What is allowed on Delta jets? Guess for a chance to win $100 SkyMall gift card!

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Remember when getting ready for take off pretty much meant getting rid of cups and crayons and making sure your seat belt was fastened? Now we have to power down our phones, tablets, noise canceling headphones, put the laptop away, oh, and get rid of cups and crayons and make sure the seat belt is fastened! When all goes well it’s a short wait from taxi to take-off and then we hear the tone that indicates we’ve reached 10,000 feet and now we can play games and listen to music and read and do all the things our electronic devices allow us to do.

So do you know the 5 electronic items you may NEVER use on an aircraft? Sure, everybody knows you aren’t allowed use your phone to actually make calls, but there are 5 other items, easily found if you know where to look, we are never to use on an aircraft. Do you know what they are?

Last year in December I gave you all a pop-quiz (under the then rules) to see how “Delta Smart” you really are.  Well let’s see how you are this year. I want you to check the image below of 16 electronic devices and see if you can pick out all 5 that are never permitted for use on an aircraft. If you can guess all 5 of them right (comment ON THE BLOG not via e-Mail please), you will have a chance via random.org to win a  $100  SkyMall gift card (a huge shoutout and thanks to Skymall for the generous gift to the blog btw), and if you tell me where I found all of these, and are also the winner,  you will additionally get a $25 restaurant.com gift card as a bonus prize.

Here is the last bit to the fun. I will NOT publish ANY of your comments until the very end so you will not know what others are commenting (you are Delta smart, after all, and don’t need help from other readers)! I will hold the drawing at 10-11:PM EST tonight. – Rene


EDIT: We have our winner – voting is closed!

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  1. Five things that cannot be used inflight at anytime:

    Wireless mouse
    Satellite Radio
    External Drive with Cable

    AND I believe you got these images from the back of Sky Magazine, Delta’s inflight magazine….

  2. Wireless mouse, TV, Satellite radio, radio, external drive with cable. I’m pretty sure you found them in the back of the Sky magazine. Must have been a very boring flight. 🙂

  3. Tv
    Satellite radio
    Noise canceling headphones with power on
    And on delta flights I’ve been on lately had asked all smartphones to be turned off (even airplane mode).
    And you would get this from the delta safety pamphlet on the plane

  4. Never permitted: Radio, TV, External Drive with Cable, Satellite Radio, Wireless Mouse.

    Images were from Delta Sky magazine.

  5. Five banned items are:
    1) wireless mouse
    2) TV
    3) Satellite radio
    4) Radio
    5) External drive with cable

    I’m guessing you got this list from the Delta in-flight magazine.

  6. Items not allowed on planes are:

    wireless mouse
    Satellite radio
    External drive with cable

    You got info off of Delta’s new website (I think). FYI — I still hate the new website. 🙂

  7. Video camera
    Can’t think of anything else from your list. And I am resisting the urge to just GOOGLE it… That’s just cheating 🙂

    Today I’m flying JFK to ATL on the Boeing 777200ER. I’m very excited!!!

  8. Five devices that are never permitted are
    1) Radio
    2) TV
    3) Satellite Radio
    4) Wireless mouse
    5) External Drive with Cable

    You can find these on the In-flight information page on Sky Magazine on Delta

  9. 5 items which are never allowed are:
    Satellite radio
    external drive with cable
    wireless mouse

    hope I got this right!

  10. Wireless mouse, TV, Satellite radio, Radio, External drive with cable

    Back of inflight magazine (though absolutely a lot of room for ambiguity)

  11. I cannot find 5 things but I will guess TV, satelite radio, radio, wireless mouse and external drive.
    You found them in the Skymall magazine.

  12. 5 electronic items you may never use on an aircraft: wireless mouse, TV, satellite radio, radio, and external hard drive with cable.

  13. The following from memory, since apparently you can’t access Delta Sky’s PDF version any more:

    * Radio
    * Satellite Radio
    * TV
    * Wireless mouse
    * External drive with cable (I had thought this one was ok, but if there are 5, it’s got to be this.)


  14. Hi Rene,
    The 5 items not allowed on Delta flights are 1. wireless mouse, 2. wireless headphones, 3. radio, 4. satellite radio, and 5. tv.

    I really enjoy your blog!

