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Time is just about up to get 10,000 Delta MQM’s for 2012 (if you do not fly)

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Today I start my last mileage run for this year (be sure to follow me on twitter for updates along the way). I have locked in all the MQM’s I need and am now banking as many as I can to end up just shy of Diamond Medallion status. I have my new shiny Delta AMEX Reserve card and have made a charge that has posted. I am now just waiting for my MQM’s to post. When you HOLD a Delta AMEX card, it is the calendar year that matters. All charges up to 31DEC2012 will count toward this year. It has to POST by the 31st, but other than that, you are good to go even if your statement prints and closes in January some time, the charges in December count for 2012 for your status.

BIS link in center of page after personal link.

Now as you can see with a new card they are hedging the wording a bit as just when you will get the MQM’s. In the past it has always been the same as with existing card holders. If you can get a charge to post by 31DEC you get credit on this year. Now, they are saying 2-4 weeks. So does that mean you will get the MQM’s on this year or next year? It is hard to say for sure. The bottom line is that unless you are willing to either buy MQM’s at 2x the price of an AMEX card, or fly 10,000 MQM’s by year end, you are just about out of time to get your points and have them post! – Rene

EDIT: My MQM’s just posted. I applied for my card on 11NOV2012 and points hit my Skymiles account (also data point, statement has NOT yet generated!)


Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Have a question. Wife is United 1K and is getting status matched (Platinum) on Delta. She takes her first international flight this week and has recently rec’d a Delta Reserve card. Will the MQMs she earns from BIS and the Reserve card she gets until year end carry over to next year or will she start over Jan 1 and have to earn status from there?

    • @Ron – no. Status match is good and bad. Since she matched PM with Delta, only the MQM’s over each threshold will rollover. IE, if she fly’s and AMEX earn say 26,000 MQM’s by 31DEC2012, next year on March 1st she will start at Silver Medallion and on about 15JAN2013 she will rollover 1,000 MQM’s. The match mean nothing other than perks and bonus points.

  2. Rene,

    I need 10K miles to keep GM this year, down from PM because AA was so cheap for the first half of the year. I applied for the Delta Reserve last Tuesday and call to get it expedited because I am traveling next Thursday. They promised to rush it and get the card to me by 11/27. It arrived on Friday 11/23!, and I immediately made a purchase for an Android App ($.99). Then I registered the card for Small Business Saturday and used the card at a small business to get back $25. Hopefully the bonus and credit will post soon. Let us know when you get your 10K.

    • Hi Chris – great well done. Yes you make a GREAT point. Once you apply (txs for using my link btw) then call the next day to check to see if they can RUSH the card to you ASAP (it is free btw). I expect my points to hit in a week or so! – Rene

  3. Rene,

    I had trouble using Chrome to apply, and got sent to a “not responding” page when I clicked that I already had an account. I tried for a day or two because I thought the problem was on their end. I eventually tried with Internet Explorer, and was able to apply. Then I got a message that I had applied more than once, that they had cancelled the extras and approved the original request. If after all that you don’t get your referral, let me know if I can help. Keep up the good blogging!

    • @Chris – txs for the data point! I do agree that it is better to apply with IE or Firefox as they seem to play the best with AMEX. I may have to add that to posts. Again, txs – Rene

  4. Why would anyone want any MQMs if they do not fly (as your title says)?

  5. I changed jobs in April to one with very little travel. Despite two overseas Economy class trips this year and my annual AX SkyMiles Platinum card spending bonus of 10k miles, I calculated I’d be 770 measly little miles short of Gold!I’ve been monitoring the typical mileage run markets ex-MSP and just booked a Saturday morning jaunt to MDW in a couple of weeks, out at 7:00am and back at 10:43am with :30 on the ground. $151.60 round trip for 1000 MQM’s is 15.2 cents/mile but slightly cheaper than $395 for 2500 MQM’s (15.8/mi), although I’ll roll over just 230 miles.

    Better luck next year, eh?

  6. Hey, I’m 1000 MQM’s away from Gold and I was wondering what you thought about waiting until next year and having a leg up knowing that I have a lot of travel next year or should I do a quick mileage run to get me to Gold status this year.

    Thanks for all your help.

    New Points junkie here.


    • @Adam – if you are going to fly a lot next year, GOLD is so much better than Silver. I would do a run. Better yet a Reserve card as you get Skyclub, where I am right now, and you get 9k MQM rollover for next year!

