Delta Points 1 year Anniversary is TODAY! Celebrate with me to win Medallion status

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WOW! It is hard to believe today marks one full year for the blog and, hopefully, the 1st of many anniversary dates for the blog. I am humbled and stunned by how many readers each day enjoy what I have to say. I hope over the year, I have been able to share some Delta tips and tricks to make your travel with “our beloved airline” a bit better!

I thought today, in addition to giving away some very kool stuff, I would take the time to review the year and say some thanks to those who have helped me so much! Let’s start there.

  • RickI think you know how much I and everyone in this community appreciate all you do, but if it were not for THE Frugal Travel Guy, I would not be writing the blog. You are the MAN Rick!
  • RandyFirst Flyer Talk, then Boarding Area, what an amazing mind and my thanks for giving me a shot at writing a blog. We all know your brilliance regarding everything travel, but helping others become what they can be is remarkable to me. You were the first person ever to comment on the blog (you are a man of 1st’s after all). My HUGE thanks!
  • My fellow bloggersSo many of my colleagues at BA I reach out to all the time. I hope readers know what an amazing group these people are. Andrew, Gary, Greg, Summer, MJ & Ben – you all ROCK and all give so freely. I don’t have words to say what you all mean to me.
  • Naturally my readers! What would be the point without you. I could keep all the bits I know in my head about Delta, but like so many in the frequent flyer community, it is so much more fun to share what I know as others have with me. I want you, the reader, to know, when you send me an e-mail or say kind words on the blog, you make my day/week/month/year! You ALL have, not just my thanks, but my warm appreciation and respect!

What about some facts and such. Being a part of from day one was great for me. Delta Points has the distinction of being the fastest blog ever to go from “new blogger” to featured blogger at BoardingArea! The blog has been viewed almost 3/4 of a million times since this date last year. Subscribers to the e-mail blast are growing fast and I would not be surprised to see 2000 daily readers by year end as well as 1000 Twitter followers. I have enjoyed posting each day and have only had a few “best of” days due to my real job getting in the way of my fun (there are never enough hours in a day)! The growth of the blog has been explosive and exciting and I hope to continue to produce value to make it worth your time to read the blog each day next year!

How can I say thank you to you all? How about the way I have all year long with some fun giveaways. Here is what you have a chance to WIN today!

Delta Silver Medallion status until FEB2014
$50 Marriott Gift card
$50 AMEX Gift cards (one of two)
$25 AMEX Gift cards (one of four)
$25 gift cards ($400 total to giveaway)
Each winner gets a DeltaPoints luggage tag too!

I want to thank so much for being a part of this big day for me! I have blogged about them a TON and regular readers know how much I love them and use their products as much as I can.

So what are the T&C, that is terms and conditions, to win one of the above. The rules are these: To qualify you must comment on the blog by midnight MST 17NOV2012 and the date stamp of your comment will count. You must answer two questions to qualify. You must state what month you started reading Delta Points and where you found Delta Points (for example DEC2011 and BoardingArea or like May2012 and Google search). You MUST use your real first name and last initial (you may also include your “handle” but without your name you do not qualify). Lastly, you must use a valid email address and only ONCE per person, but if more in the family that is fine if different emails.

I will then use to pick winners for all the smaller prizes and publish that list in order. Then, Sunday afternoon on the 18th, I will pick from that list the winner of the Delta Air Lines Silver Medallion status winner. There are restrictions for this status. If you have status now, any Delta Status, you can not use this. If your status ends in March, I can wait to award it to you in March. Or, if you want, you can name anyone you want to have the status. As long as they have a Skymiles number they can have it.

Once again my HUGE thanks for reading the blog each day. Tomorrow, as a sorta a part two of the celebration, I will be commenting on my favorite posts during the past year – René

EDIT: Contest is closed now – stay tuned for winners soon!

