Some changes we are seeing on after the makeover good and bad!

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During my last mileage run I have seen some new features at One of them is Non-Rev flyers (i.e. those who either work for Delta and fly free or someone on a buddy pass) are now displayed on the upgrade list. Now showing non-rev’s on the standby list itself is not new, but showing how many Non-Rev flyers is interesting to me (there are many who work for Delta that read DeltaPoints btw).

Anther nice feature is that when there is a schedule change to your flights that does not work, the time will show up RED on your list of all your flights. Now at least you don’t have to click on each one to see if there has been a change as in the past. This has been a HUGE complaint and this makes it just a little simpler to see when you do have a change and a bunch of trips booked. This is when the list is working. This past week I have not been able to pull up my list and must enter each confirmation to see it. Anyone else have this bug pop up this week?

But, I have also noticed that if Delta can make a change work they will just email you the change and your itinerary will just be updated. It is up to YOU to know the rules and check vs the original ticket to see if you can use this for a better change you like free of charge! Most causal flyers will simply not know what they are missing out on.

I would love your input. What changes to do you like and what changes do you not care for? Comment below on the blog and let us and Delta know, good or bad, for a chance at some DP swag (ps I only have medium/small T-shirt size left)! – Rene

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I cannot stand the log-in process on the redesigned website. Account number (remembered – OK), then PIN/Password… then wait for the screen to change to enter my last name. More security than my banks require. Really?

  2. Rene
    One month and counting. Still unable to log in to (“please enter valid credentials”). Delta IT is unable to fix so far. Diamond telephone desk does not recognize credentials so I cannot get past the telephone automation and I am a 2 million miler with over 250K MQM – yes MQM – so far this year. I cannot book flights on line or by telephone. Love the way they run their business. UP

  3. I concur with Bruce and Ken, and have experienced both problems as well.
    I was also unable yesterday to change an award ticket on line without it erroring out. No emails telling me I can check in for my last two reservations as well. Definitely un- enhanced.

  4. Seeing the same issues. About 50% of the time this past week I got nothing when trying to view my trip list. And they changed my flight (albeit Air France) giving me a 5 hour layover in CDG (versus 75 minutes). They did not flag it at all, I just got suspicious because they emailed the confirmation again (with zero statements about any change). The date and departure times were the same so most people wouldn’t even notice. It’s a sky miles business class award, so now I’m getting ready to call the platinum line and hopefully won’t have to yell, for them to change the first leg to a later flight (giving me reasonable layover again). The itinerary doesn’t show any changes! It’s like my original AF flight number and time never existed.

  5. @Ken you can avoid the second step (last name) by setting up a User Name, and entering that instead of the Sky Miles number. I have no frigging idea why DL thought that was a good idea. But it works now. I have my User Name saved on the login screen, just enter password and I’m in.

    Well, “in” at the crawl of a turtle. Using the site feels like a dial up modem with 32kbs. Miserable job. I hope everyone is taking a minute to send complaints to DL about the incredible lack of speed.

  6. GetToThePoints Reply

    I do not like that Delta will not allow sites like AwardWallet to access your points balances. This is sort of site related as they block third party access and log in.

  7. I have found this past week that I must log in twice each time I go to the site, or you will not see your upcoming trips. First I log in at the bottom of the page but then have to re-login on the top of the page. I also have the problem calling in the medallion line cause they dont provide a way to capitalize characters which are required for the new passwords. I just keep hitting 0!

  8. @Ken: If you change your PIN to a password (requiring at least one upper case letter and one number), you will not need to enter your last name anymore. It seems Delta is moving away from PINs to password and will prompt you from time to time to make this change if you still have a PIN.

    @Delta Points: My trips list is not working either.

  9. I agree that the change to the log-in procedure is annoying, and as a registered user (and DM), I didn’t receive any notice of the change to update my log in information. This adversely affected me when I had to contact the Medallion desk at 3AM to change that morning’s reservations.

