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How many points did I get with this year’s round of credit cards & how many cards?

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

It was sorta a slow year for me and card rounds. I am pleased with my results and keeping my 100% approvals going. I made one totally huge stupid bone head mistake that cost me 20,000 SPG points by applying for a new card 3 weeks before it had been 365+ days since I CLOSED my last SPG business card (it will take a long time to get over this one)! So first a rundown of when and what I did in 2012 after my December round from 2011.

  •  In April this year, HERE is what I went for:

I got the Citi Hilton for 40,000, the Bank of Hawaii 35,000 and then the deal for the Alaska Air 35,000 card. I still have my BOH points sitting there and may use them to fly Delta or I may send them to Hilton for 2x points and net 70,000 this way. It is nice to have choices when it comes to points.

  • In July, I HERE went for 3 cards again.

I am tickled with my Marriott 50,000 plus free night with 20,000 cat 4 (used in Sweden). The rest of the points I have burned for a week in Salt Lake for skiing this winter. Staying FREE for a week in Utah is great value to me. Thank you Chase and the free night in Stockholm on this is just unreal to me. I was happy to get another (I had the std card) Flex Perk 15,000 worth $400 once I reach 20,000. I plan to use these for repositioning flights for mileage runs next year. And then there was the approval for the SPG Biz 25,000 that I (grrrrrr) only got 5k for after my bump the bonus call. I do think it is funny AMEX bumped my bonus, but then did not give me the bonus. As I said before, live and learn and don’t make the same mistake I did!

  • I finished the year off in November HERE with 4 cards rather than my conservative 3 on the previous rounds.

With these Barclay US AIR 30,000 added to my Grand Slam points from last year I have enough for a 1st class Lufthansa trip to Sweden. Smile! Next, the Ink plus 50,000 is just perfect. I am quickly building back the block of points I had spent. Gosh, I am in love with Ultimate Rewards points. Next, for $450 to get 10,000 Delta MQM’s without flying is a simple choice for me. Now the question of whether I can spend $60,000 next year on each card (I now hold personal and biz Delta Reserve cards) and get a total from both cards of 60,000 MQM’s. Hummm…. Then, another Flex Perks card, the biz one for 15,000 points more, and more money to fly Delta. All good.

So for the year almost 250,000 points. Also $800 in credit for buying Delta tickets via Flex perks. Also 10,000 MQM’s not flyable, but have great value (time is just about up if you hope to get them still this year!). Lastly free night Marriott certificate that was worth 20,000 points. Not a bad year with 10 approved credit cards this year, just for me, and a nice total of points and cash and perks. After all this, where is my credit score now? Take a look for yourself! I started the year at 752 and will end the year no lower than 766 (it should go up a little bit by 01JAN2013).

And people say credit card rounds will HURT your credit score; I say not if you do it responsibly like I do! How did you do this year? I would love to know. How many cards did you get approved for and how big was your point haul for the year? Share with us for a TWO chance’s to win some Delta SWAG via later tonight (edit: Friday Night)! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I’m not as abmitious as some people but I still picked up almost 250k this year.
    30k SPG
    65k United
    33k UsBank
    50k Chase
    50k Amex

  2. With me only having spent 2 years in the US and just recently picking up this technique of credit card churning, plus the fact that I am (was) a poor Master’s student, I only went for those cards that gave bonuses on the first transactions:

    1 Chase UA MileagePlus Explorer, 50k miles
    1 Chase Ink Bold, 25k Ultimate Rewards points
    1 Chase Priority Club, 80k Priority Club points
    1 Chase Hyatt, 2 free Hyatt nights
    1 Barclays USAirways, 30k Dividend Miles
    1 HHonors American Express, 40k HHonors points
    1 Starwood American Express, 10k Starpoints

    Had a Chase Freedom that gave 30k UR points in November last year. Silly me didn’t know the true value of UR points and converted it into cash, ARGH!