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I’ll admit I just started reading Delta points over the summer — probably late, I’d say August 2012. And it was thanks to Milepoint, another relatively young site purveyor of all sorts of good frequent travel info. 🙂

  2. Jan2012 on Boarding Area. Congrats on a new milestone, Renee!!

  3. Thanks for the great advice. I have been reading since APR2012 since I found your link from

  4. Matthew Wood Reply

    Oct 2012 (yes, I’m brand new!) and from Boarding Area. Thanks for all the tips!

  5. I started following you sometime in July 2012. I found the site from a link from another BoardingArea blog (lucky’s I believe).

    Keep up the good work René!

    p.s. Silver status would be so sweet…

  6. Congrats! Blogging every day is much harder than most people think. Keep up the good work!

  7. Started reading your blog in January 2012 and found it through BoardingArea!

  8. July 2012 and Boarding area. My husband is trying to churn us a honeymoon. He flies for work and I am in school. Europe – Fall 2013. Congrats and Happy Anniversary.

  9. I found you thru BoardingArea, I’m thinking around April of this year. Congrats!

  10. Shenglun Chou Reply

    Octorber 2012 and BoardingArea

    Thank you for sharing all the info!

  11. Abhishek D Reply

    Happy Blogiversary! Can’t remember the month, but I found you via BoardingArea. I’ve been following your blog for a while & enjoy reading it!

  12. I found you in June 2012 via BoardingArea. Thank you for the great content.

  13. Garrett W. Reply

    I’ve been reading since the beginning (Nov2011). Has it already been a year? Wow, congrats! I think I found it first through MP, although it may have been BA.

  14. i started reading your blog in july 2012 when i was lead here by twitter. thanks.

  15. I enjoy the blog and your enthusiasm. Reading since Jan 2011 since finding it via google search.

  16. Since July2012 through Boarding Area. Congratulations on the milestone. Glad to have a fair and usually positive voice on Delta Miles out there. A lot of United fans tend to bash Delta a little more than it deserves, but you give it a fair treatment.

  17. Woot! Count me in. Although I literally started reading your blog about a week ago 🙂 I found this place through the Twitter account of BoardingArea. Been reading a lot through the archives, great stuff!

  18. For a while, casually, but probably since Sep 2012 since I moved. boardingarea

  19. I began reading your blog in roughly June 2012 after spotting you via twitter.

    Congrats and many thanks for your help.

  20. Fran V. - FEV Reply

    I started reading in July, 2012. I found your blog while doing a google search.

    Thank you and congratulations!
    Fran V.

  21. Congrats! I’ve been reading since Febuary 2012 and I found it on Boarding Area. I’ve been checking a lot more lately though because I am now in a Delta hub!

  22. August 2012, through The Points Guy blog where I landed in boardingarea and picked up on your blog. Keep up the good work!

  23. Katherine G Reply

    Nov 2011 – yes, I read your first post on your first day. I found it from Boarding Area’s post on Milepoint.

  24. I became a reader this past June, 2012. I read it religiously as Delta is the best way for me to fly to see my grandchildren. I caught onto it from Frugal Travel Guy. Thanks for being all about Delta!

  25. Congrats, Rene! Been following since Dec 2011 through a Google search.

  26. Thank You! for all the great info that you research and post. I’ve been reading since june 2012 when I found your blog on Google. Good luck for years to come .

  27. Started following you via Google reader starting around Jan 2012 from boardingarea. Congrats. Keep up the great work.

  28. David Medalie Reply

    Auguri! Linked from View from the Wing, starting July, 2012

  29. One year. Fantastic. Started Jan 2012 and don’t recall from where. Google, Boardingarea, or FT comment all possible. Looking forward to the blog growing. Congrats Rene.

  30. Hi Rene – Congratulations! I started reading your blog in OCT2012/Chicago Seminars after meeting you in Chicago! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win these great prizes!

