Trip Report – Some KLM changes & yeah, EC is still just coach!

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I thought I would cover my “quick trip” over the pond. I had booked this trip a ways back when I needed it to make Platinum Medallion once again for the year (that was before the great price on trans-cons popped up). Then, life, and stress, got in the way and my trip turned out to be more of a need than a mileage need. My out bound was amazingly good as I blogged about HERE.

The return had it’s ups and downs. The first BIG plus, that I have been tweeting & griping about for a very long time, is the total lack of Sky Priory in GOT. That has now changed (mostly that is). For the first time in my many trips the boarding area for GOT-AMS had a Sky Priority dedicated agent for boarding – WELL DONE  KLM!. Unfortunately, they did not call for SKY’s first so it was a cattle call and when you got past the mass you got to use the SKY agent. So there is slow improvement. (Are you listening KLM)?

On to AMS. They have added a bunch of passport scanning lanes, not just for Premium members, but I had just about zero connection time so did not have time to check it out. It appeared to be for EU flyers only. The rest was typical Dutch efficiency.

The Delta 330-200 was fine. Lisa & I were in the front row of EC. The best EC seats for a pair traveling together in coach. The seats have power, fold up video for movies. EC gets you free drinks when they have them (they DO tend to run out often times of your choice). This is just one place where coach just does not cut it for me. Service from Daniel, in charge to the back was very good and I have had the pleasure of flying with him before but in 1st. The food was, well, we ate it and NOT photo worthy. It has been a while since I flew coach that long and I will do my best to avoid it from now on. Thankfully I have enough points that that should not be an issue. And even KLM coach, as much as I say I don’t mind for short hops, I guess I really do in some ways. On a mileage run coach is part of the “job” but on vacation it is just better up front even with the non-biz type KLM product.

I can not tell you how much I love my GOES. Running through customs would be slower. Dang. I got mine paid for with my AMEX MR Platinum card. I will never ever let GOES go. Just love it so very much!

This Monday is a big day for me. I will be having dinner with a good friend in ATL and the rest of the day will be a real treat for me and hope to share that with you very soon! – Rene

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  1. The best seats in EC are not the first row in coach by a long shot. Unless you like staring down at your monitor, which you could have at eye level. Also, the first row gets all of the people waiting for the bathroom. The second row is better.

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