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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

I plan. I look at all the things I want to do over then next 12 months and then I work towards that goal. Sounds simple but in reality it is not. Sometimes time catches up to us all.

There are a TON of great limited time deals that may just be gone before we know it or the end of the year may just come sooner than any of us want it to. I have already talked about the fact that if you need 10k MQM’s, time is really short.

EDIT: My MQM’s just posted. I applied for my card on 11NOV2012 and points hit my Skymiles account (also data point, statement has NOT yet generated!)


Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
Click here for more information




  1. I would like to churn this year and include the Delta Reserve in my churn, but I don’t want to receive the 10K MQMs until next year. Will I be safe if I don’t make a purchase with it until January? Also I’m kind of curious – why not do your mileage runs in January so you would have your status until 2015?

  2. @Frank – to be 100% safe wait to apply until 01JAN2013! Then you can be SURE they will post on 2013. I want to get a close to DM as I can without making DM so I can rollover almost 50,000 MQM’s. I have so much booked in Jan/Feb that I will reach my 25k needed+ 50k rollover to be PM till FEB2015! – Rene

  3. That hurts! I have some obligations I am pushing until 1/1 but I don’t know if they will hold out until 1/10 or so. I currently have the personal card and if I cancel that one before 12/25 they will refund the entire fee. It would be nice to be approved for the business card just in case. FYI – I was going to pull the trigger on the business card earlier tonight, but your link doesn’t work and the one that is direct from AMEX makes no mention of the 10K with the first charge.

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