  31. Nicole Sumner Reply

    Congrats on a super valuable service- very readable. I have a teaching contract in India.
    Started following your posts and checking your site in August 2012.
    The trail to your site goes like this: How do I stop over on way to US?…Veteran international teacher says use star alliance & others… google search for Delta + stopovers… got to
    Keep up the great info!

  32. August, I think, when I started following boardingarea on twitter (which I did, btw, when I was reading only a couple of the bloggers and saw that I almost missed the UA 4 mile Hong Kong thing. That didn’t work out of course, but I wanted to alerted to big news. And that’s when I started seeing your posts).

  33. December 2012 and I found it from the Boarding Area list of bloggers.

    Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary!

  34. May2012 from link from Frugal Travel Guy and have been loyal reader ever since.

  35. I started reading Delta Points and receiving emails Oct 2012 at the Chicago Seminar. I read daily!

  36. Jan 2012 on Boarding Area. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary and many more to come, I hope!

  37. Russell P. Reply

    Aug2012 via FTG! Bookmarked right away! Congrats on the 1year!

  38. I started reading this summer (June 2012) as I started focusing on status, and got here via Zite on my iPad.
    I’ve really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

  39. I heard about you last December via Frugal Travel Guy. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  40. I think I started reading you in February 2012 and I found you through Boarding Area. Congrats on your anniversary!

  41. Boarding Area when you started. My blog is responsible for you getting thousands of readers too as I feature you almost daily now. Thanks and thanks for being a good sport about it;-)

    • @TravelBloggerBuzz – thousands – wow! You ROCK. Keep up the good, uh, work? Love what you are doing and making us better! – Rene

  42. June 2012 on Boarding Area. Congrats on your 1st anniversary and looking forward to reading more great posts!

  43. I started reading in July 2012 and found this blog in a Google search

  44. Madeleine F Reply

    I started reading in July 2012 and was shown the blog by a friend

  45. March 2012, I found your website from BA. Keep up the good work!!

  46. June 2012
    Probably found Delta points through a link from another blog, but it’s now part of my daily reading.

    Thanks for all the swag and all the good info every day!

  47. May 2012, randomly scanning boarding area blogs.
    If you are silver and get gifted silver, does that make you gold?
    Steve f- AtL

  48. Reader since day 1, and I’m pretty sure I read about the blog in a flyer talk post.

  49. Nov2011 -Boarding Area. I live in the wonderful hub of Detroit. I was thrilled when you started a blog devoted to my favorite captor!

  50. Richard Simard Reply

    Congrats on your first year anniversary Rene. Keep up the good work for many years to come.

  51. Started reading your blog in December 2011 and found it on BoardingArea.

  52. I started following your blog in July 2012 and found it, I believe, through a google search looking for Delta promotions. Great work, keep it up! Would love to have the Delta status.

  53. Kristina K Reply

    February 2011 from another blogger – can’t remember which, exactly. Congrats on the anniversary!

  54. Congrats on one year! Started reading the blog in May 2012 and found it on boarding area. Good luck for another year!

  55. Congratulations! I have bee reading since it all began (I guess Nov. 2011) from Boarding Area.

  56. I started reading and following Delta Points after a nice mention by Darius in Million Mile Secrets in August 2012, I believe. I love to travel and need all the tips and points I can get! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  57. Bruce Nightingale Reply

    March 2012 I saw someone posting about it online about helping delta passengers surviving the daily grind.

  58. Congratulations. I started reading in June 12. I found it from suggestions from Twitter who to follow. I was following a feed from Boarding Area.

  59. Love the blogs! I started September 2012 and got it from Boardingarea. Thanks Joanne R.

  60. Million Mile Secrets is the blog I found Delta Points, way back in July 2012! Your posts are educational and entertaining!
    Best of luck for continued success.

  61. I started reading your blog July 2012 after finding it on Boarding Area. Congratulations on your first year.

  62. Congratulations Rene. Quite an accomplishment blogging and helping others for one year now.

    I began reading you in May 2012 after hearing about you from FrugalTravelGuy. I continued reading you after I saw that you were part of Boarding Area.