    While not a issue, I do find the Delta app to be disappointing: It’s great so long as everything is going according to plan with my trip. Once there is a change, however, everything goes wrong. I cannot typically use the App to accept any Delta-initiated changes to my itinerary. My app-based boarding passes do not appropriately update for the new flights. I am unable to check-in for the new flights.

    One general complaint I have is Delta’s notification (specifically non-notification) when changes are made to an existing itinerary. Case in point: Two weeks ago I did a quick mileage run to qualify for platinum next year. Because I had waited to make my plans, a simple out-and-back to one of the hubs became more expensive that I wanted to pay (I had a $200 voucher and I wanted to keep the fare close to that). This meant a 7:15AM flight to start the day (STL-ATL-MCI-ATL-STL).

    Fortunately, my dog woke me up around 3 to go out and I happened to see the app’s pop-up message that the day’s first flight was delayed until 9:30 and I was re-booked on a 6AM flight. I checked my email and saw a message from Delta sent at midnight. However, I did not receive an automated phone call until I was on my way to the airport for the 6AM flight. Despite having two cell phone numbers in my profile, I NEVER receive a call until it is too late: I’ve frequently received calls as I’m on the parking shuttle to the terminal. I know sometimes these changes are made very late; however, when I look at when the email message was sent, there can be hours between the email and the phone call.

  10. Matthew Wood Reply

    It takes me 3 – 4 page views to see my Skymiles balance now, likely because I haven’t found a quick path. I’d like a quick access to that.

  11. dot cahill Reply

    why are non-revs able to get upgrades??? vs us paying customers??? i was 29 and 23 on the upgrade lists last week on delta but the nexjets pilots got upgrades.

  12. It seems to take longer to load the page when you go to
    I do like the overall changes once logged in, such as seeing itineraries and checking upgrade list easily.

  13. I love that my upcoming flights pop up right away on the homescreen as soon as I log in.

  14. I wish they had a calendar view like ITA. I don’t know why I have to find the best flights on ITA and then go back to Delta and then book them

  15. The new website takes away Timatic access to check visa info! Now where I can I find Timatic without paying for a subscription?! The KLM and Skyteam websites only provides summary and not detailed info.

  16. The new web site experience is degraded on the iPad and can be very difficult to use, especially on slower connections (like some of DL’s Sky Clubs!!!). I’m not sure if it is the new graphical elements or ???? iOS is one of the most popular mobile platforms on the planet, you would have thought they had the foresight to test it. Unfortunately, because the DL iOS app and the web site are very limited in their scope, you have to use the “full” web site sometimes, especially when trying to manage your SkyMiles account. Maybe DL should hire the guys that write Lufthansa’s app – it is pretty cool.

  17. phill gold Reply

    i d not like how i need to login, refresh the page, then can see booked trips.
    I do not like how they breakdown the mileage earned
    i do not like how when im looking at partnering programs, or other ways to earn miles, i need to click on two exact words to go to that page, why not just the box?

    i do like the profile, the wallet and the look, it looks clean and fresh.

  18. Can you only see the standby list at less than 24 Hours? Is the standby list located under flight details?

  19. Awesome website and awesome daily posts!
    I missed silver status this year (!!!!)
    Someone with an original way of getting that back?


  20. Will delta ever fix the award calendar? Also, my number pin is the only way I can log-in. Asked once for me to change, I tried, unsuccessfully, and just went back to enter with my 4 number pin. One other huge complaint: I still can’t find a 25000 award ticket and I only trying to go to places I can’t imagine anyone really wants to go to.

    Last thought: my husband has told me to quit making our reservations together because he never gets bumped up to first class if I’m on the reservation with him. I think delta should leave his “status” so at least one of us would get the upgrade and we could decide who gets to use it. I’m so used to us flying in different sections of the plane so it doesn’t bother me if he rides in first (because he usually lets me have that seat!).

  21. The new login process sometimes goes terribly wrong; particularly on my ancient desktop and tablet. On a new computer the new interface looks slick, but nothing redeems the terrible award search engine.

  22. I find it frustrating that when I first log in, my upcoming flights are not listed. It wants me to search for them by CC, ticket number, etc. If I navigate away from the page and come back, they magically appear.

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