  3. My first churn
    Citi premier 60000k ( fifty thousand and I thought no annual fee first year. Called to complain. Kept fee but gave me 10000 more. In retrospect probably my mistake anyway)
    Chase priority 80k
    Hilton am ex 65k
    Chase ink bold 50k
    Delta reserve 10k mqms plus 10k rdms ( I wasn’t expecting these but not complaining. )
    265000k plus 10k mqms and earned gold for the first time, total value ?
    Being able to tell people online who understand, priceless:)

  4. Noah Kimmel Reply

    2 Cards, 70K miles

    30K SPG
    40K HHonors

    At 22 years old, my credit score is a nice 773!

  5. 0! Just learning the ropes still…..and plan to hit it hard next year.

  6. This year
    Chase Marriott – 70k+free night
    Chase PC – 80k
    Citi HHonors – 50k
    Sallie Mae Visa – $100+5% groceries (now a Barclay’s card)
    Penfed AMEX – 20k + 5x airfare
    AMEX SPG Biz – 30k
    AMEX Gold Biz – 50k
    Chase SW – 50k (not yet earned, waiting to spend so it’s credited Jan 2012 for companion pass)
    Citi TY premier – 50k
    USBank FlexPerks – 33k
    Barclays US Air – 40k (plus another 15k for a 3 month bonus spend offer)
    Chase Ink Bold 0 50k (earned an additional 40k so far this year)
    AMEX Delta Platinum Biz – 30k+10k MQM
    Barclay NFL – $200
    Chase BA – 100k avios

    And I hit 25k spend on my Delta personal Plat for an extra 10k+10k mqm

    So total of: 653,000 points from bonuses
    a free Marriott 1-5 cert
    15k Us Airways from extra monthly bonus spend
    40k from ink bold bonus spending
    10k MQM
    10k MQM and 10,000 skymiles for bonus spend
    oh yea. Credit Karma in Dec 2011 = 740
    Credit Karma today = 737 it was 754 last week, but after hitting my most recent spend, I have a higher than usual credit utilization ratio – I anticipate it will be back up to 760 once these CC bills are paid off.

  7. It was a slow year for me. I only applied for one card this year, the Chase Hyatt card. I did not get any points, but I did enjoy two free nights at the Andaz 5th Avenue.

  8. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Great post! Love the blog, especially because I love Delta. In 2012 I got:

    SPG Biz 25k
    Delta Biz 30K
    Chase Marriott 80k
    Chase Priority Club 60k
    BOH 35k
    Amex MR 30k

  9. 40k bonus miles on Delta Gold Card
    60k bonus on Priority Club Visa

  10. srittle001 Reply

    BOA Hawaiian Airlines Card 35k
    BOH Hawaiian Airlines Card 35k
    These two convert 2-1 hilton so 140,000 hilton points

    Barclays US Airways Card 40,000 miles
    2 AA Citi Visas for 100,000 miles
    Citi Hilton Reserve Card equals 2 free weekend nights any hotels. Could be up to 160,000 hilton points
    Chase Ink Plus 50,000 Ultimiate Rewards Points
    Chase Priority Visa 80,000 points

    570,000 points/miles not including the points I got for spending.

  11. AmEx Platinum Delta – 40k points, including 15k MQMs
    Chase Sapphire Preferred – 40k points

  12. My first churn and haven’t made all the spends yet:
    United Explorer = 55k
    Chase PC = 80k
    AMEX Hilton = 65k
    Citi Hilton = 50k
    Barclays US Airways = 40k
    Chase Sapphire Preferred = 40k

    Total = 330k

  13. I just started the churn in Oct, but I got:

    – 50K MR points via AmEx gold business
    – 50K UR points via Chase Sapphire Preferred

    In Jan, I’ll be going for AmEx delta reserve, Club Carlson, and Hyatt.

  14. 40K Barclay US Air
    40K Barclay NFL (for $411 statment credit)
    40K US Bank Flexperks ($800 in travel)
    85K US Bank Club Carlson (approved but no spend yet, so I guess this really 2013)
    2 free Hyatt nights anywhere
    40K Chase Hilton
    Citi Hilton that is.
    Hyatt was Chase.