    Good luck and many more years blogging.

  63. Thanks so much Rene for your insight and knowledge. I started reading the blog in Sept 2012 and I discovered your blog from a post that you made on delta board


  64. Probably back in Dec2011 and was made aware by a Boardding area blogger. Congrats on a full year and building a good mix of content.

  65. January 2012 Boarding Area

    Congrats on a year blogging! Living in a Delta mini-hub (CVG), the information you have posted over the year has been extremely helpful! Keep up the great work!

  66. I started reading your blog about 6 month ago, so probably around May 2012, I founded through Boarding Area. Happy 1st Anniversary and many more ahead!

  67. I think it was February or March 2012 and I believe I found you through a combination of Google search and Facebook. Learned a lot from you, though still struggling at piecing together a low level business itinerary!! Keep up the great work.

  68. Ah, I can’t remember the exact date, within the past 3-6 months I’m sure. I found it by searching for ways to maximize my Delta points specifically.

  69. I started reading DeltaPoints in November 2011. One of the other BoardingArea bloggers posted about how DeltaPoints was “new to the family” and clearly it was an instant hit. I check your blog everyday and love it!

  70. Started reading in September 2012 and found you via @ThePointsGuy twitter feed.

  71. I started reading in July of 2012 and I think I heard about you through another boarding area blog. Congrats on year 1!

  72. Congrats on your anniversary. I am a new reader that found your site through a Google search in late October 2012.

  73. Started reading the blog December 2011. Found it in Boarding Area. Congrats on your anniversary!

  74. William H. Reply

    August 2012 via mention on Thanks so much for all you do for us! Happy 1st anniversary!

  75. Started reading in April2012, I think I found your blog through USA Today travel section.

    Love the luggage tags too!

  76. Started reading in December 2011, found it on BoardingArea, and still waiting for the spanish version of it 😛

  77. FIRST found you on AUG 29,2012 and read your blogs daily. Congrats on First Anniversary. I believe I found you in the boarding area!

  78. Fernando J Reply

    July for email. RSS a lot longer than that. Found it from one of the other boarding area bloggers, either Lucky or Gary.

  79. I started reading in April. After a trip to Florida where I spent part of the flight scanning Skymiles magazine to get ideas about earning more points. When I got home I googled this idea and openned up a whole new world of ideas for me.

  80. HI, Picked up your blog thru Frugal Travel Guy in July 2012.
    Enjoy your blog! Thanks and Congrats!

  81. Congrats! Your blog is one of my favorites to read. All the best for the future.

  82. I started reading your blog in Feb of 2012 after seeing your link on FTG’s site. I must say, you’re one of the top 14 bloggers on Boarding Area 🙂

  83. I am a rookie, started following this Month (November, 2012).
    Learned of site through a Google search for mileage runs!
    I currently enjoy Gold status but am 8000 MQM’s short for next year. With not enough time to travel before 12/31 and 3 AMEX cards already, I purchased the 10000 MQM’S

  84. Congratulations!

    I started reading Delta points in May 2012 (I do not remember when I signed up for the daily email)and I found it on Boarding Area while reading View From The Wing,

  85. January 2012 thru Boarding Area via another blogger. Hard to remember exactly which one. Happy 1st anniversary!

  86. Just started reading about 3 months ago. I coworker forwarded my the daily email. Great site!

  87. I started reading “Delta Points” in August 2012 by finding it while reading items in Flyer Talk. I look forward to receiving this email every day! Congratulations and many more years to you. Gerry

  88. Nov 2012, found while reading frugal traveler and am glad I did!!

  89. Robert Lamb Reply

    I read about the Blog on another site and joined up when the number system was still low so it must have been Dec 2011.

