Prices going UP for GoGo airline wifi for unlimited monthly use!

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I am a huge fan of GoGo internet and loved being able to work during my last few months of trips and mileage runs. Speed was overall good and only now and then was I dropped off. Not perfect but for $34.95 for unlimited monthly traveler pass service it is well worth the price to me.

But now it would seem that prices are going up! As you can see from a screen grab from GoGo above, a $10 price hike is on the way soon (my guess is Delta has not updated the site yet to reflect the price increase). This, after the end to the 30 day pass, is another disappointing move from GoGo. With the 30 day pass you would not need to take the time to cancel a recurring membership.

For me, if I was flying all month, I would need internet so will probably fork over the extra fee, but it is getting close to the price point that I may wait and just use the free wifi in the Skyclub when I land. What do you think? Is there a price point where GoGo is not worth it to you? – Rene


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  1. I find the speed on GoGo my biggest grip. If I could watch video on the service like I can with Southwest’s in-flight internet for 6 bucks a flight then I wouldn’t have a problem paying additional fees.

  2. A $10 increase will likely cause me to cancel my recurring and then I will just purchase a monthly if I have a lot of longer flights. For the months with short flights, I will just use the free wi-fi in the Sky Club.

  3. How does one cancel this automatic billing? I set it up so long ago as a autopay amount?? I am not interested continuing it if they are going to raise the fee? Where do we call to cancel the ongoing service? Delta? GoGo? Can you provide a number we can call to cancel?

  4. I have the monthly plan and my biggest complain is the speed. Cant watch netflix on this service.

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