Coke Rewards – just about out of travel goodies!

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I love Coke products (mostly Coke Zero); I also love that “my” airline serves Coke products on-board from way back. Reader should all know by now that I collect points from everywhere and this includs the Coke Rewards program. After all, why not, I have paid for them as part of the case of Coke I purchased anyway!

In the past you could get Priority club points for Coke Rewards and the link is still live at Priority Club. This means it is either a very old link or they are about to come back as a redemption option.

This past summer my fellow BoradingArea blogger “New Girl in the Air” had a post about Hilton as a redemption partner, but they have also gone away.

Even the very long time 100 points for a $20 SW AIR code, that I have blogged about before, has dried up. To me this was one of the most valuable travel related redemptions.

In fact right now there are just about NO worthwhile travel related options for Coke Rewards. More bits about this program. They tend to expire points in your account very fast. But, as long as you don’t enter a code in, you can hang on to them until you have a pile of them and are ready for a redemption. I tend to hang on to the real code while others enter them on a spread sheet. The codes are sometimes hard to read and if you hang on to the real one you can try other combinations if you happen to be one letter off.

So, for now, shove them in the sock drawer and hang on to your codes and let’s hope a good new redemption is soon on the way! – René

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  1. I’m a Coke Zero addict too! I’m hoping Coke Rewards is just slow right now with the New Year and we’ll see some decent travel redemptions soon. I’ve used the Priority Club and Hilton options in the past several times.

  2. It was too much work, and after my points expired, twice without receiving anything. . .I decided to focus my efforts elsewhere. Too much work for no reward. I suspect thousands of people felt the same and have decided to move on.

    Coke is stuck wi a reward program that doesn’t reward. Might as well close it for good.

  3. They rotate the awards available so every few months they will have priority club or SW cards, etc. right this minute there is not much on there. But they will return most likely. Also be aware you need to enter the codes as you get them as there is a limit you can enter per week, like 120 I think.

    This program could be so much better. The main thing that surprises me is that they don’t offer delta cards, miles, etc. you’d think as a fellow Atlanta franchise they would do that.

    Also be careful with the cruise cards as they seem ok but are very very limited on sailing dates and ports where you can use them.

    In addition don’t forget that power aid caps have the codes as do the plastic wrappers around the soft cases. A good resource. on this is the milepoint coke rewards master post.

  4. Hi Rene
    I LOVE the I phone new Drlta app!
    It gives you more control and information at you
    Fingertips. It is a vast improvement
    Bravo Delta!!!!!
    Bravo Rene!!!!

  5. Coke Rewards raised their redemption rate on Nike gift cards by 15% sometime in the last 2 weeks.

  6. Coke rewards are like airline miles in US programs – they don’t expire so long as you have activity in your account every 3 months. So no reason to stockpile codes, enter as many as you can (120 per week limit) and wait for the good redemptions to reappear.

    I agree though that there are NO travel items right now, so just build up that balance.

  7. One “travel” goodie that they still have is deeming your points for Restaurant,com gift certs. Was 600 pts. for $100, now ony 1000 pts. for $100. Seems like a better return on your money than PC points.

  8. Lately been noticing Wednesday specials. One reward option at greatly reduced points cost on that day, had a couple of good ones.

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