  90. Dan L or DaninSTL Reply

    I started reading your blog in about December 2011 but I’m guessing a little. I found it through a link on Mommypoints I think. I really like Delta and could really use the status, please, as I have no status with any airlines currently. My mileage is pedestrian enough it doesn’t allow me to get the elite status. This would also encourage me to fly and earn more Delta points as I’m at a cross road between Delta and US Air right now.

    Oh and thanks for the luggage tag you recently sent me I just got it !

    Dan L in STL

  91. Tim Horwedel Reply

    Congrats on the anniversary and thanks for all the great advice!

    I started reading in Sep2012 and found you on FlyerTalk.


  92. Congrats and many more years to come!
    March 2012?
    Frugal Travel Guy Rick
    Susan C

  93. Sept 2012 and I found your blog by searching “how to earn delta miles” though a google search. I can’t tell you how grateful I was to find your blog, plus links to other blogs. It has helped me soooo much!!

  94. Congrats on the 1 year…I hope many more follow. I have been enjoying your blog since June 2012 and found this through google search. Keep up the good work!

  95. Congrats on your 1 year Anniversary! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every morning since I found it! April2012 and on Boarding
    Dave D

  96. DVMonthego Reply

    I started reading your blog June 2012 after randomly finding it on Boarding Area. Congrats on a very successful first year. You have helped many of us greatly! John G, aka DVMonthego

  97. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary!!! I have been reading your blog since Day 1 through Boarding Area. I have read every single article you have written! Thanks for educating me the ins and outs of Delta program.

  98. I started reading in June of 2012. I found your blog on Boarding Area. Thanks so much! 🙂

  99. I started reading in October 2012 and I found it via boarding area. Congratulations on year 1!

  100. June 2012 when I started my new job, through boarding area, and I’m really pleased to find another Delta fan!

  101. June of 2012 through Boarding Area. Congrats on the one year and look forward to many more!

  102. I believe i started reading in July 2012 and I discovered it in listings of travel blogs

  103. Father Andrew Reply

    Many Blessings on Your Successful Site!
    I started reading last November/December 2012 when I reached Platinum Medallion for the first time ever! I put you in my daily subscription box so I don’t miss a thing! It is always amazing to find out about Delta’s new offers but I always am saddened that I am often not in the ‘target’ group many times. But your news is always noteworthy and fun to read!

  104. Summer 2012 on Boarding Area. Thanks for the blog (and giveaways)!

  105. Ed Coleman Reply

    Sept2012 (rookie) linked from another website, probably Boarding Area. Congrats.

  106. Congrats on your anniversary. My fiance and I have been reading your blog for about 6 months – so we’re a little late to the party. We’re trying to go to Bora Bora on Delta for our honeymoon so your blog has been so helpful!

  107. Allison S. Reply

    1. Feb2012
    Thanks for all of your tips!

  108. Cole Russell Reply

    August 2012, Boarding Area + Mile Points

    Keep it up! You are probably the only blog i read everyday.

  109. Christine P Reply

    Thank you for all you do for all of us. with all the research and information you work so hard to get, I am sure it would be so easy for you to just enjoy for yourself and your close ones, but instead you risk maybe having some of the hidden from obvious view perks whisked away so that so many others can have the advantage of your expertise. How very generous of you. Like I sure wish I had known about that treasury money thing it seems all the folks in the know knew and then they stopped it. dang. that would have been fun!

    I only just found you in late October or early November 2012 by ‘accident’ googling for ff miles info as my husband is so far away from silver and I wanted him to have it as it really is better to have it than not and he is a tough sell. I open this and a couple of other of your recommended sites every day first and have learned so much. I have just started a little bit of a ‘churn’ with my fingers crossed as I am on a very fixed income. fun. and next year a free trip for sure! again thanks…Christine P

  110. Newbie here. Started following your blog Sep 2012 from It’s the first thing I check every morning. Thanks!

  111. Not sure exactly but around Aug2012, found through your signature on FT. Congrats, and good work Rene!

  112. It has been a great year. Thank you for all of your effort,

    Nov. 2011 from a Google search.