  7. I would be carefull with the reserve and hoping for the 10,000 this year. I applied for it on 09/13/12 and made the first purchase on 09/23/12. I received the moms on 11/19/12. That was after a few long phone calls and being told it can take now up to 6 weeks to post after first purchase.

    • @martin – as you can see the T&C say 2-4 weeks but also why I put up warning. In the past, many planned for it to hit the next year but per the T&C it had to apply to year you spent. Strange times!

  8. If you are upgrading from a Delta Platnium Skymiles card, they will only give you 5000 MQMs after your first purchase.

  9. So it says on the Amex Reserve, Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any other Consumer Delta SkyMiles Credit Card account within the last 90 days.

    So if I already have a Delta Skymiles Gold Amex, I cannot get the 10k MQMs this year? I have one last trip this year and will be short less than 5k MQMs for Diamond. I guess I can buy MQMs if I really want Diamonda next year.

    • @Phil R – correct. You CAN get the BIZ card if you have not had that for 365 days!
      @Juanita – yes! That is why BIZ card much better idea for FULL 10k!
      (be sure to “CLICK HERE” on personal app for BIZ app)

  10. @DeltaPoints, @Juanita – You’re both right! I have Biz AX SkyMiles Gold too so can’t get 10k anyway. I’m planning to cancel that soon then go to Reserve on the churn. Thanks!

  11. Rene, did you not have any Delta co-branded AmEx card for 90 days before applying for the Reserve card? I have a Dela AmEx Plat card so I can’t apply for the reserve and get the 10k MQMs. At least that’s how I read the info on the side of the application on your blog. I’m going to be 3k MOMs short after doing a trip to Lima 12/2. And other then finding a run for 15oo miles in that last few days of Dec–12/19 to 31, I’m going from Gold to the back of the bus.

    • @David – The 90 days applys to either card. For example, say you got the PERSONAL SPG card. You must wait 90 days to get the PERSONAL DELTA card. Now same goes for the BIZ card. Say you got the SPG BIZ card, you must wait 90 days to get the DELTA BIZ cards. Also, on top of that, you must not have had either card for 365 days to get new card bonus – clear?

  12. I didn’t know u get 10,000 bonus MQMs with the Biz card??? Which Amex biz card? Thanks!

  13. Rene – I received my 10K bonus yesterday. In less than two weeks I went from applying to getting the bonus. Now I need to get a 5K bonus for my wife to keep Silver next year. Thanks for all the advice!

  14. I just applied for my Delta Reserve (clicking through this website), hoping for MQMs for this year yet to get to Platinum. I need 10,299. Anyone have a cheap flight from MSP for 299 miles?

    Everyone cross your fingers for me!

    • @Tee – txs for the support. As soon as you get the card I would charge something asap! Next, 299, humm, look for a ORD or DTW quick RT?

  15. Well mine worked, but not my wife’s. Even though she has a personal Delta Plat, American Express cannot seem to connect her new card to her Delta Skymiles account. We have messaged and called since applying in early December, but nothing has happened. Now it is 12/31 and we have no bonus and still no Skymiles number on the Amex card page! This was very frustrating and greatly downgrades my opinion of American Express.

  16. Update: With some e-mail help from Rene and more phone calls to Amex we finally got it resolved. It was all due to a simple middle name difference, and once Amex tried just leaving the middle name field empty then Delta accepted the connection! Why does Delta need anything more that their own unique FF number and maybe a last name to weed-out typos? So, if you need those MQMs this year and they haven’t posted, it’s time to call Amex.

  17. I met the 31DEC12 deadline for 10,000 MQMs (yeah!), but they didn’t post until 8JAN13 – AFTER my rollover MQMs posted. Any chance I can call Delta to have this adjusted since it really should be higher than currently listed in my account online? Tried searching the boards for an answer with no luck. Appreciate your expertise and feedback!

    • @Shelbi – need more info. If you are saying you met the spend on your Delta AMEX Reserve card for 2012 before the 31st and your statement just ended on 08JAN2013 YES the MQM’s will count on the 2012 year. If, you are saying you applied for a card before 31DEC2012, then you get the points when they post as a new card bonus. That is that late you get them on this year. – Rene

  18. The former is correct – I’ve had the card for a while and met the spend before the 31st. The statement ended on 08JAN. I assumed that my AMEX bonus MQMs should count towards my annual rollover – is that correct?

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