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Delta Air Lines is the greatest airline in the world! You doubt me? I will show you why.

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I often get asked why I have such love for Delta Air Lines? I will tell you one of the big reasons is Head Purser Lynne on my flight last week (I will be sending a copy of this to Delta at the comments section of btw).

My mom came for a visit to the states in September. I got her a ticket on low level business with Skymiles on Delta, naturally. The tax was stupid high but better than paying for a business class ticket outright plus there are advantages to points tickets and status with Delta.

Three weeks into the visit I am staying up all night at the hospital with mom, and thanks to the outstanding surgeon Dr. Nasser, my mom is fine and has a new shiny pacemaker “placed” as they say. Unlike most normal people, I have never had anything like this happen to “me”.

So, thanks to the fact that I had booked my mom’s ticket with Skymiles out of my wife’s Platinum Medallion account, and it was more than 72 hrs before the return trip, changes were free and we made many of them as my mom’s condition went up-down-up. I had already booked a ticket for myself and my wife (in coach EC and paid for with cash and vouchers) so I changed mom’s points ticket to the same day as my outbound so I could join her on the same aircraft. I did have to pay some $800 in change fees to get on the same fights as her, but my mom’s travel insurance covered that so I could assist her home to Sweden.

The above is enough to say what a GREAT airline I support. All these changes to an award ticket at no charge is one of the MAIN reasons to be a PM+ elite flyer with Delta. One more reason, to me, that Delta is the greatest airline in the world is the people who work for the airline.

I hope this one day gets back to Lynne. When I go to book a ticket for a very long time with Delta I will think not of the company but of Lynne. She was so kind, warm and caring to my 83 yr old mom that I will not stop smiling for a week. This was an overnight flight and even after working 7-8hrs, she was just as warm and great before landing as well. To top this all off, we had requested handicap asset for my mom along the way (all were top notch btw from DTW to AMS)! As a result we waited to be the last ones off the flight. When we were walking off, guess who was helping a single mom and kids off with strollers and bags and all – you guessed it – Lynne with a HUGE smile and same loving concern. Wow!

If this were a one-off instance, that would not be the only reason to fly Delta. I see this each day I fly. From most front line agents, to many Skyclub reps to medallion reps to those who I work with at the CORP level, all are outstanding and show a dedication to the passengers as well as the airline that is unmatched to me.

As much as I poked fun at the “UP” commercial due to the “things” I want fixed, the people, the faces of Delta, definitely UP their game each day! Thank you Lynne – You have no idea what you mean to me! – Rene

PS – Once I confirm with the winner of the
Silver Medallion status I will post that later today.


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  1. are you saying that delta is the only airline in the world tha allows elite members to change the award tivket for free? otherwise, how can u say it. is the greatest airline in the world by your argument?

  2. okay. i am at delta skyclub, and the agent was unwilling to put me on EC despite i have just crossed 75K MQM on my skymiles account, but status is not yet updated on my boarding pass. so. maybe it is my bad luck for not having an agent to actually check my MQM….

  3. I don’t get the post either. Free changes to award tickets don’t make one airline greater than another. They all allow this “perk.” Confused.

  4. @Mark – it is about more that then perks, it is about the people. I will put Delta people up against any another airline any time! – Rene

  5. Rene, my wife and I are both Diamonds, I guarantee you the employees of Delta are not the greatest people in the airline business, period.

  6. @Robert – harsh crowd early this AM USA time (I am 6hrs ahead of EST). Your comments surprise me as that has not been my experience. It will be interesting to see what the full days comments bring.

  7. Yeah, I agree, the DL front line employees can be better than average.

    Like the personal takes on the blogs, makes it more “real” imho. Good post. You are ok for a while;-)

  8. srptraveller

    I am confused too. I find the delta policy on changing award tickets a bit more restrictive than my other airline american. No 72 hour rule there. On the other hand maybe the cabin crew are a bit friendlier as an average on delta.

    6 of one, and half a dozen of the other really…..

    Mist importantly best wishes to you mum Rene

  9. Rene, I totally agree with your feelings regarding the flight attendants. I have printed your thank you cards and enclose a Starbucks gift card to oftentimes thank a wonderful attendant. Believe me, they appreciate it more than we know!

  10. Amanda S.

    Boy, crabby people here this morning. I’d also agree that I find, in general, DL people to be better than average.

  11. What’s up with all the hostility. Rene obviously got an amazing experience and wants to share it with everyone. Your results may vary, just lik I think Spirit Airlines or Priority Club are horrible companis while others might swear by them. Delta has done right by me when the time has come, and I’ll stick with them for that.

  12. I can only imagine what would happen if you were an American AAdvantage Executive Platinum and they confirmed your international upgrade at booking from the lowest fare! You might *actually* explode! 🙂

  13. @Gary – OK we will not talk about SWU’s and Delta. They are, well, kinda like UFO’s, eveyone talks about them, just never really see them in real life! 🙂

  14. One of many reasons that Delta may be a perfectly reasonable airline to fly, but that it also does not attain the hyperbolic heights suggested by this post 😉

  15. @Gary – I said the Greatest, not perfect. Now if you can find the perfect airline, we can all blog only about it. For now, Delta is the top one – IMO!

  16. Not to discount this experience, but I have had plenty of experiences on United that are just as good, if not better than this.

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