  113. Started following in October 2012 from boardingarea. Great site and love the travel tips. Thanks!

  114. I found Delta Points on Flyer Talk in August 2012 after my husband told me about it. I have learned so much!! Thanks and congratulations.

  115. I think it was around December, 2011 via Boarding Area. I appreciate all the Delta info and enjoy reading your blog.

  116. I started in May/June area reading. I saw it on BA. Since Ive become a big Delta mile collector your site is extremely valuable. Congrats

  117. Thanks for helping me understand Delta. A tough job.
    May 2012
    Frugal Travel Guy

  118. About 6 months ago. I think i saw your website on View from the wing.

  119. As soon as you joined Boarding Area so it must have been in Nov 2011.

  120. Congratulations and love my luggage tag. Started reading in February 2012 and found you through Boarding Area.

  121. my dad told me about it almost a year ago. Keep up the good work and freebies!!!! awesome

  122. We have followed you since you started on Boarding Area in Nov 2011

  123. Congrats on your 1st year anniversary!
    March 2012 and Frugal Travel Guy

  124. Elijah Brantley Reply

    Thanks for all you do! I started reading around March of 2012, and I found you through Google by searching Delta insider info. You make things easy to understand, and it is clear that you are passionate about what you do! 🙂

  125. Congratulations and love my luggage tag. Started reading in February 2012 and found you through Boarding Area.

  126. barbara S. Reply

    I think i heard about you from Rick or Randy about 1 year ago.

  127. I started following you ~July 2012. Found you through Twitter posts. Info has always been first rate.

  128. I got hooked on…as my family calls it…Dad’s Airline addiction”…about 7 years ago and have been following you on a daily basis since pretty much day 1. Very insightful and has helped me a ton to learn about Delta and your tricks of the trade. Many Thanks!

  129. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!! 🙂
    Stumbled onto your blog on Google.
    Started reading October 2012- looking forward to many more months/years!!


  130. Congratulations on your anniversary! I first started reading Delta Points in Feb 2011 and I found it linked to from another blog here on Boarding Area. Enjoyed it ever since!

  131. I believe it was January 2012 through Boarding Area. Congrats on your milestone!

  132. Been following you since around May 2012; I think Rick from Frugal Travel Guy mentioned your blog and I found it.

  133. End of September 2012 found you reading fugalguy and tapped a spot that took me to another site and it was delta points. Appreciate your information especially rookie W. Saw information on how to use the vanilla white but didn’t mark it and lost it. Thanks again it is very good information.

  134. Oct 2012, Chicago DO. Great blog, read it everyday. Thanks again for assisting with the room at the host hotel at the DO! Hope to see you next year.

  135. “Found” you back in Jan 2012 from another Boarding Area site. Subscribed a while after that. Actually won something from you as well. I’m sure you’ll be busy today so will just say CONGRATS!

  136. Congrats on 1 yr. I think I started in 7/12 and I heard about you on FT. Thanks for the great give away. Jim M

  137. very early this year; heard about you View From The Wing I think

  138. Started following Nov 2012 based on referral from friend who subsribes to blog already. Congratulations on 1 year aniversary

  139. June 2012 from google search. some of the most candid, useful info on Delta on the web

  140. I started reading your blog July 2012. Learned about your blog from Boarding area. Keep up the good work!

  141. Early summer , maybe May 2012
    I followed your link from one of your posts on a FT forum.

  142. BoardingArea and on January 2012…..Congrats on the one year…

  143. Congrats and your success and surviving those mileage runs.

    May 2012 – View from the Wing

  144. WOW.. What a awesome feat you have accomplished in 1 year.. Very proud to belong to such a great blogg.
    I discovered YOU on , I believed , March 2012 via Google search ( delta+points) .
    Wishing you another great year !!!! 🙂

  145. Carole Pinstein Reply

    I started following you probably in July 2012 from Boarding Area.