  15. This is all since middle of October 2012 when I learned about CC churning: (wife and I cards) Only exception is the Chase Mileageplus Explorer I signed up for in Sept while I was woefully ignorant about cc churning…

    Amex Gold = 75K MR
    Amex Delta Reserve = 30K MQM
    Amex Hilton Hhonors = 65K
    Amex Blue x 2 = 5% cb at Grocery stores for gcs

    BofA Hawaiian x 2 = 70K
    BofH Hawaiian x 2 = 70K

    Barclays NFL x 2 = $800 for $2K spend

    Chase Ink Bold = 50K UR for $5K
    Chase Ink Plus = 50K UR for $5K
    Chase Hyatt x 2 = 4 free nights
    Chase Sapphire Preferred x 2 = 80K UR
    Chase MileagePlus Explorer = 65K

    Citi Hilton Hhonors Visa x 2 = 80K
    Citi AAdvantage Amex = 50K
    Citi AAdvantage Visa = 50K

    Discover More – for access to Discover Mall
    USBank Cash Plus – 6.25% cb at “charities”

    805K points/miles + 4 free Hyatt nights (have already reserves Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris next year). FICO was 780-800 me/wife Dropped to 715-740 after 24 cards. I only stopped when I (finally, lol) got denied with the “too many credit applications”. So this is a data point for someone with good FICO and 1% income levels…

    I’m also churning my Ink cards and added almost 60K UR since meeting the bonus spend, so up to 865K points/miles.

    Only a few misc cards not met spend yet – one of the Hilton Visas with paltry $1.5K in 6 months/Citi AAdvantage Amex $2K/4 months- will do the spend by next week and take care of all within 2 billing cycles – most of the cards I did in one cycle (so last few months have seen a lot of CC activity, lol). The only card haven’t met spend is the Delta Reserve Amex, as my wife is being reimbursed for company trips – her first flight on Delta was last month – but she should get to Platinum status easily, and if max out the Delta card, probably Diamond next year.

    I also have the Chase Ink Classic that I was targeted in June or so – go grabbed another 50K UR (that I stupidly cashed out back before I was ignorant about CC churning)…

    I plan to slow way down for ~6 months and simply milk the three Ink cards at OD and whatever other spend I can do. Maybe $5K/25K UR per month plus another 25K points/miles on other cards…

  16. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do any because we are building a house but after closing I’ll be at it.

  17. I am new to this whole credit card churning for miles thing and don’t have a huge ability to generate spend at this time so I just got in on that 70k Gold Delta offer that was kicking around for a while. I am 60% done with the 5k spend with 3 and 1/3rd months left to finish up the last 2k which should not be a problem. After that I will have to evaluate what is available at that time that fits my needs and spend level.

  18. okay unrelated to churns, although this year was delta reserve, spg personal and biz, chase ink bold, hawaiian and a failed attempt at flexperks which leads me to my question. i’ve got great credit, and i apply for flexperks and some non big 3 credit bureau turns me down. then they want me to fax all this ID just to see why they turned me down which after some thought, i just didn’t feel comfortable doing. the usbank rep was ZERO help. have you had any experience with this and what’s the best way to go, b/c i wouldn’t mind churning flexperks…?

    • @dc – flexperks are using ASR that checks how many pulls you have from your phone number. Each time I had to call, ask for a supervisor and tell them i want someone to review my app as I have perfect credit, never missed a payment, have many small biz and want to have cards for each one and that should not be a reason to turn me down. Then got approved a few days later! Ask for a 2nd review.

  19. 3 cards for 100K points – I want more ways to get skymiles….

  20. One thing real important. If you are building or buying a house or even buying or leasing a car DO NOT apply for any cards for at least 6 months. I own several businesses , have excellent credit and high income, and guess what? My BMW Financial Services lease was up, so went for a new lease and was declined from BMW , went to my bank and was declined too!!!!! Reason 12 new open credit cards with a credit line of $210k!!! Ill be real careful from now on.

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