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One of the things funny I always giggle at is when people comment things like “this was talked about at xyz blog and wyx blog and vwy blog already“! My question is, just how many people have time to ready 10 or 25 or 50 blogs each day? Not to mention all the dozens of boards at FlyerTalk and Milepoint on top of that! Really, who has that much time? For me, I scan Boarding Area each day several times and the Delta boards on FT & MP as well as the mileage run boards. That is about all I have the energy for. I find most readers follow a few blogs each day and that is it (and thanks much for reading mine btw).

So that brings me to today’s post and something I am going try to do at least once a week or so. Gary, View from the Wing, has his bits-n-pieces he does of posts from other bloggers he thinks are worth your time. In the same way, there are many weeks great Delta Air Lines related posts I read and think “I hope my readers see this post“, but why would you? Thus, I am going to now and then have a Delta recap from the blogosphere.

  • One of the posts that sparked this was one from my friend from Points Miles & Martinis about just what international routes you can, at least for now, find “Full-Flat” Delta seats on. Spark! Thus I checked for one of my booked trips to Sweden and found seats from CVG-CDG & CDG-GOT and then found from AZO-DTW-CVG. Naturally Delta.dumb did not find them as one route. I could find each one low level biz, but not in one route. Called and switch done!
  • A few months back, but still going on for a month or so, Mommy Points hit on the Fedex promotion where you can get a bunch of Skymiles for creating an account and using them to ship stuff. I am all about collecting Skymiles from every place you can so this one is worth thinking about.
  • Jason writes MilesQuest and put up the two new Delta in-flight safety videos that you will see on each flight for the next many years. They are kinda cute for now, but like everything you watch 100x it will get old fast.
  • There are several bloggers who contribute to Bike Hugger blog and there was some Skyteam confusion over just what it should cost to ship a bike on a Delta jet. I found this one interesting as one year I was thinking of bringing a few bikes over as gifts for my family’s summer house, but then again, maybe not!
  • The Points Guy, who was, other than me, one of the last PRO Delta bloggers on the planet, did have a great post about booking Virgin Australia seats with Delta points. I have never been to Australia and want to go one day soon!

So there are a few posts I found interesting and have helped me, especially PM&M’s post (I owe you a cold beer for that tip)! I would love to know either in the comments or via email if this is a feature you would like me to keep up now and then – René

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  1. Hi Rene – Thanks for the mention. I’m one of those people who doesn’t have time to troll hundreds of blogs, forums, etc with a full time job. It’s great to have information shared from like minded folks about how to earn, burn and enjoy flying on Delta Airlines. I think your summary is a great idea going forward.

  2. I really enjoyed this post, Rene! Thank you for pulling together some of the noteable Delta topics we may be interested in reading. I look forward to the next installment! :o)

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