
    Thanks in advance!

    • @Ojungle – well done! Just give it a day or so. Since you “earned” GM in 2012, you have it all of 2013, and will expire in FEB2014. It will update soon at My txs for supporting the blog! – Rene

  20. What happens if I reach Platinum by September this year (2013)? does it go back to Gold on the beginning of 2014? or does the status stays platinum for the whole 2014?
    God bless!

    • @Ojungle – Just so we are saying the same thing. Say you started 2013 at ZERO MQM. You flew 75,000 MQM. You would earn your 2014 Status that would END FEB2015. You would ALSO get to enjoy the status for the rest of 2013. Clear? – Rene

  21. yes, thank so much, that is what I needed to know.
    you are a great help!

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  23. Do you ever run into problems getting bonus points with a new Delta Amex cards when you have an existing Delta Amex card?
    Example: I have a Delta Plat. Amex and want the full 10K MQM bonus for a new delta reserve card…
    Thanks for your input!

    • @Stan – you MUST cancel and wait 365+ days before you can get the new card bonus. If you do not have the business Delta AMEX card, ie have not had that for 365+ days, you can get the new card bonus on that even if you have the personal one!

  24. I have 37.669 miles for 2013. I am planning a a trip from Milan to Seattle, leaving Milan on Dec 16, leaving Seattle Dec 31, arriving Jan 1 in Milan. Will all of my miles count for 2013? Am considering booking a convoluted trip (say through Las Vegas) in order to hit 50K in 2013 for Gold in 2014. Will the Dec 31/Jan 1 trip count in 2013?

    • @Maria – all flights that are scheduled 23:59 or sooner on 31DEC count on 2013. ALL flights after 00.01 01JAN are on 2014.

  25. @DeltaPoints – So scheduled departure time counts, not scheduled arrival time, correct? Thanks for your help

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  27. I already have a Delta Platium Card, if I get a Delta Reservice Card will I get the 10,000 MQMs? I did get 5,000 MQMs for the Platium Card some 9 years ago. $450 is cheep for 10,000 MQMs and looks like I’ll need about 7,500 MQM just to maintain my current status though it is only Gold.

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  29. Hi, this is a simple question but I have heard many points of view because of it.
    I have 122500 MQMs right now. I could easily buy the 2500 MQMs I need for Diamond level. But, here is the question, should I get Diamond? should I just roll over the many miles for next year? is there really a difference between Platinum and Diamond?, what about the new upgrade deal next year, does it makes a difference with the status?
    Sorry about the rookie questions, I just wanted to hear your point of view, Thanks so much!

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