A Delta reschedule call from Singapore & things to keep in mind!

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Yesterday I got a call that caller ID’d as from Singapore. I almost did not answer the phone, but cautiously picked it up. I am happy I did as it was from Delta Air Lines from the Singapore calling center.

I have found in the past, and have up under E9 in my Essential tab, that if you are having a hard time with US calling center reps that you can try calling the other centers overseas to get better results. For me, most of the time, the Platinum Medallion desk is cheerful, happy and most times more than willing and able to help out. So I was looking forward to seeing how this call went. Here is what happened.

The cheerful heavily Asian accented rep had GREAT news, my spring trip to Sweden, that had 4 connects, now had just 3 and it had been all rebooked for me (uh oh – NOT good, I had, with thanks to my good friend at PM&M, intentionally booked via CVG to get the full flat seat flight they have CVG-CDG).

At this point I say hold on, I had booked to get full flat seats. I also knew that now, with the new years schedule loaded, that Delta is flying a 777 once a day from DTW to AMS with full flat seats. So, I quickly jumped on Delta.com to see that I was NOT on that bird but on an A330. These are fine for daytime flights, but not as nice as a full flat to sleep.

I quickly looked at the SBN-DTW-AMS-GOT and picked the perfect flights and fed the rep each flight number and time. She punches the keyboard (loudly I might add) and after a very long wait puts me on hold and comes back with the flights I want. Looks great. BUT, before she reissues the ticket I notice that the last leg, AMS-GOT is in Y-Coach NOT in O-Bisness class. This may have been due to the fact that Air France only runs a coach class plane from CDG-GOT but I asked the rep please to make sure I was in business class on the last leg too, not coach. She confirmed this change and reissued the ticket.

With all the updates to Delta.com now I had no problem picking all the seats I wanted including row 1 on the KLM flight from AMS up to GOT.

Never ever forget, when a schedule change happens, THEN, not later, is the time to ask for ALL YOU CAN. Delta has impacted YOUR travel plans at this point and you do not want to miss out on this chance to get the perfect trip that you booked originally at low level award points. Now, the point amount DOES NOT matter! Are we learning yet? – René

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  1. Awesome! Are schedule changes common mostly on the domestic legs of the trip or also on the international ones? I frequently fly STR-ATL-LGA and i never had a schedule change.

  2. That’s great! Happened to me on an upcoming mileage run ticket (happened after they announced the move away from MEM) and moved my 6am return flight up to 11am thanks to the schedule change. I never would have known I could ask for that (and more miles since it’s a further away connection) if it wasn’t for this blog! Now I can get a little sleep before the return. Glad to hear your plans are working out!!

  3. @gussomer – txs me too! 😉 for obvious reasons
    @Dennis – yes and no. If you have a bunch of regional connections, then YOU BET!, if mostly DL mainline, not so much but happens. I have even had KLM ones now and then and an AF one where they simply ended that flight!

  4. Glad to hear that it all fell in place for you and that you answered the phone! I am not sure I would have been quick enough to jump on Delta.com to verify the aircraft. Good post.

  5. I have to strongly agree on using a delta schedule change to your advantage.

    We had ( from 2 skymiles accounts) 2 buss class san/bkk/san

    first schedules were different days and flights ( not much choice when we booked).

    Delta posted a schedule change, I called and ended up with same schedules for both of us. ( and even better they now have 747 for both long hauls)

  6. thanks for the post. how much change is allowed? e.g. we must stick to the same origin/dest, same dates? same cabin? does it matter if it’s an award or revenue ticket?

  7. @Carol – as long as you say on the same dates, just about any flights. Sometimes even airports if nearby. Cabin is dependent on what you booked and change is free on both paid and award tickets. Keep in mind on partners space must still be there for award tickets even with change (not so on DL metal birds).

  8. My domestic flights will often get changed, but onky by 5 minutes, or something kike that. Howmuch does the original schedule need to be changed by on order for me to onsist on switching to a different fkight (with the same O & D) and no change fee.?

  9. Rene,

    I just wonder if, for us mere mortals, it wouldn’t have been better to let the call go to voicemail? I would have gotten the message of the schedule change and would have had more time to research and consider what extortion flights I would politely request when I called back. 🙂

    Any thoughts?

  10. @Scott – yes I thought about that too (not that I am any kind of non-mortal – I just think Delta 24/7 due to blog). I don’t think Delta has a “statue of limitations” on how long you have to gripe about a change. There is great logic to what you say but at the same time, I like to strike while the iron is HOT. Also, as far as extortion goes, do keep in mind, if YOU must call and change, say on a non-refundable ticket, do you think Delta would not extort charge you for the change?

  11. You’re kind of a one trick pony but if you’re going to have one trick, that is a very good one.

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