Credit Card Round for Lisa today- how did she do?

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Best Credit Cards

Lisa & I are very cautious (I know funny from someone who gets 10+ credit cards each, each and every year) when it comes to spending. I live by the fact that I do not buy if I do not need. I even give to charity anything I have not used in a year or two as I doubt I will use it again and I hate feeling like a “hoarder” (well other than point cards – I do hoard those).

So when it come to cards, the amount of “spend” does matter. Sure you can buy “Vanilla” and other gift cards, and pre pay bills, but at some point you run out of “real” spending. So, with that in mind, what cards did Lisa go for and how did it go (a few days back btw)? First let’s look at her credit score BEFORE this round:

That is a nice number and one that should lead to many instant approvals. There was one card that was the most important and we will start with that.

  • Chase INK PLUS 50,000 bonus points card. – This is a no brainier (also DID NOT want to risk missing out on this offer). She has the BOLD and with an already established account, approval was instant. After $5000 in spend we will have built our family Ultimate rewards points balance back up to almost ¼ million! Grand Cayman, here we come next year again.
  • US AIR 50/40,000 bonus points card – This one also was a simple choice. 40,000 after 1st purchase and makes up for no grand slam this year. There is another link, that you could use if you  ARE  a US AIR “Chairman”  but, like my round, why risk no points when these are guaranteed (Lisa is NOT a US AIR Chairman). Result was instant approval!
  • Hawaiian Air 35,000 point card – Lisa already has the Bank of Hawaii one so why not add this one to bump her total to 70,000 that I “could maybe” (post on the way about this) use on Delta or could send to Hilton and turn her 70,000 total into 140,000 Hilton.

So my wife, like me, ends the year with 100% approvals for 2012. A bunch of points that I will recap later on. This has been another year with a TON of points and redemptions and bumps. I am just giddy about 2013 and can not wait to see what is next – how about you? – René

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  1. @Gary – some cards yes some cards no. AMEX, you can only have that same card or same “family” of cards (like with Delta gold/plat/reserve cards) one at a time, and then must wait 365 days to get a new card bonus. US AIR, you can get even when you have it. Chase, each card, is only 1x ever. Now, with chase, if the same cards, becomes a “new card” you can get the new card bonus again. Other cards, you can just downgrade to a no yearly fee card like US BANK Flex perks. Hawaiian, I would only keep past 1st year, if they give me a retention bonus. All of this ideas are talked about in the Essentials Tab post btw! – Rene

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