  15. Here are my carefully researched guesses: tv, wireless mouse, video camera, fm radio, and satellite radio.

  16. Wireless mouse
    Getto blaster (boom box)
    Satalite radio
    Bluetooth ear piece
    Any sort of transceiver
    Stun gun

  17. Wireless mouse, TV, Satellite Radio, Radio, External Drive with cable. I believe you found these (including the respective pictures) in the back of Sky magazine

  18. On a Delta Flight you’re not allowed to use:
    Wireless Mouse
    Satellite Radio
    External Hard Drive

  19. Not permitted: TV, radio, satellite radio, wifi, wireless mouse. Info found in the Delta onflight magazine. But how about my CPAP device?

  20. An answer to your question about what electronic devices are never allowed on aircraft, these are my guesses:
    1 TV
    2 Wierless mouse
    3 Sat radio
    4 Radio
    5 Smart phone

  21. Wireless mouse
    satellite radio
    external hard drive

    Don’t know where you found the images.

  22. You can’t use 1)Satellite radio, 2) tv, 3) external drive, 4) radio, and 5) wireless mouse? I’m guessing these came from the safety card

  23. 1. Wireless Mouse
    2. Television
    3. Radio
    4. Satellite Radio
    5. wifi – on select Delta aircraft

    You got your graphic from Delta, maybe from the inflight magazine?

  24. Wireless Mouse, TV, Satellite Radio, Radio & External Drive with Cable

    You found these on Delta Sky!

  25. you can’t use
    Satellite Radios
    Noise Cancelling Headphones with power on
    Wireless Mouse

  26. Wireless mouse
    External hard drive
    Satellite Radio

    All are listed in the Sky Magazine.

  27. Simple, they are shown in Sky Magazine.
    External Drive with Cable
    Satellite Radio
    Wireless Mouse (Who knows why?)

  28. Radio, Satellite Radio, TV, Wireless Mouse, External Hard Drive. All information can be found on the in-flight section of Sky Magazine, which you can find in your seatback pocket (In my best Deltalina imitation).

  29. I think you can’t bring

    Satellite radio
    Regular radio
    Video camera
    Wireless mouse

    Oh boy I and stumped here
    I did not cheat looking up info!

  30. Wireless mouse, TV, Satellite radio, External drive w/cable, Radio. Info found in Delta SKY Magazine.

  31. Radio
    Wireless mouse
    Satellite radio
    External drive w/cable
    I believe you got all of those out of Sky Magazine.
    Best wishes for a Happy Holiday.

  32. Never permitted: Radio, TV, External Drive with Cable, Wireless Mouse, Satellite Radio.

    I don’t know where you found these, but I found them at http://msp.imirus.com/Mpowered/book/vds11/i5/p172.

    Now that the the official requirements are met, all radios and TVs have always been banned that I can remember (Walkman TV, anyone? Not that you’re going to lock onto an analog broadcast TV station for long at 600 mph….) Satellite radio is a logical extension of that policy. External drive with cable I don’t understand. Wireless mouse – if it’s an RF (radio frequency) wireless mouse, that’s a transmitter and makes sense. However an IR (infra-red) wireless mouse would be physically incapable of causing any interference. I suppose it would be asking a lot for the FAs to know the difference, though.

  33. Looks like you got this image from the Delta Skymiles Magazine that you find in the seat back in front of you.

    My answer:
    1. TV
    2. Sat radio
    3. radio
    4. External Hard Drive with cable
    5. Wireless mouse

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  34. Wireless mouse
    Satellite Radio
    External Drive with Cable
    Images are from Sky Magazine.

  35. Never permitted items on delta are radio, satellite radio, TV, wireless mouse, and external drive with cable. This info can be found in the back of delta’s inflight magazine.

  36. 1-Wireless mouse
    3-Satellite radio
    5-External drive with cable
    Found none other tan in the back of inflight magazine.


  37. 1 – TV
    2 – Satellite radio
    3 – Radio
    4 – External drive with cable
    5 – Wireless mouse

    Found in the mag. Thanks Rene!

  38. Wireless mouse, tv, satellite radio, radio, external drive. I spent 45 minutes looking at delta.com, got frustrated and asked my husband. He said he saw the list on the sky miles magazine and this is what he remembered. Dud he remember correctly?

  39. Wireless mouse, TV, Radio, Satellite Radio, External Drive with cable. The back of Sky magazine

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