A Delta news recap to end 2012

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As 2012 nears it’s end, the news about our airline continues to pour in. No draconian changes to the Skymiles program have come out (nor do I expect them to for some time to come). But there have been some major revelations.

  • Delta is buying up to 70 new CRJ-900’s YEAH is HERE
  • Howie, Rick & Brian from FT on TV with Delta MR is HERE
  • No Delta AMEX card you can buy $25 Skyclub pass HERE
  • Never bring shotgun shells on a Delta flight is HERE
  • Money people are not happy about Delta maybe buying VA is HERE
  • Oh yeah, Delta, KLM/AF could buy VA is HERE
  • MEM-AMS is now 100% gone is HERE
  • Delta is adding more MD88/90 to it’s fleet is HERE
  • Flying Delta from Korea get 15,000 Skymiles is HERE
  • It is not just you, MSP is getting more expensive is HERE
  • AMS want more of LHR’s traffic is HERE
  • California is suing Delta over privacy & the Delta phone APP HERE
  • Delta is adding ATL-LHR flight is HERE
  • Scary stuff at PIT near Delta gates is HERE

So there is some of the latest Delta news this month. Hope you all have all the MQM’s you will need to end the year. I have found the results from the poll to the right very telling although not totally scientific. I will say if you are thinking of an extra 10k from a Delta Reserve card, to be safe, I’d say your time is just about up! – Rene


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  1. Delta has now gone back to it’s old ways!!
    brought back the hi misc.charges when starting a trip from Europe-to states — now I need to pay $400-450 for an ward ticket that starts in Europe to the states — for awhile they were charging the same as if started trip in u.s.a.$75

    I was going to transfer a huge amount of points to delta since they were now same cost as United — now United is my air line of choice — delta -STINKS in every way when it has to do with awards.

  2. @Aeroman380 – Delta has said the 717’s from AirTran will be coming on line starting in 2013 and they will begin to reduce CRJ’s next year. It will not happen fast but I think we will see real big changes 2014.

  3. Hi Rene,

    I was wondering why you are so optimistic that the Delta Skymiles program won’t change for some time to come. Today, Ben, on One Mile at a Time, and last week, Gary, on View from the Wing, both expressed concern that the Skymiles program is the next one likely to face a major devaluation — perhaps early next year.

    Out of such concern based on things I’ve read during the past few months, I decided to play it safe and burn through my entire stash of a million Skymiles in the past three months, even though I would have preferred to fly to some different destinations offered by other programs. My Skymiles balance is now zero.

    What are your thoughts about all of these rumors of a major Skymiles devaluation and program change to one that is revenue based?

    PS — I think I was lucky with my recent redemptions. I just returned on a trip for two from Guangzho on China Southern (really great business class and only 120,000 miles pp), and I have trips for three to Israel in February, and three to Paris/Amsterdam in August — all business class.

  4. Craig- Smart move, I had as much as 2millon with delta and now “0” — delta is not f.f. friendly at all ,any chance they get they will use it to devalue or find away to “charge” you to use your hard earned miles.

    United is the best and I have switched my allegiance to them

  5. @Craig – many rumors are just that and some are just wrong. I see any changes not happening till the 2014 program if at all. I have no facts on this but rather than a rev based I see award miles going up across the board before any other changes. BTW, I have 1/2 million Delta, and just about 1/2 million with all airlines. I try to earn and burn ALL points – not just Delta. I don’t trust any of them.
    @STAN – see ya and have fun with United – from what I hear the merger has been a disaster and worse on the way (from insiders). Enjoy that!

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