A FIRST! I have good things to say about Pinnacle Airlines!

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Following the news that Delta is buying out Pinnacle Air, and is dumping their CRJ-100/200’s, I just thought it would be a matter of time before I had a good flight on one of their jets. My last flight back from my ski trip I reviewed yesterday changed all that. Being based out of SBN I spend a lot of time on CRJ’s. I really hate the plane. Some of the crews are horrible, others are exhausted from 3, 4 or 5+ hops per day. Then there was this flight and Lauren.

Now most CJR hops are so short there is no time for any kind of service. The SBN-ATL run is over an hour so sure there will be time. I have never ever been on a flight where the service cart has not squished me so much that I cannot wait for them to get past me. Also, most of the time, when the FA is getting ice, little bits go flying and I get hit. Then there is the return trip and the elbow bang. Carts have no business on a CRJ (ok people either).

Saturday night, Lauren, after a very long day, was kind, chipper and best of all, she went back and fort to the galley for each row’s order. NO CART. After drinks she pulled out the snack bin and walked with it back and forth. Can you imagine? No flying ICE. No banged elbows. And cheerfully smiling service on top of that! There was even a passenger suffering with motion sickness and she was attentive, warm and kind to the flyer.

I know that CJR crews cannot be part of the Chairman’s club but this FA got a $25 gift card from me and one of MY Chairman’s cards I give out now and then. I will also, for a second time during this trip, send a compliment comment to Delta about this FA!

Delta, if you can, CALL NOW and steal away this FA to mainline. Better yet, promote her and let her train ALL the CJR crews on how to run a CJR. Employees like this are rare and hard to find (are you listening Delta)? – René

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  1. I also have had a wonderful FA experience on Pinnacle the last time I used it. It was a flight from DTW to HSV (2+ hours on a CRJ-200, what fun) and the FA went and took each persons individual order, then went to the galley to get the drink. And if you were asleep the first time through, he asked what you wanted when you woke up, it was wonderful. Unfortunately I did not get the mans name or I would have also sent a comment into Delta about him and asked for him to get promoted onto my next SLC-ATL flight!

  2. Delta can’t get rid of those CRJ100/200 fast enough for me I fly out of MDT Diamond so you know how much I despise them!

  3. Hopefully you catch this before you send off to Delta, because your comment will not end well with Lauren. Pinnacle (and I believe all DCI carriers) operate under strict Delta guidelines that forbid leaving the cart stowed. I can think of two fa’s who have each received letter’s of warning in their permenant records for this very thing. This LOW then hinders their possible employment at Delta, leaving them at Pinnacle for 21k a year.

    Your heart was in the right place, and I commend you for your individual act of recognition, but please leave corporate out of it 🙂

  4. @Jaime – well too late for that but it is a DUMB rule and I hope they change it. (it was a bumpy flight so it may have been for safety btw). Clearly this is much better. Txs – Rene

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