Tamara shares her “Top 17” for your carry-on?!?

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Hello Everyone,

The last 2 weeks of December is a prime vacation time for many. It’s not too early to pack your carry on! Rene has Delta Points “Essentials Tab“, well here is what I like to call my “ Essential Seventeen”! (It is a long list, but I guarantee everything will come in handy). 😉

1. Cheap pairs of $ store socks. Use them when you have to take off your shoes at airport security, and on a long flight when you want to slip off your shoes. If you notice they look too grungy afterwards, since they are cheap you won’t feel bad about throwing them away. Also pack some for walking around hotel rooms, if you are not a fan of using slippers.

2. Travel size Antibacterial gel/wipes.

3. Travel size Disinfectant for bathrooms.

4. Travel size Hand lotion, for use after the antibacterial gel/wipes!

5. Lip Balm so you can smile in all those photos.

6. Ear plugs since airplanes can be loud sometimes.

7. Pain killer, whatever works best for you in case of head, neck or back discomfort when you don’t get your upgrade.

8. Decongestant. Once I ended up at the doctors with a severe ear ache after a flight. My doctor suggested taking a decongestant 30 minutes prior to my next flight. Works every time.

9. Bottle of water. Always buy this after the security check point or bring an empty to fill up. You need to keep hydrated on flights, bring water because you can’t count on getting water onboard when you want/ need it or getting enough without asking several times.

10. Soft travel size blanket. Unless my airplane blanket is in a sealed plastic bag, all I can visualize is some poor sick guy using it to cough into on a previous flight. Your blanket can be used to put on the back of your head rest, rolled into a pillow for your neck or lower back or just used to keep you warm. You can wash it for the return trip.

11. Gum, helps with the ears and gives you fresh breath after your flight.

12. Trail mix. I like almonds, peanuts, chocolate pieces, and dried cherries. Always good to carry protein and sugar of some sort with you. Other suggestions; cheese and crackers, fruit, PBJ, protein bar or some of your favorite candy (think happy place)! In economy class, you can use your credit card to purchase food onboard, but the selection will be limited and expensive. (you can only eat so much in the Skyclub before you fly).

13.” Zip shoes”. The comfortable shoes you will need to put on when you discover you have very few minutes to cover a large area of airport.

14. Something to do, read or keep your mind occupied. Do not count on loving the music or the movie selection (if there is one) onboard.

15. Dark sunglasses or eye mask. Women, if you want to get a nap but do not want to ruin your eye makeup, try dark sunglasses. They are great for blocking out light, a good signal for the person next to you that you are not interested in talking, and when you arrive at your sunny destination , you are ready to go!

16. A change of clothes, including sleepwear

17. Medicine. Any medicine you must take on a daily basis needs to be in your carry on.

Most of these items are very small and fit easily in your carry on, giving you plenty of room to add a couple of your favorites also. ( let me know what items you can’t travel without)

Enjoy your Delta travels everyone! – Tamara


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  1. I take a few more toiletries with me. I like to have a travel toothbrush and toothpaste to freshen up.

    And, I prefer to carry on the chargers for electronics.

    Many times it depends on the length of the flight.

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. A couple things that I always have in my carry on is travel pillow, fleece blanket, nook and crossword puzzle books. I addition to the things above.

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