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It has been a long time since I put up one of these with lots of travel related sweepstakes we could win. People do win these now and then so it might as well be one of “us”.

  • There is a ski one HERE
  • One to Africa is HERE
  • Hawaii is nice and HERE
  • The Cayman Islands is HERE
  • O’ Canada is HERE
  • The land down under is HERE
  • Norfolk VA is HERE
  • Aruba is HERE
  • Ireland is HERE

You tell me (by commenting on the blog – not via email please) the one I want to win, and if you can pick the right one, I will give you an Extra prize, a $25 gift card, on top of this new set of iGO noise canceling headphones! The drawing will be tomorrow Saturday evening some time around 5-9PM EST. – René

EDIT: We have our winner!


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Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



  1. I was going to say Down Under, but I don’t think you want to fly coach that far. You’re a skier, so I’m guessing BC for you and friends.

  2. They all look like fun. But if I had to pick one I would go back to it’s Australia. The last time there they had the largest red dust storm in 20 yrs. My wife looked out the Hotel window and thought the world was ending lol. But it is a very interesting and beautiful country.

  3. I’m guessing you want to do Hawaii since you said it was “nice” but didn’t offer any positive adjectives for the others.

  4. Hawaii! Who wouldn’t love a trip there? My wife and I are going in 3 weeks, thanks to (first class too!) ahh…

  5. Since it’s winter – It’s got to be Hawaii.
    Have not been back since our honeymoon – 35 yrs ago!

  6. I was going to say Ireland until I realized the ski trip is in BC…so I’d guess skiing in BC would be a cool trip for you. (I know it would be for me!)

  7. BC ski vacation, I say! (even though my gut thinks Ireland) Probably both wrong, haha.

  8. Ireland! I’ve been there — if you haven’t, you definitely want to go. Great place.

  9. I’m definitely thinking Australia… although if it was the holiday season I imagine it would be Ireland!

  10. You recently returned from the Cayman Islands. So I’ll say British Columbia because I hear the skiing is great.

  11. You won’t watch coach seats to Aussie, so I’d say Africa where you can fly yourself or maybe the ski trip. I’d love to win headphones on my b-day!

  12. Ireland is my best guess. All sound great but the duration of flights to Africa, Australia, Hawaii in coach just too darn long!

  13. Australia is just the best choice. Rationale: if you chose any of the other ones, you’d have made a mistake.

  14. Africa!! I don’t know if you’ve been but its high on my list and I would love it I’d you win the trip there and reported back to us readers…

    Happy Friday, Rene!!

  15. I say Africa.
    Thanks for the blog. The Norfolk one was a little weak but I always enjoy your sweepstakes posts.

  16. Africa.

    BUT! Check to see if you will need a yellow fever inoculation. If so be sure to take a copy of the record of it with you. And drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB)is present too. But I would go anyway… after a visit to my needle doctor.

    And you might want to check to see if your health insurance has worldwide coverage, including your gap policy, if you have one.

  17. Dear Rene, I hope you chooe Africa! It’s so amazing! If you haven’t been on a safari, I urge you to do so. It’s been my favorite trip so far, and I’ve been to 50+ countries. I know you’ll just love it. I have pictures from that trip that I look at at least once a week. I rarely do that with my other trip photos. I’m working on getting enough miles/points to do it again.

  18. I chose Aruba although I enrolled in Ireland and Hawaii too. I’m a captive Delta flyer and enjoy the blog.

  19. As a fellow SCUBA diver, Aruba or Cayman would be really tempting. But the Africa trip looks like the once-in-a-lifetime one. I pick Africa.

  20. You definitly do not want to go to cayman island, you was there recently. I did looked at your recent tris on your blog. You visited hawaii also, but not recently. You also a delta flyer and best award travel on delta is to australia so you can get there with points. You are a skier in your picture about you so it is not a novelty. I would vote for africa and may be repeat trip to hawaii.

  21. I’m going to buck the trend and say Norfolk since everything else is travel via coach. With Norfolk you can BYOF!

  22. Africa, just because it would be such a departure from norm and very little seems to be written about such travel!

  23. Im pretty sure that you want the Australia one- the Tennis Channel’s Australian Open Sweepstakes”

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