100,000 POINT AMEX Membership Rewards Card offer – TARGETED!

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With a HUGE HT to Ben, aka Lucky from One Mile at a Time, there is a targeted 100,00 Point AMEX Platinum [DEAL IS NOW DEAD] Membership Rewards card offer that many seem to be able to get. Rather than rehash his post, just jump over to his blog and check out the offer.

I can tell you this offer seems AOK as it is from a company associated with BANKRATE, an affiliate company I am with but note this is NOT my link or my offer! However, if you did a round today and did NOT get a personal AMEX card, see if you can get this one today and include it with your round day. If you have not done a round for the past 91 days, get going and see if you can get this deal and then look at a few more cards to include HERE! – Rene

PS – I will NOT TEXT alert this as I promised NEVER to do ANY card offers. If you want me to change this, and you are ON the text alert list, comment below and let ME and other subscribers know please.




  1. @Cincy – WELL DONE! Enjoy and you know, if you want to that is, they instantly can be sent to Delta. Not saying that is the BEST deal at all, but you can! 🙂 Rene

  2. Rene – I know Amex has done transfer bonuses in the past with Delta. Is there any schedule or pattern to it?

    My two kids have 13K ea with Delta, so I am planning to top them off. Of course with 103K (+ any future transfer bonus?) to spread around I’ll have to figure out to what # to top to. 25K, 40K (concede no low mile awards?), 60K?

  3. @Dave – it has been over a year but who knows. It would not surprise me in the least bit that they come out with one soon and having 100k MR points to do that would be very nice! I am not going for this card since I did a churn just over a month ago and it included a AMEX card and I don’t want to push it – otherwise I would be ALL OVER this deal and get a bunch of other cards at the same time! What a deal! – Rene

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