    Carole Pinstein

  146. December 2011 and Flyertalk (I think it was a note from Randy Peterson congratulating you on the new blog)

  147. August of 2012. It came up on a google search and from Delta points, I found Flyertalk and Boardingarea and that is where the addiction started, Yes it’s all your fault ;). Congrats and thanks for all the personal help you’ve extended to me.

  148. Congrats!!! I started reading your blog September of 2012. I found you on Boarding Area. I have learned a lot over the past two months from your blog, Thanks

  149. September 2012, Million Mile Secrets from my memory, or else Boarding Area. Your comments are great since they help me to really see how to exploit my Delta points. It’s good to have someone who knows their award system well!

  150. Very early on – I’m guessing November or December 2011, from

  151. believe it was around March 2012 after doing Internet search on mileage programs and blogs.
    keep on keeping on

  152. Thank you so much Rene! I read your email everyday. I’m very happy to have found the blog Oct2012 on boardingarea. Here’s to another year!

  153. I started reading in January or so and found a link from flyertalk.

  154. I started reading Deltapoints back in Sept. 2011 and found it on the bloggers list at

  155. I started reading around April. I found your blog from another blog, I can’t remember which one. I live in MSP so I was looking for good delta info.

  156. Feb 2012 I think! Found through searches and came across Boarding Area. I read 5 travel blogs every day and yours is one of them. Thanks for all the info.

  157. Coleman Buckhouse Reply

    Started reading Delta Points April 2012 via Boarding Area. Congrats, I have learned so much from your blog…thank you!

  158. Michael B. Reply

    Congrats! Started reading in July 2012 through a link from Boarding Area. Very helpful.

  159. Probably around Feb. 2012 and BoardingArea. Congrats on your achievement.

  160. Garrett L. Reply

    I began reading your blog in July of 2012 and I found it on the Boarding Area Blog.

  161. Happy Anniversary Rene! I found you in December, 2011 when I googled the quickest and cheapest way to retain my Gold Medallion status.

  162. August 2012 via Boarding Area. And your trips have already gotten me a free trip to Hawaii – on Delta of course. Thank you!

  163. I started reading this summer in June 2012. I found the site on my great iPad app Zite!

  164. Stephen Miller Reply

    must have been January 2012. think i saw a reference to your site on flyertalk

  165. Wow, congrats. Jan2012 via Boarding area or maybe a link from TPG’s blog.

  166. I am a Rookie…started Oct 2012 from Boarding Area …Thanks

  167. Just found your site in September 2012 through a Google search for Delta related websites.

  168. Congrats on making it a year.

    Thanks for all of the useful information.

    Gregg G

  169. Sept 2012
    Daily reader since then as I got my first Medallion status through AMEX Platinum (via TPG blog info) and also had a couple of trips on Delta last year. Sadly, this year has not been so fruitful, and my status will be expiring.

  170. Jonathan K Reply

    I started reading back in February of 2012, so I guess not too long after you started. At the time, it felt like you’d been doing this forever — and that’s coming from someone whose job is to build online communities around news and information. So kudos. I regularly do a search on Google News for things related to Delta Air Lines, and this came up. Once I read it, as a new-to-Delta flyer, I decided I needed to stick with it. I subscribed to the email blast and have been reading regularly since.

    Congratulations on your one-year anniversary. Here’s to many, many more.

  171. April 2012
    Google search on Delta tips
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    I started reading around April 2012 after I found you on Twitter, which happened when you were mentioned by another aviation-related Twitter account (probably airlineguys but I don’t know for sure).

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    Happy Anniversary!

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  194. Jan2012 and I found you on boarding area when I hit their RSS feed

  195. Jan2012, via Congrats to you – Deltapoints has been so helpful to me and I’ve reached Delta elite status thanks to your help!

