I need a smile today – Delta helped me out!

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Was today Monday? It sure seemed that way. The low tonight in SBN will be 2*! The wind chill will be “frost bite in 3 seconds”. My dear wife is staring at me asking me why we did not stay in Grand Cayman all winter and for the life of me I can not come up with a good reason (oh yeah, my job). But, at least, Delta brought a smile to me today with some out takes from the filming of the new safety videos we will see for many years to come on each Delta flight we take.

I do give Delta credit for making the videos more fun. Most “normal” travelers don’t pay attention and these should help them focus on the important facts we all should know for each flight! What do you think. Like the new safety videos or miss the old one (or the really old one, yeah I am almost 50)? – René


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  1. I like it. Playing off how many movies will show bloopers at the end as the credits roll. They keep people’s attention and this video did just that. And it didn’t contain too many bloopers such that you didn’t take their message seriously. Hopefully they will make several safety videos of a similar nature and mix them up on different flights so this one doesn’t become too routine after you’ve seen it a few times. But I like the idea and it did keep my attention, which was the point.

  2. Oh…I forgot to mention I am 46 so I also loved you through in the video of the old Carol Burnett show sketch. Loved that show when I was a kid.

  3. I was sitting next to a FA on my last flight a few days ago. She was flying for pleasure and was laughing out loud at the new video. Apparently they never get to see these videos.

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