YIKES! Today we only have 364 days to qualify for Medallion status until FEB2015!

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Gosh I hate today. I hate to see my MQM number reset. To start the work to qualify for Platinum Medallion again (The good news is Delta has EXTENDED the date to buy MQM’s counting toward 2012 until 31JAN2013). For me,  I have booked a few paid for trips already, one in 1st due to a great price and I rolled over 40,000+ MQM’s from last year. I am already looking at what dates a mileage run could be built (a rookie post on the way tomorrow with a how-to guide). I have two 100k low level trips locked in to Sweden, but need a few more MQM’s from here and there.

One of the best ways that does not involve getting on a plane is with the Delta Platinum or Reserve AMEX cards. Personally I like and have the Reserve over the Platinum (hold 2 now, one personal and one business) as you can get the new card bonus for each of them if you have NOT had a Delta Gold or Platinum or Reserve card for the past 365 days. Same rule goes for both the personal and the business card. The 10,000 MQM’s to start, Skyclub access for me and 2 more, moving UP the upgrade list (a buy-one-get-one-free cert NEXT year, if I keep the card, in coach or business class in the continental USA) all make this worth the non-waived fee.

Also, we can then earn MQM’s from spending from both cards and both would dump into your own Skymiles account. Once you spend $30,000 in a calendar year (starting today), you can pick who you want to send the 15,000 bonus MQM’s to (the 15,000 bonus RDM’s automatically go to you – no choice). I will spend $60,000 on my business card again so I will get 30,000 MQM’s that way. I will work on $30,000 with bluebird on the personal card and hope to get 15,000 more MQM’s that way, but it will be hard with all the new card spend sure to be on the way this year with my 3 rounds at some point.

Think about this, if you have NO or some level of status today, as soon as you earn 25,000 MQM’s you will have your Silver Medallion status with Delta until FEB2015! 50,000 and you are GOLD till FEB2015. 75,000 and you are Platinum till FEB2015. 125,000 and you are Diamond till FEB2015. (the reason is you earn your status now for the 2014 Medallion year that ends in FEB of 2015). So if you did not make it to your desired medallion level, keep in mind you still have your current status till the end of FEB and with a few AMEX cards, a few trips and maybe some mileage runs, you could be right back up by the time March rolls around! – René

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  1. Happy New Year Rene!!!!

    I am DM this year (plus I already have the Corp Platinum AmEx through work). Therefore the SC membership is worthless. I cancelled my personal platinum card in Oct last year after hitting the 25K mark. I have been waiting for a new Platinum sign-up bonus for MQM before getting my business Platinum. Does this sound like the best strategy?


  2. @Bob – yep other than if time runs out before a target offer happens (plus if you want bonus on spend you may have to get going FAST)! Count all the cost. – REne

  3. DP, I got the Personal DL Plat Amex in Oct 2011 and got 25K MQMs from it via bonus/spend. I downgraded the card to a Blue Cash card in Oct 2012 because I didn’t want to pay the fee but wanted to keep the Amex (it was the only one I had at the time, I since got a Hilton Amex). However, Delta still thinks I have a DL Plat Amex on the site, and I’m worried it means I won’t be able to get the bonus again next year (for a Personal DL Amex). Any suggestions?

    I plan on getting a business card soon, but the Reserve doesn’t seem worth it since I’m an additional cardholder on a Platinum Amex, so extra lounge access is worthless.

  4. @AK – I feel your pain. I have had mixed results from readers. Some have said the BLUE is just fine and you can get the PLAT new card bonus again holding the BLUE. Others no and AMEX held it was a Delta card in the same family (it is not per their rules but it is the way it is). To be safe, for new card bonus, once you have the Business Plat, cancel the personal blue to start your 365 day clock to then get the personal bonus again.

  5. Well, the Blue Cash certainly is not a Delta card, but my card has the same number as the old account, so it could be that. I might just transfer the CL to my Hilton Amex and ask them to close my Blue Cash, since I really don’t use it (it’s not Preferred).

  6. DP – long time reader, first time questioner :). Sorry if unclear below. I have tried to find my situation in previous posts but remain confused. So thanks in advance.

    I have had the personal delta platinum Amex for 18 months. I am PM once again for 2013. I Am expecting 40k MQM rollover from last year to post shortly and begin the year with a nice chunk of MQM as I strive for DM status.

    I do not want to splurge for delta reserve but do want to add a delta Amex to fast track my way to DM this year if possible.

    Pls advise best option for me as I add to my delta platinum personal Amex. Should I apply for a delta gold business? Delta Platinum business? Can I do either without issue and reap sign up and spend benefits given i already have the personal platinum delta Amex?

    I guess I am asking two questions: (1)are there good mqm signup and threshhold spend promos now or expected in near term? And (2)which card should I add to my wallet given i have the personal delta platinum Amex already?

    Thanks much for your advice and the best resource on the web!

  7. Rene – Follow on to previous question: Do I cancel my personal delta platinum Amex when I receive my business delta platinum Amex if that’s the card I opt to go with as I try to add to my 2013 MQM total? Or should I cancel it before I apply? After I apply? Not at all (keep it)? Thanks

  8. I just closed my personal Delta Platinum Card about 2 weeks ago because I wanted a reserve with sign up bonus. Figured id wait the 3 months and sign up. I never thought to do the Business version. Could I sign up for the business version now and get the 10,000 MQM sign up bonus? If so ill probably sign up today so I can get the perks before I fly to Orlando in Sept.

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