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    Keep up the great work…

  200. Congrats on your anniversary. I also found you through BA around last Feb. and I think it says something that I find your posts of interest even though I haven’t flown Delta in years. Delta and Skyteam intrigue me. They are the only programs where I haven’t any skin in the game. I think I read your posts waiting to find that tipping point where I can go all in and really take advantage of the programs. Winning status would be the perfect way to get going and find out for myself why this airline has won your intense loyalty!

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  205. Congratulations on your first year! I was especially excited to discover your blog on Boarding Area in July 2012 because I too am a big Delta fan. My grandmother was the 16th flight attendant ever hired by Delta and she met my grandfather who was a Delta pilot on one of their flights. She said she was going to the cockpit to retrieve a bandaid for a passenger and she forgot all about that bandaid when my grandfather turned around to meet her. 🙂 My brother is the 1st 3rd generation Delta pilot! We have a lot of family pride in Delta, despite how much the airline has changed over the decades, so I truly enjoy your blog and love of Delta!

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  208. Two months ago I was worried about finding a couple of thousand more Medallion Miles to keep my Gold Medallion status. Through several online searches I found Delta Points.

    I had never heard of Mileage Runs. Now I’ve done one – First Class all the way and with GoGO so not missing a day of work – and have a second MR planned for December. Needless to say I’ve passed the threshold for keeping Gold. Now I’m focused on earning Platinum status next year.

    Thanks for getting me started on this unique hobby and passion.

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    You are the only blogger to reply to my e-mail!Kudos to you. I’m also a Delta fan.

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    I just started reading in October2012 after doing a google search. I’m still learning and trying to gain enough confidence to begin churning. I’ve already learned a lot and greatly appreciate your quick responses, Rene!

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    chanel b. (ccnyc at gmail dot com)

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  258. This is the first time I have seen this site. What great information. I have the Delta card plus will be Gold Elite after 12/10 of this year. Will be on this site a lot from here on.
    Found it through Chris Elliott’s traveler site.
    Keep up the good work.

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  266. I joined in October 2012 because my mom emailed some of your emails to her. I don’t fly that much now but hope to in the future.

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    Rene, again thank you for being so generous and giving. I started reading your blog back in February of this year. I found it through Boarding area. Keep up the great work!

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  269. Congratulations!

    Know your blog from friend’s e-mail to Boarding Area in June 2012.

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    Thanks and congrads!

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  272. April 2012 from Boarding Area, and now I have a Delta card- look what you’ve done lol.

  273. I love your blog after my dad forward his blog registration to me last month.

  274. Archon1995 Reply

    Tracy S – I found FlyerTalk in February 2012, and began reading Delta Points in March by following The Frugal Travel Guy’s blog links. While you’re focused on Delta and other carriers were better fits for my needs, so much of what you write about has wider applicability you’ve been a tremendous resource. I would never have guessed this is your first anniversary.

    (I recently relocated to Atlanta, and am re-evaluating how Delta could serve my needs!)

  275. Hi
    Congrats and Happy Anniversary!
    I found the blog thru Boardong Area and have been reading since January 2012

  276. franklyn r Reply

    Aug2012 through boardingarea. comgrats on your anniversary!!

  277. I discovered you blog on June 2012 through Boarding Area when I was first considering collecting frequent flyer miles. Now I am hooked. I appreciate all the great information you provide.

  278. Caroline B Reply

    January 2012 via Boarding area, when my DH shared some of your work. Many thanks and congratulations, hope to read more of your work for many years to come!

  279. Wow Rene! Congrats on your one year! I realize this blog is a lot of work for you, but it is my top stop when I log in every day! I can’t say enough how much I appreciate your efforts. Deep down, I have always loved Delta, since it was THE airline for Tallahasse growing up and a former sponsor of Disney World, but never really locked on and did something about it until I found your blog. You’ve shown me ways to support the airline without a heavy flight schedule, and how to make the most out of my limited annual travels. My deepest thanks to you and your wife, and I hope you find as much joy from us as we do you!

    Again congrats!

    – Chris B

  280. Started reading in July 2012. Found you on the blog roll at View from a Wing.

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