Limited time 45,000 point Delta GOLD AMEX offer ends 23DEC2012

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WARNING: Per the T&C of the e-Mail this offer came from this is now OVER so YMMV!

Here is a the LINK to the current official offers.

This is not as big as the past 70,000 point offer, but it also does not require you to change any “code” to get the deal. This generic one is apparently being sent to some Skymiles members and is an offer that expires on DEC 23rd 2012. Please note this 45,000 point offer (offer is now DEAD and over and link does not work anymore) is NOT my link so be SURE to take screen shots if you go for this deal.

Also please keep in mind, next year if you pay the annual fee, you should also get a buy-one-get-one for $99+tax companion flight coupon from Delta. After that, for the GOLD DELTA card only, these certs will end on 25JAN2013.

Other bits to keep in mind, you should be able to get both cards in one day, but I would go for the personal 1st and the biz next as with good credit you should get instant approval on the personal that way and will have to call later on the biz to explain why you would want both cards at once. Also notice the SPEND needed. This link, my standard 30,000 point one, requires only $500 in spend. The above offer is for $3000 in spend per card.

Lastly, if you do go for either one, you will have to basically wait 2 years (1 year to keep the card, 1 year to cancel and then wait) before you can say get the Platinum Delta AMEX or the Delta Reserve card as all 3 cards are officially considered the same “family” of cards by AMEX. And, if you are going for any of these, consider adding in an INK card at the same time! – René

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  1. So, I already have a personal Delta Amex (platinum).

    I could apply for the business version of this card, but is it worth it? Doing so would preclude my application for a business reserve card – according to CARD legislation in the US, an issuer can’t offer a card with a higher annual fee within 13 months of application for the original card.

    This means that even if I cancel the platinum personal card, I wouldn’t be able to have a Delta reserve (and get the MQM sign up bonus) for at least 12 months.

    I generate over half a million points a year without even leveraging and miles & points “tricks”, so I suspect in my case that the loss of 10K MQMs would be greater than the loss of 45K redeemable.


  2. @Roaddog – some of you info is right. I will not get into the legal stuff on fee’s but keep in mind there is a difference between a “new card bonus” and a fee for a card and what rules a bank give out as to bonus points. The rest, yes, if you go for this to get the points you will not, as I show in the post, basically not be able to get the MQM bonus for the better part of 2 years!

  3. I received this 45K offer after applying a couple of days ago for the 30K offer. What guidance do you have for getting AMEX add 15K to my bonus? Thanks in advance!

  4. @JetsFan – you can try to call (most times a PVT message does no good as those in India who answer are trained to just say no to a match) so ask the rep, if the rep says no, ask for a supervisor and see if they will match the current offer. Unlike Chase, AMEX does NOT tend to match but worth a call or two to try!

  5. Thanks for the fast response. I will try once I get the card, and I will let you know if I succeed.

  6. It is just the bonus offer that is not available if you have had one of these products in the last 12 months. – as in, you can get the difference in the bonus between the cards, just not the whole bonus. I have done this for both personal and business with no problems (had the Gold and upgraded to the Platinum/Reserve and received the MQM bonus).

  7. @Charlie – YMMV very much when it comes to upgrades. AMEX reps will say anything and sometimes you will get the points. Also it DOES reset your new card cancel clock so upgrade and you are waiting almost 24 months for a new card bonus. I suggest personal one year then biz next then rinse and repeat!

  8. A bit off topic but I just crossed 60K spend on my Delta Reserve card….How long until I hear about the 15K EQM miles?

  9. I cancelled my gold card on 12/20/11 but I had $4 return credited in March from Home Depot. Do you think I’ll get the bonus if I apply?

  10. JetsFan: When I first started collecting miles and churning cards about 18 months ago I applied for the Delta Gold AMEX card using their standard 30,000 mile offer and then two days later found a 40,000 offer online. I called and asked for the better offer and they didn’t even hesitate. They were very agreeable to it and it was no hassle. Not sure if they’ve tightened their policies, but it definitely is possible.

  11. “you will have to basically wait 2 years (1 year to keep the card, 1 year to cancel and then wait) before you can say get the Platinum Delta AMEX or the Delta Reserve card as all 3 cards are officially considered the same “family” of cards by AMEX” 
    False – it says you can’t have another consumer credit card within the last 90 days.  If you cancelled your Platinum, Options, or Reserve card 91 days ago or more, you are good to go.

  12. @TimTebo – 100% wrong. The new standing rule for all AMEX cards (AMEX calls GOLD/PLAT/Reserve the “same” card) is you must NOT have had the card for 12 months (and you would never want to cancel ANY card before a year is up)! I missed out on 25,000 SPG cards when I went for it 3 weeks before my 365 days was up!

  13. Just reading what the application says
    “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any other Consumer Delta SkyMiles Credit Card account within the last 90 days.”

  14. @TimTebow – OK so you just quoted from the app what I said as well. If it has NOT been 12 months, ie 365+ days, since you closed either the Delta Personal or BIZ card, you can NOT get the new card bonus. This is also the rule for all other AMEX cards as well.

  15. Rene – I’m doing the personal/business cycling of these cards that you have written about. When I last called to cancel my personal gold card, the rep offered to downgrade it to a blue cash card with no annual fee. I thought this sounded good since it preserved that line of credit with them, so I accepted. Now I’m wondering if that transaction served to reset the clock on my having the skymiles card. Any thoughts?

  16. @Larry – I wish I could say 100% for sure. Some have reported do this, and since it is NOT a GOLD/PLAT/REZ card, getting the new card bonus. Others, not so much. AMEX can be picky and once they dig their heals in it can be hard. My “general” recommendation, if you want new card bonus points, cancel the DELTA card, wait 365 days, then go for it again.

  17. I have the Personal Delta Gold card now and have had it for over a year, probably close to 2 years at this point. I was going to sign up for the Business Delta Gold card to get the 45k bonus, but all of this talk about waiting 2 years and not getting bonuses is confusing me.

    1) If I sign up for the business gold card, would I get the 45k miles bonus? Or not since I already have the personal card and it hasn’t been 2 years yet?

    2) If I sign up for the business gold card now, I think you are saying I wouldn’t be eligible to even be approved for the reserve card for 2 more years? So if I’m even tossing around the idea of getting the reserve card over the next 12 months I should probably pass on this deal?

  18. @Jacob – if you have NOT had the BIZ Delta card, Gold or Plat or Reserve, for 365+ days, you can get the new card bonus.
    For example. If you were to cancel your current personal card TODAY, and wait 365+ days, you could again get the new card PERSONAL bonus again.
    But, since you NEVER want to cancel a card quickly, ie you could keep it at least almost 1 year, if you go for say the BIZ card NOW, keep it one year, then cancel it, you could not get then new card bonus for the BIZ card for another 2 years from TODAY. Clear?


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