#Delta Air Lines flies soon National champs ND from SBN to FLL Florida today!

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There are days I wish I was at the airport & today was one of those days. A charter Delta jet took the soon to be “National Champs” of Notre Dame from SBN South Bend, my home town airport, to FLL airport today.

At least you all get to enjoy a clip from WNDU our local news station of the event and look forward to the game on Monday when ND wins and wins big! Anyone going to the game? – René

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  1. Flying on Delta on Saturday for the game in Miami!! As an Alum, I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Using skymiles to fly from Europe and flying my brother in using skymiles as well. Used my PC points to pay for hotel rooms.


  2. I know English isn’t your first language, but as a blogger I think you should know the plural of “fly” is “flies,” not “fly’s”

  3. @James, I think, in this case, it’s not the plural of the noun “fly” … but the third person singular form of the verb. Isn’t it?
    Sorry … couldn’t stop myself (I hope that at least I’m right).

  4. Now to answer Rene’s question: No, I am not attending the game. And, sorry, I don’t care who wins … but wish you lots of fun when watching!

  5. Im trying to figure out where in Ft. Lauderdale he is reporting from. I would assume that the team would be staying at the Diplomat Resort in nearby Hollywood, FL right on the beach. Hoping they win the game.

  6. I’m sorry my friend but bama and Nick Saban are about to become legend. Regardless, I hope anyone going has a great time! what an experience to go to a championship game.

  7. Well I used to like this blog 🙂 Alabama flew Delta charter to Miami also. Roll Tide Roll!

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